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Chapter 371.2
Yang Chen now wanted to give the Greatest Heaven Sect a secret plane resource, which was the secret plane resource that came back with the consciousness clone, but it was not exclusive to the Greatest Heaven Sect .

With competitors, it would not be the same situation the Greatest Heaven Sect faced in his previous life . Although they damaged some people, they still received huge benefits . How could Yang Chen leave this benefit to the Greatest Heaven Sect?

The opponent would find it for the Greatest Heaven Sect, but the benefits were not necessarily for the Greatest Heaven . At the last key points, Yang Chen could bring benefits to the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island and let the Greatest Heaven Sect’s efforts become as futile as using bamboo to fetch water . There seems to be a few key places in the memory of the surviving consciousness that could be fully utilized .

The problem now was that the Greatest Heaven Sect was easy to deal with because it was really a secret plane, but it would be very troublesome to explain to the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island .

One problem was how to make the two masters believe that this secret plane was not a trap that was made out of nothing . Second, if the two major sects had misunderstandings, they would be provoking their direct conflicts . Third, Yang Chen hopes to use this opportunity to give sect master Lu and the island master an opportunity to clean up their sects . He also do not want them to misunderstand that he was indirectly harming the interests of the two main sects .

This was not something that could be done with a red mouth and white teeth . Don’t mention the fact that Yang Chen was only a younger generation junior of the Pure Yang Palace . Even if the palace master came in person, he may not be able to explain it clearly .

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Yang Chen’s worries were not groundless, the secret plane was true, but the two major sects would also doubt his sources and why they were not directly told to them, but they would want to compete with the Greatest Heaven Sect .

He had a very big headache, Yang Chen had to think hard about it and wanted to find a solution to these problems .

After returning from the outside, Yang Chen did not go out again . On the one hand, Yang Chen wanted those from the Greatest Heaven Sect to give up and come up with real things . And another was that Yang Chen was indeed planning to have all his spirit powers condense before going out .

Among the remaining spirit powers, Second Wood spirit power, Eighth Metal spirit power, Sixth Earth spirit power, have not yet condensed . As long as there was another one to condense, Yang Chen could complete all the Yin elements .

Among these three spirit powers, second wood spirit power was the most outstanding . Compared with the two ordinary spiritual powers of eighth metal and sixth earth, it was enhanced by Yang Chen’s absorption of the spiritual power of the blood demon vine . Although there was no such thing as the second wood true essence on hand as it was very rare . It was obviously the most appropriate to use it to breakthrough .

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The second wood spirit power has already reached the peak foundation stage and only one foot was need to get it into the Jiedan stage . For Yang Chen, this required a period of intensive refinement, not too long, but not too short either .

There was no better place for seclusion than in the blue vault mountain Immortal’s cave . When Yang Chen chose to go into seclusion, Gao Yue and Gongsun ling naturally entered the Immortal’s cave with him . On the one hand, they would temper themselves, on the other hand, they could spend more time with Yang Chen .

There was no time for anything except for cultivation, so the time between Gao Yue, Gongsun Ling and Yang Chen was not very long, so it was especially cherished . Yang Chen also cherished such an opportunity . Every time he finished his cultivation, he would always discuss a lot of things with the two women .

Sometimes they talked about cultivation . Sometimes they talked about refining or arrays . Most of the time, they had a variety of insights and customs . Gongsun ling’s recent craftsmanship has soared and she was always ready to make delicious food, so that the three could have a good time together .

Yang Chen has always believed that bitter cultivation was not the most efficient way . Sometimes, the combination of work and rest was the real way of cultivation, all kinds of ways must be tried .

Simply pursuing power was a manifestation of ignorance . It must be known that the great people of the heavenly court were always having a feast for three days, a feast for five days, and he has not seen how much their cultivation was ruined . Among the people, the worst was the great principle golden immortal .

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Everything was carried out in an orderly manner according to Yang Chen’s plan . The cultivation base was in the moment slowly reaching the limit, waiting for the breakthrough and in the outside world, because of Yang Chen’s attitude, there was changes happening .

Yang Chen was not interested in the interpretation of the ancient script . The Greatest Heaven Sect who was behind the rogue cultivator had to modify their strategy again . Sometimes things were like this, once their performance ws not so positive, the other party would instead be active .

Several high-level members of the Greatest Heaven Sect were now considering how to let Yang Chen help them interpret the contents of the secret key . They were holding the secret key, but they could only imagine the huge resource in there, in reality there was no way for them to get it, this was the embarrassment of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

“We could try to cooperate with him, maybe it can work . ” Their small trick could not lure Yang Chen, so finally someone proposed this way “Give a little benefit to the Pure Yang Palace, so that they would let one of their disciples help us to interpret a little something, presumably, the Pure Yang Palace should not refuse it?”

“The last time Elder Ming and Hall Master Mao went to the Pure Yang Palace, it was very unpleasant . It would not be easy to ask the Pure Yang Palace to help . ” Immediately, the elders raised objections . The last time after going to the Pure Yang Palace, more than a dozen loss of the life source flying swords made the Greatest Heaven Sect almost a laughing stock, after a short time, even to cooperate with the Pure Yang Palace, some people of course had to oppose .

If the current Greatest Heaven Sect was asking for help from others, naturally their attitude must be changed . The person who raised the objection did not express much, but said that it was not easy to cooperate with them, but everyone understood what he meant .

The Dao sect leader the Greatest Heaven Sect, was it necessary for them to accompany the smile of the Pure Yang Palace? This was the reason for the genuine opposition to the attitude of the so-called Pure Yang Palace . It was the most uncomfortable feeling when you are used to being high and aloof and had absolute power over everyone, then you had turn to a low profile .

“The big picture is what matters!” At the crucial moment, the sect master could grasp the direction . When the overall situation was heavy, all the reasons for reluctance were blocked .

“When these things are done, you must have the small beast turned into small pieces!” The sect master said this and everyone no longer insists, everyone seems to have the same mind .

Yang Chen was not only a rising genius that may threaten the Greatest Heaven Sect, but has become an enemy of the Greatest Heaven Sect when he killed the six Yuanying stage ancestors, no matter how the six ancestors died, they would not let Yang Chen get away with it .

The next thing to discuss was the price to use to move the Pure Yang Palace, relative to the damage on their face, a little bit of material effort, but it seems so insignificant . At least in the hearts of everyone who was on the scene, it was considered this way .

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