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Chapter 371.1
“Yang Chen, someone recently offered a reward for interpreting some ancient writings . ” After arranging Yang Chen’s arrangements of Yang Lan’s rewards , Shangguan Feng returned to Yang Chen’s face again and said “Maybe you will have some interest in it . ”

“Interpreting ancient scriptures?” Yang Chen’s heart moved, was it the Greatest Heaven Sect? Thinking of this, Yang Chen couldn’t help but ask “Who is posting the rewarding?”

“An overseas rogue cultivator . ” Shangguan Feng replied: “It is said that he got a secret manual from the ancient times and he need a master who can interpret the ancient script to help him interpret it . ”

“Snort, he is not afraid that I will learn it after I interpret it?” Yang Chen casually asked, since it was a rogue cultivator and it was a secret manual, it was not necessarily a person from the Greatest Heaven Sect . Holding an indifferent attitude, Yang Chen just got to know more .

“He will definitely portray the individual words one by one and split them apart for you to interpret . ” Shangguan Feng replied with a smile: “As long as you disrupt the order, you will not know what it is . ”

“This is true . ” Yang Chen nodded, but there was still some suspicion in his heart . He was only here with Shangguan Feng and he did not show much .

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“I think you should go and see . ” Shangguan Feng looked very interested and said with a smile: “There have been several people who have said this to me, to let me help you to pay attention . The rewards are believed to be of interest to you . ”

“Oh?” Hearing what Shangguan Feng said, Yang Chen immediately smelled at the strong conspiracy . There was a lot of people who were actually reminding Shangguan Feng to recommend a post of a rogue cultivator who was not famous to him and the rewards were something that Yang Chen would be interested in . If it was not specified for himself, Yang Chen really would not believe it .

“It’s a kind of fire seed, fourth grade fire seed . ” Shangguan Feng continued to smile and say “Are you not always collecting fire seeds? This guy’s reward seems to be directed at you . ”

Hearing the reward was a fire seed, Yang Chen has been sure that this must be directed at himself . Otherwise, few people would not remind Shangguan Feng to inform him . Five or six years ago, there was already such a time in the Green Jade Immortal Island . It was so obvious now that it would be a joke if this has nothing to do with the Greatest Heaven Sect .

“There is no need to pay attention to this news in the future . ” Shangguan Feng would not be harmful to Yang Chen, he was just telling Yang Chen about an indirect news . Yang Chen would never blame him, but he expressed his own thoughts “If another person asks, say that i said that I am not interested . ”

“Good!” Shangguan Feng did not have the slightest dissatisfaction . How Yang Chen decided that it was Yang Chen’s business . He never thought about making an appointment for Yang Chen . But curiosity still drove him to ask: “But, you don’t want these fourth grade fire seed?”

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“Of course . ” Yang Chen smiled again and said “But I don’t want to die more . ”

“What do you mean?” Shangguan Feng’s brow suddenly wrinkled . He told Yang Chen the news only to help Yang Chen, but if Yang Chen was hurt because of this, it would not be his original intention .

“What kind of secret manuals are worth the fourth grade fire seed?” Yang Chen sneered aloud “If it is so precious, he will never allow any leaks afterwards . Who knows if I will disperse from those in the broken words, when the secret manual are restored? Perhaps the text of the secret manual is not much?”

Shangguan Feng knows some of the grievances between Yang Chen and Greatest Heaven Sect, but Yang Chen would never tell him everything, so he used such a reason to explain .

But for Shangguan Feng, this reason was enough . When the other party arranged, it was obvious that it was in order to attract Yang Chen’s attention, that was why the fourth grade fire seed was used . However, this has become the only flaw .

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Yang Chen has a lot of low-quality fire seeds on his hands . Therefore, the fire seeds below the third grade were definitely not able to attract Yang Chen . The fourth grade fire seed was just right . However, in order to attract Yang Chen, they have forgotten the preciousness of the fourth grade fire seed . Perhaps in the eyes of those decision-makers, the fourth grade fire seed was is not a great thing, but it was indeed not normal for a rogue cultivator .

Shangguan Feng immediately realized the danger . He initially thought that if Yang Chen could interpret it, he could easily get a fourth grade fire seed, but he didn’t think too deeply about the danger . Of course, this was also because several people who have mentioned this matter with him were old friends who have been working together for many years, so he was not too precautionary .

The other party also said casually that if Shangguan Feng thought that Yang Chen would be interested and would go deeper into understanding, which also made him ignore some things . Now that he thought of it, he suddenly felt a cold sweat .

“I was negligent . ” Shangguan Feng’s face was very bad . This little thing has also made him discover that even some friends who have cooperated with him for a long time in business were not necessarily to be to fully trusted .

Between these business partners and Yang Chen, Shangguan Feng would definitely not hesitate to choose Yang Chen . Without Yang Chen, Shangguanfeng would be nothing, but without these business partners, Shangguan Feng was was still Shangguan Feng, it was as simple as that .

Apart from changing the attitude of Shangguan Feng to several business partners, the small episode did not seem to cause any waves . But Yang Chen knew that this was his chance which has come .

Through Shangguan Feng, Yang Chen clearly expressed that he was not interested in the interpretation of the ancient manuals . These things seemed to disappear, and then slowly disappeared in the eyes and ears of everyone, as if they had never appeared before .

Yang Chen began to prepare . The other party has repeatedly determined whether Yang Chen was familiar with some ancient scripts, and even used several temptation techniques . He could only explain that there was something in the Greatest Heaven Sect that they needed Yang Chen to interpret and it was very likely that this thing at present, only Yang Chen had the talent to accomplish it .

This seemed to be a good opportunity, Yang Chen never believed that there was a secret manual which required a big sect like the Greatest Heaven Sect to invest heavily in . Even if there were new secret manuals, the Greatest Heaven Sect was still the most powerful sect . If they have this manuals, it doesn’t matter .

Therefore, the things that the Greatest Heaven Sect valued would not be any secret manuals, but other things . A single magic weapon was not possible, combined with the current dilemma of the Greatest Heaven Sect, there seems to be only one thing that can make them pay such attention .

Resources, a lot of resources, or most likely a secret plane passed down from the sect . The time that this secret plane was passed down has been so long that even the text has changed . No one in the Greatest Heaven Sect could interpret it, so they would find an expert like Yang Chen who knew ancient scriptures .

Opportunity seems to come to Yang Chen inadvertently .

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