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Chapter 385.2

Three years later, Yang Chen finally condensed and completed the last charm and it entered the mountain .


With the infusion of the last charm, Yang Chen’s body suddenly felt a huge suction force, accompanied by the scream of Gongsun Ling and he could not help but enter a certain space .


This was a very huge space, which was like a lattice, divided into countless small spaces, it was very dense, at least tens of millions .


Yang Chen understood that this space was the interior of the medicine nourishing gourd, because it was filled with the smell of Yang Chen’s familiar medicine, which was very rich .


As long as Yang Chen’s mind was moving, it could appear in any grid . Yang Chen knew that every place could store a kind of medicinal pill . The elixir preserved here does not need to use a talisman to block the medicinal properties, the medicinal qi would not be emitted, and the efficacy would be better and better because of the nourishment of the magic weapon .


Originally, Yang Chen thought that there would be a lot of peerless medicinal pills in it, but what disappointed Yang Chen was that despite the scent of medicine, Yang Chen did not find any trace of an elixir . It seemed that the owner of the medicine nourishing gourd just left the gourd and did not leave any elixir .


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However, among these grids, it was not empty . At least a few million places had some black dross .


In the experience of Yang Chen, he realized that these dark things were all dregs . But Yang Chen still didn’t understand that such a powerful medicine nourishing gourd, the owner does not put in medicinal pills, but put so much dregs, what was the reason?


The surprise was always in the end, and in the middle of the grid, there were hundreds of jade slips . When Yang Chen first discovered it, he couldn’t believe his eyes . In the medicine gourd, there were so many jade slips, what kind of peerless pill recipe could it be?


Yang Chen picked up a piece and used his spiritual awareness to explore it and carefully looked at the content . Soon, Yang Chen was somewhat disappointed . In this jade slip, it only recorded the changes of some common herbs under various fires, as well as some changes in the medicinal materials .


According to Yang Chen’s current alchemy standard, after referring to the profound pill scripture and the elderly lord pill scripture and other scriptures left by several immortals, these things were simple for Yang Chen . These simple medicines, if Yang Chen could control the perfect fire at any time in his hands, there would be no mistakes at all .


However, as Yang Chen picked up more and more jade slips, Yang Chen’s face began to become more and more cautious and more serious .

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The contents recorded on these jade slips were basically the same, the only difference was the type of medicinal pills . Later, there were some simple pill recipe combinations, but the contents were all changes in the medicinal materials under various kinds of abnormal conditions, and most of the time, they all ended in failure .


However, Yang Chen began to pay attention to it . He also took care of the jade slips as if it were a peerless treasure .


It was impossible for Yang Chen not to pay attention to it . He now found out from the things recorded in these jade slips that he seems to have taken a wrong route on the path to alchemy .


Despite the elderly lord pill scripture, the profound pill scripture, the pill recipes of the spiritual world and immortal world and the memory of Yang Chen’s own fire attribute spirit root in his previous life, his control of fire could be said to be extraordinary, all this plus the strength of the profound spirit furnace, Yang Chen could almost be said to be the most powerful alchemist master .


There were a lot of medicinal pills that could be used as proof, whether it was the questioning inner heart pill, or heaven seizing pill, black tiger yuan replenishing pill, black tiger supressing pill, qi seeking pill, these could prove that Yang Chen was definitely an advanced alchemist master .


Even Yang Chen himself thought so before . Almost every medicinal pill that Yang Chen refined has not failed, all of them were successful . At most, the quality of the medicinal pills were different, the number of medicinal pills released would be different, no medicinal pill has ever been a waste .

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But after reading the records on these jade slips, Yang Chen discovered that he was not a senior alchemist master in a strict sense . The reason was that Yang Chen has never refined any waste medicinal pills .


It sounded ridiculous for this reason, but Yang Chen knew that all of it was now because of the memory of his past life . However, Yang Chen was just a very ordinary alchemist master in his previous life . Perhaps an ordinary alchemist in the heavenly court could indeed be a senior alchemist in the mortal world, but this does not mean that Yang Chen could still have such advantages after he ascends .


If it was changed to a pill recipe which Yang has never heard of and some medicinal pills that Yang Chen has never touched, Yang Chen couldn’t maintain such a level . Even Yang Chen himself couldn’t guarantee it .


These detailed jade slips told Yang Chen how real alchemist masters grew up . For each kind of medicinal pill, this master has experimented with different kinds of fires under different circumstances, what kind of mistakes would be formed and what kind of consequences would result .


Similarly, the same was true of the tests in the pill recipe . What kind of mistakes would occur in the cooperation of different medicinal materials in different situations, this was the embodiment of the real basic skills of alchemy .


As the saying goes, failure was also an experience . The smooth sailing situation was bound to be not too long-lasting . No one was an exception and one day there would be setbacks and failures . Being able to learn from failures was the most correct attitude .


On the path of alchemy, what Yang Chen lacked was precisely a failure . Because of the memory of his previous life, Yang Chen did not know how many failures might be encountered on the path of alchemy . Now, when in the mortal world, Yang Chen could pretend to be a master, but it was really in the spiritual world and the immortal world, that Yang Chen would definitely be exposed .


What was recorded on these jade slips was the precious alchemy experience of the immortal, and it was still a lot of failure experience . Some were even deliberately failed to learn about the changes in potency in different situations .


As for the dregs in the grid, it was the result of these failures . For each test, there was a pile of corresponding dregs left . In the medicine nourishing gourd, these dregs have also been perfectly preserved, ready for Yang Chen to research .


Now in the eyes of Yang Chen, even if the place was filled with peerless elixir, it was not as precious as this pile of dregs . With this, Yang Chen could make up for his lack of awareness in medicinal materials to the maximum extent, so that Yang Chen could consolidate the foundations that he lacks the most .


Even if someone took tens of thousands of grand supreme elderly lord ninth grade gold core to exchange, Yang Chen would now be reluctant to exchange these medicinal dregs . Until now, did Yang Chen really understand what path he should take on the cultivation of alchemy .

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