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Chapter 375.1
A secret plane passed down by the predecessors of the ancient times, among the people who suddenly heard the news, there were too many smart people . Of course, there were more people with their own aspirations .

Therefore, before the response of the Greatest Heaven Sect, some people even fled the Greatest Heaven Sect madly after just listening to it . At this time, most of the Greatest Heaven Sect disciples were still immersed in the news of the secret plane, for fear of missing a syllable .

No one would have thought of such an accident and no one would understand how such a large-scale message could be transmitted . Perhaps, as the old predecessor said, he was afraid of people who were not having sufficient cultivation base to try their luck, so they spread on a large scale .

Of course, the real opportunity was not only to people with sufficient cultivation base, but also to people with enough luck, the predecessor who left behind the secret plane said that there was a big danger, which has clearly explained everything .

The news came from the Greatest Heaven Sect, but this does not mean that this was the ancestral secret plane of the Greatest Heaven Sect . The predecessor was a master of a sect in ancient times, this was very clear . Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to, it was even more impossible to keep a lid over it . There were not one or two people who heard it, but tens of thousands .

The Greatest Heaven Sect was interested in the secret plane . The problem was that the same interest in the secret plane was never in the minority . Some people may not dare or have this enthusiasm to compete with the Greatest Heaven Sect for the affiliation of the secret plane . However, the Greatest Heaven Sect was not the only super martial art sect after all, those that could be compared with them, at least there were several .

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Five Elements Sect, Blue Cloud Sect, Green Jade Immortal Island, Qiankun Sect, even some Demon Sect would not stand by . You must know that the location of the secret plane, was in the territory of the monster race, although not too far from the Dao Sects domain, but also close to the demonic sects domain .

A group of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s high-level officials silently watched the reports of the sect disciples and the kind of unwillingness in their hearts was almost maximized . After spending so much time, they spent so much effort and even lost their face to ask a younger generation junior for help . They thought that the things they got were exclusive to their own sect, but they didn’t think that they would be faced with such a result .

Not everyone doubted that Yang Chen was doing things, but everyone couldn’t figure out the facts of both sides .

One was that Yang Chen has no such ability . The outburst of the spiritual awareness which broke out, everyone was sure that it was at least at the late dacheng stage or it might even be higher, the peak dacheng stage .

And Yang Chen’s cultivation base was at the mid Jiedan stage, how could he have such a boundless spiritual awareness? Moreover, with the addition of the people of the Pure Yang Palace, there were two early dacheng stage masters, all were promoted in recent decades, where would they have the opportunity to contact the masters of the late dacheng stage?

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The Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island had masters of the late dacheng stage, but how could they play such a trick? Was it in the quiet room? That was impossible, the masters of the late dacheng stage were almost all retreat in their sect, where would they have the leisure to play this trick .

Another thing that couldn’t be figured out was how Yang Chen did it? When he got the key to the secret plane, it was just half an hour before it was taken back . Where did he find the time to do it? Unless everything was ready and it was implemented .

This was even more unreasonable . If Yang Chen was ready in advance, it means that Yang Chen knew the existence of this secret plane . Don’t mention Yang Chen, if it was changed to someone in the room, who would expose the secret of the secret plane that they had? This does not make sense .

Therefore, if this was the case, Yang Chen’s suspicion was the smallest . The only explanation was that it was the arrangement of the ancient predecessor .

There was still a doubt that couldn’t be figured out . Was this secret key not left by their ancestral predecessors? How did it become an ancient predecessor and it had nothing to do with their sect? Wasn’t it there in their sect records?

When someone raised this question, in a short while, the elders were embarrassed to answer the question .

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This was indeed a thing recorded by the sect, but the original owner was not from the Greatest Heaven Sect, but it was still debatable . The Greatest Heaven Sect has a long history and their hegemonic style has not been cultivated in recent decades, but has been adhering to the development of the martial art sect .

The things that their sect disciples snatched from other people’s hands were naturally their sect’s things . It was this simple and rude logic, so this thing has become the legacy of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s predecessors . As for how the remaining seniors got it, no one knew .

As soon as thousands of people were found to have left the market, the high ranking members of the Greatest Heaven Sect began to gather together to discuss countermeasures . No matter what , it was the Greatest Heaven Sect who has spent a lot of time to get the secret plane .

Immediately there would be a dacheng stage elder with a few Yuanying stage masters and a group of Jiedan stage disciples who would first go to the ground to occupy the site and then prevent others from going in .

Among the people who have gone out, there was no master of the dacheng stage, so even if other sects got the news, they would be later than the Greatest Heaven Sect . If there was a dacheng stage elder to oversee things, the idlers would not dare to offend easily .

Next, they would have a headache with the problems that would be caused by the big sects . The Greatest Heaven Sect originally had an excuse . After all, the secret key was in the hands of the Greatest Heaven Sect . However, the only key to the secret plane was now turned into powder, there was no way to provide even evidence now .

And the predecessor said clearly that it was an inheritance of an ancient ancestral sect . Since it was the ancient ancestral sect, it has nothing to do with the Greatest Heaven Sect . No matter what they did, there was no way to take all this resource for themselves .

The only way now was to race against time and grab the resources from the secret plane immediately before the other big sects reacted . They would sweep the things away and leave an empty space for the others, this was the right way . In the case of such a thing, the person who played the fast hand would be the winner, this was the default rule of everyone .

After the consultation, another elder of the dacheng stage took a few Yuanying stage ancestors to the secret plane . In the imagination of the people, the two masters of the dacheng stage were enough to deal with all the things .

This was exactly what Yang Chen wanted . Originally, the Greatest Heaven Sect got the guidance of the consciousness clone and their preparation was very full . Even so, it also damaged several masters of the dacheng stage . The consequences of the hasty action now would become self-evident . Not only couldn’t they get anything, but they would also suffer serious losses .

And this kind of mistake would also give enough time to other large sects to gather . This was also the reason why Yang Chen was slowly taking a long walk along the way, just like the water in the mountains . After waiting for the news to reach the major sects, this was when he appeared in the Green Jade Immortal Island .

The two masters have to know these things before they could make further arrangements for this . Next, it must be seen whether Yang Chen could successfully convince the two sovereigns .

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