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Chapter 374.1
Yang Chen’s answer made the head of the palace stare for some time and then he laughed . With his wisdom, he immediately guessed that Yang Chen had played a clever trick and gave the secret message conveyed by the consciousness clone to the Greatest Heaven Sect and now the secret plane recorded on the secret key in the Greatest Heaven Sect’s hand, was grasped by Yang Chen secretly .

“Ha ha ha!” The happy laughter has been going on for a long time then the palace master stopped, he watched Yang Chen for a while “Well, I won’t ask, as long as you don’t leave these things too the Greatest Heaven Sect then it will do . ”

The meeting this time around could be regarded as a very unexpected process . The Greatest Heaven Sect even condescended to lower their face and seek cooperation with the Pure Yang Palace . The palace master and the elders were able to enjoy the respect of the representatives of the Greatest Heaven Sect, the palace master would not dislike something like this happening more often .

Even if the palace master does not say this, Yang Chen would not leave these things to the Greatest Heaven Sect . The secret key brought by the Greatest Heaven Sect was actually not a real secret key . As Yang Chen said, the method of entering the secret plane was described above, the key itself does not have much effect .

Since the message of the secret plane of the Greatest Heaven Sect was given to him, Yang Chen naturally wanted to leave this secret plane as his own reward . Anyway, as long as it was a thing of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen would not be soft .

However, it was not Yang Chen’s style to completely give the sinister secret plane to the Greatest Heaven Sect . Therefore, it was necessary for Yang Chen to run to the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island to clarify his intentions to sect master Lu and the island master .

The three representatives of the Greatest Heaven Sect, after getting the specific things, did not dare to neglect . They did not stop at all and flew straight back to the Greatest Heaven Sect .

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The sect has been waiting for this secret plane for several decades, the things inside were enough to reinvigorate the power of the Greatest Heaven Sect . At least in terms of resources, it was absolutely possible to return them to the period in which the Greatest Heaven Sect was at their peak . The high-level officials had high hopes for this secret plane and they naturally knew how important it was .

The first thing they did when they returned to the sect was to see the sect master and hand over the explanation and the jade card produced by Yang Chen to the sovereign . Of course, the process of making the jade card was also recorded in detail on a bamboo slip and also handed in .

The high-level officials of the Greatest Heaven Sect immediately gathered to discuss . For the time being, for Yang Chen’s explanation, everyone seemed to have some feeling of not trusting it . This was not a distrust of Yang Chen’s ability, but because of his identity . You must know that Yang Chen was related to the death of six of their Yuanying stage masters .

This jade card made by Yang Chen also made some of the refining and formation masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect snort contemptuously, it had poor techniques, poor arrays and poor materials . It seemed that this Yang Chen was only talented in alchemy and in the other aspects, he was a slag .

This was in line with the common sense in everyone’s minds . If a person’s alchemy skills could reach Yang Chen’s heaven defying level and then he was also skilled in refining and mastering arrays, it was something that people couldn’t comprehend .

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The formation method was very simple, it was a guiding array method, just at a glance, several elders who were good at formation have confirmed this . The key was to guide the content stored on the secret key . In this respect, the secret key was still a vital part .

“There is no problem with the array . ” An elder representative on behalf of several inspectors gave the conclusion: “It’s not surprising that the kid’s technique is too poor and can barely be launched . ”

As he said this, there was a jade card in the hands of the elder who spoke . It took just two short breaths and a well-formed guiding method appeared on the jade card . The neat lines did not look gorgeous, but the solid basic skills, made it so that the next few masters could not help but scream .

Even if the jade cards produced by Yang Chen could be used, they would not believe in it . Anyway, there was a production method, the other production was no problem and it seemed that the effect was much better than the one produced by Yang Chen .

Of course, the secret key must be taken back and checked again to ensure that Yang Chen did not do anything on it . The person in charge of the inspection was an elder of the dacheng stage . He looked at it carefully, he had to grop the surface of the secret key one by one .

The process of this inspection was very irritating to the three Yuanying stage representative . Under the eyes of the three of them, what kind of tricks could Yang Chen who was in the early Jiedan stage play? The more careful the elder in the dacheng stage checked, the more distrust they became . How could this make them have a good mood?

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In the early Jiedan stage, in the short period of less than half an hour, under the close observation of the three Yuanying stage ancestors, could Yang Chen played tricks on the secret key? No matter who raised this question, it was a contempt for the three Yuanying stage ancestors .

But at the moment, the three Yuan Ying ancestors did not dare to show any anger, because the inspection of things has been replaced by another elder of the dacheng stage . These elders in the Greatest Heaven Sect could be said to be the cornerstone of the sect . If they had doubts, then there must be something to be doubtful about .

It was a matter of great importance to the Greatest Heaven Sect and they hard to be careful .

When the secret key was checked by all the elders of the dacheng stage, even after several elders of the elders checked it, it was confirmed that the high-level officials had no problems to worry about .

The array on the jade card was made by the elder of their own sect, the principle of the array method was too simple . The only one that was a bit specific was the judgment principle in the array method, but this was definitely related to the secret key, otherwise wouldn’t it be too bad to encounter a simple element of the array that would be guided out?

The formation has been studied by a group of people and there was no problem at all . Now, several elders of the dacheng stage have judged that the key was not having any problem and they have not been manipulated in the process of forming . Then, it seemed that they could start to launch the array on the jade card to guide the record in the key .

However, the cautious members still made arrangements first . They chose an open space and arranged a protective array . Who knew if there was any danger in this secret key?

This was not enough . In a more peripheral circle, a circle of restrictions was arranged, so that what appeared inside would not be heard by people who were irrelevant .

In short, everything was made very cautiously .

No one could do anything about this, this was not the answer given by the Greatest Heaven Sect, but Yang Chen, since the death of the six Yuanying stage master was related to him, then he probably knew the attitude of the Greatest Heaven Sect to him . Who knew if Yang Chen would also lay some traps inside for them .

After doing all this, the sect master nodded at the three dacheng stage elders inside and signaled them to start .

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