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Chapter 385.1

The concept of a magic weapon to Gongsun Ling was the kind that could be controlled in the hands . Even if it was oversized, just like her ship or Yang Chen’s shuttle, if it was bigger like Gao Yue’s dacheng stage puppet, the original shape was hundreds of feet . It was already the biggest magic weapon that Gongsun Ling has ever seen .


Although knowing the size of the magic weapon could change with the owner’s mind, but this size was also limited to a certain range and was not too exaggerated .


But now, Gongsun Ling discovered that her heart was still not big enough and she still couldn’t imagine how far the magic weapon was . Even if her own mountain river geographical map could draw the whole world, but its body was just a painting axis that was a few feet long and a few feet wide . How could she think of such a huge magic weapon?


A mountain peak was hundreds of feet high, and the length of the stretch was almost hundreds of miles . Such a huge mountain peak was a magic weapon . This made Gongsun Ling shocked and began to reflect on her own lack of imagination .


Who had stipulated that magic weapons could not be huge? Gongsun Ling wanted to understand this moment . She was a smart person . She suddenly realized that she was on the point of comprehending and sat down directly to start retreating .


Yang Chen said nothing but rushed up, throwing a questioning inner heart pill in the mouth of Gongsun Ling, and then sitting on her side to protect her . It was rare that there was such an opportunity for epiphany . Yang Chen certainly would not let Gongsun Ling miss it .

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Gao Jing has been scared away, there would be no more people to disturb them in a short time . He did not know how long it would take for Gongsun Ling to complete her retreat, Yang Chen simply began to collect the medicine nourishing gourd .


Before the collection, Yang Chen was still fully prepared . Twenty-four penglai divine wood monsters, surrounded Gongsun Ling and the ship directly in accordance with the position of the Heavenly Cycle Constellation Great Formation . At this time, the Penglai divine wood monsters had a peak foundation stage cultivation base . Under the nourishment of the first wood true essence spiritual liquid, they would be able to impact the Jiedan stage in a few years .


The twenty-four Penglai divine wood monsters were connected with each other . Once the Heavenly Cycle Constellation Great Formation was arranged, even if it was a master of the mid Yuanying stage, they would not necessarily be able to breakthrough easily . The tree monsters were so powerful that you could see some clues from Gui Shanyou .


The Penglai divine wood monsters and Yang Chen have the connection of a master and servant . Once someone breaks into this circle, Yang Chen would know immediately .


In the middle of the Heavenly Cycle Constellation Great Formation, it was the five-party array arranged by Wan Qian’s five female apprentices, who also protected Gongsun Ling and the ship . Even if there was any strong enemy, Gongsun Ling would not be hurt .


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After all this was arranged, Yang Chen began to collect the medicine nourishing gourd .


Yang Chen had not come to collect it before because he was not strong enough . The immortal who left the medicine nourishing gourd at that time said that if Yang Chen’s cultivation base was less than the Yuanying stage, he should never expect to be able to collect it .


Now Yang Chen’s entire attribute spirit power has achieved condensed dan, according to the calculation of the heaven measuring ruler, his spiritual power cultivation base has been more than 3,000 degrees, far beyond the limits of the general Yuanying stage master, for the collection of the medicine nourishing gourd, it was more than enough .


However, Yang Chen was still fully prepared, even if he has the means of collecting, but he was not a real Yuanying stage master . In terms of spiritual power transfer, there was still a certain gap with a Yuanying stage master, so Yang Chen prepared a large number of seventh metal true essence liquid . After he came to the brains of the medicine nourishing gourd .


The method of collecting with a secret technique was very complicated . The complete secret technique required Yang Chen to complete hundreds of charms one after another, and each time, Yang Chen needed the spiritual power of his whole body to condense a charm . It takes more than one day to complete it .


The Yuanying stage was the minimum level that could be used to collect the medicine nourishing gourd, but it was not said that the Yuanying stage master would be able to collect it . Switching to anyone else, even if they were in the Yuanying stage, it was not an easy task to condense such a charm .

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It was necessary to control the spiritual power of the whole body and condense it into a delicate charm . It was almost impossible to condense successfully without the control of a spiritual power in the late Yuanying stage or even the peak Yuanying stage . This was not only a need for spiritual power, but also an extreme requirement for control .


The medicine nourishing gourd was used by the alchemist masters, and for the alchemist master, it was the basic skills to be able to master the alchemy heat . What was needed for the medicine nourishing gourd was at least the third grade alchemist master who could control the refining of the third grade spirit pill . If this was not possible, he was not qualified to use the medicine nourishing gourd .


This point, Yang Chen was very clear about it, and he himself has reached this requirement . Even so, the condensation of each charm still needed the devotion of Yang Chen’s whole mind, which was almost the limit that Yang Chen could do in this situation .


Every time a magical character condensed successfully, it took a day and a half for Yang Chen and this was supplemented by the continuous supply of the seventh metal true essence liquid . If this was not the case, in this spirit power scarce land, he could either use a large amount of medicinal pills or use a large number of spirit stones, otherwise it could squeeze dry the people who wanted to collect it as long as he condensed dozens of magic symbols .


This was another test . As an alchemist master, either the medicinal pill was sufficient or he was very rich . If these two things were done, he was a true alchemist master . The little guys who have just learned a little bit of alchemy was completely unqualified .


With the support of a large amount of seventh metal true essence liquid, Yang Chen could hardly condense a magical symbol without having to rest . Every time one condenses, Yang Chen would drive it into the mountain .


Surprisingly, Yang Chen has already completed almost one hundred charms, but the mountain that should be a medicine nourishing gourd has not changed at all . He couldn’t help but wonder if this mountain was really a medicine nourishing gourd .


If it wasn’t for the alchemist master Gao Jing, telling him that the success rate of alchemy here would increase, even Yang Chen would doubt this . However, with the confirmation of the guy before, Yang Chen has been very sure, this mountain was the real medicine nourishing gourd .


After two years, Gongsun Ling finally woke up, and the spirit power of her whole body soared . Through this understanding, she directly broke through the bottleneck of the early Jiedan stage and entered the middle Jiedan stage . From the beginning of the condensing dan to the present breakthrough, Gongsun Ling spent almost fifty years .


A genius was a genius, Shi Shanshan, the cold plum fairy, in this ridge, she took almost the same time to enter the middle Jiedan stage . The gap between Gongsun Ling and Shi Shanshan was greatly reduced .


After waking up to find Yang Chen’s action, Gongsun Ling did not bother Yang Chen, but just looking for an opportunity for Yang Chen to know that she was awake, so that he did not have to worry, then Gongsun Ling began to quietly practice, silently waiting for Yang Chen . The day when the gourd collection was completed .

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