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Chapter 374.2
The three masters of the dacheng stage were in the middle and they are sure to be foolproof . In this world, there should be nothing that could kill the three masters of the dacheng stage at the same time .

Even if there was, it would definitely not be in a simple guiding formation and it was even less likely to be in a secret key that was kept by the Greatest Heaven Sect for a long time .

The jade card flashed and an elder entered his spirit power into it and started the guiding method . Then in the flashing light, the secret key was close to the jade card .

Boom, a boundless spiritual awareness violently erupted from the secret key . The sudden burst of the spiritual awareness directly penetrated the protective array and smashed all the restrictions .

The protective array was to prevent spirit power damage, but there was no way to prevent the penetration of the spiritual awareness . Moreover, this spiritual awareness suddenly broke out and did not hurt anyone, even if it destroyed the restrictions, but none of the people around it felt hurt .

In a flash, the scope of the shock wave of the spiritual awareness spread far and wide . Standing at the top of the Greatest Heaven Sect in the center, they only felt that this spiritual awareness was strong enough . According to their experience, it was at least in the late stage of the dacheng stage, it may even be close to the peak dacheng stage .

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The spiritual awareness was only erupting, it was neither harming nor releasing pressure, so everyone became very relaxed . Even a few elders and the sect master were pondering, that only such a strong predecessor could put all the secrets in the small secret key and be guided to release .

Then, a very clear image was presented in the minds of the people . The picture was very clear and it was of a specific place .

Then there was a vicissitude of words . A predecessor of the ancient times, his sect was destroyed . He was also ascending and unable to change anything, so he left behind inheritances for future generations to revitalize the sect .

The location in the picture was where the secret plane was located and what kind of technique was needed to open it, but there was also a lot of warnings . The younger generations who were not strong enough should not think about opening the secret plane . There was a big danger in the secret plane, but there was also big chances left to future generations .

From beginning to end, the message of this predecessor did not mention anything about the Greatest Heaven Sect and did not mention what was inside . It was only clear that the method of opening the secret plane was very clear and the location of the secret place was very specific .

Do not say anything else, just such a powerful spiritual awareness remaining for tens of thousands of years to leave a message, it has already explained the strength of the predecessor . Although the predecessor’s message did not mention anything in the secret plane, but it allowed him to warn them not to be greedy if their strength was not sufficient, but it was absolutely tempting for everyone .

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There was no such fear for the Greatest Heaven Sect, their masters were numerous, how could their strength be insufficient? Was Yuanying stage master not enough? Was the dacheng stage master also not enough? It seems that this secret plane was in the bag for the Greatest Heaven Sect .

The spiritual awareness stayed for a while and said the words just now, and the picture has not changed much, It was the location of the secret place . After three consecutive times, the picture disappeared and there was no more aura .

The secret key that carried these things, under the watchful eyes of everyone, quietly turned into powder and as the wind faded, there was no trace of it .

Sure enough, it was a predecessor and the message was so earth-shattering that several elders were smiling at each other and discussed what would happen in the secret plane, then a master of the dacheng stage suddenly shouted “Not good!”

Everyone was stunned and their eyes were concentrated on the elder . After this reminder, the other two masters of the dacheng stage also instantly came to understand, almost immediately followed by the elder’s words, the other two also exclaimed “not good!” .

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“In the coverage of the spiritual awareness, everyone can hear it!” The first dacheng stage elder who exclaimed quickly spoke a word, and then he had already flew in an instant “I will immediately block the gates, we must not let the news outside!”

This sentence almost collapsed the elders around the circle . Could everyone hear it within the coverage of the spiritual awareness? Doesn’t that mean that at least a few tens of thousands of people heard the news of the secret plane?

In order to be safe, they also specially chose an open space, not the inner court of the sect, the place was protected . Two hundred miles away from this area was the inner hall of the sect . At least tens of thousands of disciples were gathered inside the inner sect . In the other direction, five hundred miles away, it was the largest square market in sect . There were countless merchants gathered there, at least one half of them, were not people in the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Just the power of the spiritual awareness, almost everyone was not aware, but by common sense, everyone could understand how much ground a late dacheng stage master’s spiritual awareness could cover . At least within two thousand miles, there was absolutely no problem .

The market was two thousand miles away, although they were all in the territory of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but the people inside were not all Greatest Heaven Sect’s disciples . Moreover, even if they were also disciples, they dare not say that everyone was loyal . The Greatest Heaven Sect could insert their own personnel into the Pure Yang Palace or other sects, other sects could also use this method to deal with the Greatest Heaven Sect also .

In this way, within a few thousand miles, at least 100,000 people knew the news of the secret plane . What the predecessor said was too detailed, not only did it have a clear picture, but also how to open it, in what position it was, it was too clear . It was also as if he was afraid that they couldn’t remember it, so he also said it three times .

The sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect eyes almost spit out fire, the hard work on which the sect has spent a lot of money on, even the news of asking for help and going to cooperate with the Pure Yang Palace, so that 100,000 people would know it?

At this moment, everyone present had a feeling of wanting to kill someone . But everyone knew that killing people couldn’t solve any problems . The elder of the dacheng stage were right, the most urgent task was to seal the mountains . The news must not be easily leaked .

However, within two thousand miles, if they wanted to completely seal 100,000 people, even if it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, it would not be an easy task . The elder who flew out in the first time rushed to the front of the Mountain Protecting Great Formation Formation and started the Mountain Protecting Great Formation Formation, but still wasted some time .

At least two thousand people, just after hearing the news at the moment, they left the Greatest Heaven Sect with the fastest speed . Among them were visitors who come to visit the Greatest Heaven Sect, businessmen who come to the Greatest Heaven Sect to do business and even dozens of disciples of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

Even at this time, the Greatest Heaven Sect seal was like a railroad and the news was inevitably passed out .

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