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Chapter 386.2: 386.2
The understanding of a thought, suddenly let Gongsun ling’s state of mind rise again, before she thought she had some insights and now she found out that she was still a frog at the bottom of the well .

Reality was more exaggerated than imagination . It can be said that going out and practicing was indeed a very reasonable thing . This time, Gongsun ling completely asked for the ambiguity of imagination . After the sea was wide, the sky was high and the birds were flying . Nothing could limit the imagination of Gongsun ling .

After all the medicinal pills of Yang Chen were collected into the medicine nourishing gourd, both of them had great gains . There was nothing to be had here, and soon the two set foot on the way back .

After three and a half years out, Yang Chen and Gongsun ling did not know that the master of the palace visit to the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island had already caused an uproar in dao sects domain .

If placed in the past, if the Pure Yang Palace dared to make such requests, the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island absolutely would have directly sent a few masters to the Pure Yang Palace, the roots of the Pure Yang Palace would be uprooted and there would be no grass left . Wasn’t it a blatant insult?

However, the current Pure Yang Palace and Yang Chen were not the same as before, so that when they knew the purpose of the palace master for coming, the two sects had a grand reception ceremony, which only the treatment of the sect’s honoured guests would receive .

The marriage seeking of the head of the palace was very formal . Not only did the master of the palace personally go to the two major sects, but also brought two elders with a generous gifts for them . When the news came out, everyone was in an uproar .

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No matter whether it was the Blue Cloud Sect or the Green Jade Immortal Island , there was no answer from them on the spot . Both parties should discuss with their respective disciples and ask the two disciples their own meanings before giving an answer .

This was the proper attitude . Whether it was Shi Shanshan or Sun Qingxue, their status in the sect was not low . They were the most important disciple in their sect . There no elder or a sovereign who could order them on this lifelong event .

Moreover, these major events were absolutely related to the relationship between the sect . The Island Lord and Sect master could not judge it by themselves, they must also discuss it with the elders .

The dowry of the head of the palace was also very useful . There were several second grade questioning inner heart pills and second grade inner sensing pills, the two major sects had their own second grade questioning inner heart pills, but they were reluctant to use it . As for the second grade inner sensing pills, apart from the Pure Yang Palace, there were no other sects who owned it .

All of them were exclusively produced by the Pure Yang Palace and they must be carefully considered by the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . In the past, the two major sects forced the Pure Yang Palace to give a reply, but now it was reversed . The Pure Yang Palace was waiting for the two major sects to reply to them .

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In fact, the matter of seeking marriage was also a clear indication of the attitude of the Pure Yang Palace . The next step was to look at the two major sects if they would accept it .

Others might think that this was the demonstration of the Pure Yang Palace, but the two sect masters were actually clear about it themselves . This was also a compromise made by the Pure Yang Palace in order not to damage the relationship between the three parties . Otherwise, Yang Chen could only marry his master and apprentice sister, the two major sects would have nothing to say .

Sun Qingxue attitude about it was easy to see . From the beginning, she was active to follow Yang Chen, even if she already knew about Shi Shanshan, she had never retreated .

Shi Shanshan and had a misunderstanding at the beginning, but at the beginning she was mistaken about Yang Chen’s strength, but in her later contact with Yang Chen, they also had a tacit understanding and there was a breakthrough in feelings, Shi Shanshan also vowed that she would not marry anyone else, it seems that it was also the meaning of consent .

The attitude of the two women, their sects were basically clear about it, but if Yang Chen wanted the two beauties, then the two major sects couldn’t accept it .

For Yang Chen, the elders of the two sects were hateful and admired him, and even regret it . Why such a disciple was not in their own sects? In recent years, from Yang Chen, the two major sects have also received a lot of benefits such as medicinal pills, eighth metal true se­cret art and medicinal herbs from the sea .

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Not to mention the recent secret plane events, but these were enough to make the two top sects satisfied . What’s more, the black tiger predecessors left a revelation after visiting the two major sects . Yang Chen seems to be able to treat the wounds of the dacheng stage masters in a targeted manner .

The dacheng stage masters would hardly care too much about any general injuries, their cultivation base was enough to heal themselves . However, if the injury was serious enough, the cultivation base won’t be sufficient . The black tiger’s predecessor suffering over the past few hundred years was evidence .

Yang Chen could treat the injury of the dacheng stage masters, although these injured masters were not very obedient masters, but they were also masters of the dacheng stage, were they not the best fighting power in the mortal world? Even if they were not obedient, won’t it be sufficient if they don’t betray the sect?

What’s more, once this time, the island master and sect master Lu had to face up and ask people to help them treat the injury . In any case, they would change their attitude . Because there were several masters who had already perished, their overall strength was not enough to compete with their sect masters . After the cure, they would not look down on them .

The most important thing was that, in the dacheng realm, the thought of them eventually fighting for power and profit would become weaker unless there was no hope of them ascending . But the problem was that sect master Lu and the island master had questioning inner heart pill, and that was the second grade questioning inner heart pill . This was definitely a precious thing that could make people ascend . Under such circumstances, they would never have any second grade questioning inner heart pill again .

Therefore, the two major sects still needed Yang Chen to help with treatment . This has led to the fact that it was not appropriate to anger the Pure Yang Palace, no matter what the circumstances .

Their disciples were happy, the sects also wanted help from Yang Chen, so this matter was actually very easy to set . However, the two major sects naturally have their face to uphold . The two sides have a tacit agreement to make a decision of the sect, and also to complete the decision of Yang Chen and the two women .

The Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island formally responded to the Pure Yang Palace and each proposed two requirements . As long as Yang Chen could do it, then the two women would marry him . If Yang Chen couldn’t do it, then when it would be done, that was when the two women would marry .

Of course, this requirement was made in the name of the cold plum fairy and snow fairy . He wanted the two beauties, won’t the two fairy make a small request?

The request of Shi Shanshan was that Yang Chen must be able to defeat her personally, and she would commit to marry . Sun Qingxue demand was that Yang Chen must be able to refine a fifth grade pill .

Both sides had a common request, that was, after the marriage, whether it was Gao Yue Gongsun Ling, Shi Shanshan or Sun Qingxue, there would be no difference in their status . Everyone was a wife and there would be no concubine .

The reply was given very officially and did not conceal from anyone . When the reply of the two major sects came out, it suddenly caused a shock to the entire dao sects .

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