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Chapter 370.2
Regarding Yang Chen’s vision, the palace master has always been very admiring off . Therefore, when Yang Chen congratulated himself, he was in charge of the accident .

When he thought about the moment he broke through, the palace master still felt very emotional . He thought that his cultivation in this life would stop here, but he didn’t think that there would be a breakthrough for him unexpectedly .

Even more so, the palace master was somewhat secretly happy, Yang Chen had given him a beautiful double cultivation partner, she was very obedient so that he could improve every time while he was cultivating, she also had a high quality body and he could enjoy himself .

Here, the master of the palace could not help but sigh at the might of the double cultivation method that Yang Chen left for him . Not only was he able to breakthrough, but even his own double cultivation dao companion Wan Qian who was actually in a passive cultivation state, was also able to breakthrough, she also entered the late Yuanying stage,

This also meant that the combat power of the master of the palace has also doubled . Except for Yang Chen, no one knew that there was a female puppet with him who was quite similar to him in cultivation base . Once he was to make a move, in addition to the master of the palace having a praying mantis puppet, even if he meets a master of the dacheng stage, he would be able to put up a fight .

“When do you plan to deal with the banyan tree Immortal’s cave?” After the palace master and Yang Chen chatted about the effects of a few double cultivation, they transferred the topic to the banyan tree Immortal’s cave .

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Even if the double cultivation method was given by Yang Chen, the double cultivation dao companion was also given by Yang Chen, but as an elder and Yang Chen was the younger generation, talking about these topics, the palace master was still awkward, so the topic was quickly changed .

The reason why the palace master asked Yang Chen about the plan was because only Yang Chen has been there and only Yang Chen understood how to deal with it, there was also another reason, that was, Yang Chen was now the young palace master that he and the elders agreed on . Naturally, he also had to bear some of the responsibility of the sect .

“There is no plan yet . ” Yang Chen honestly answered and then explained “After the Greatest Heaven Sect’s problem is solved and When other sects follow the trend, when recruiting the monster race, it will take at least ten years or more, when the time comes we will look at the specific situation!”

Although there was already a general direction, but Yang Chen did not have a specific plan . The palace master nodded and approved Yang Chen’s explanation after he heard it . Now the monster cultivators in the blue vault mountain Immortal’s cave have not yet settled . If the Pure Yang Palace was nflated once again, let alone the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was estimated that even the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island would be somewhat cautious .

It was a good thing to think about revitalizing the sect, but the truth was that haste brings no success . The entire Pure Yang Palace was taken into account, this disciple who had this foresight made him more satisfied .

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After he said goodbye to the head of the palace, Yang Chen once again returned to his Master Gao Yue . His own four slaves have become inner disciples . For a long time, Yang Chen has not recruited new slaves, although there were countless people waiting for him to pick from . So Yang Chen came to his master and let his master’s servant help him .

Gao Yue and Gongsun ling seem to have talked a lot . Gongsun ling kept her head down and her face was red . When she looked up at Yang Chen occasionally, there was always a complicated and unspeakable shame on her face and then she quickly bowed her head again . And with Gao Yue there was another kind of strangeness that couldn’t be said clearly, so Yang Chen was very guilty .

In the external experience, Yang Chen’s performance on Gongsun ling also made Gao Yue very happy . Even from her heart, Gao Yue seems to have a little bit of envy of Gongsun ling . At least she could be ashamed but sweetly pretend to be Yang Chen’s concubine and be in his arms for a long time .

“In the key moments you also know to protect Ling’er, you know how to be good!” Gao Yue lightly reprimanded Yang Chen and then asked Yang Chen what plans he had next .

About his plans for the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Chen would certainly not tell his master and the apprentice sister to let them worry . Yang Chen’s answer to his master’s question was naturally about his cultivation .

Yang Chen now knew that all his Yang five elements has achieved golden dan because of the three spirit powers which reached golden dan . The Yin five elements now has two kinds of spirit power to reach golden dan, so as long as there was another kind of spirit power to reach that stage, Yang Chen could complete the yin five elements .

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Although there would be no other fortuitous encounters in a short period of time, there would not be another discoveries of true essence, but if Yang Chen was to spend a few years, specializing in a kind of spirit power, he could condense Dan .

This was the plan that Yang Chen told his master, when she heard that Yang Chen could complete his full attribute condensation, even Gao Yue could not help but be amazed . When she was shocked, she still felt a little unbelievable .

This was the result of Yang Chen not fully telling his master the full truet . Everyone knew that all Yang Chen’s spirit power has reached the foundation stage and they thought that it was only the five basic elements, no one would think that Yang Chen was actually talking about the entire Yin-Yang elements . If people knew that Yang Chen was cultivating the full attributes of Yin-Yang, he does not know how many people will be shocked .

Yang Chen would be in the sect for a while and Gao Yue was of course happy . Every time Yang Chen went out, Gao Yue was fearful, but there was no reason to stop him from going out . Staying in the sect would provide him with security and also improve his cultivation, which made Gao Yue very satisfied .

Now what Gao Yue wanted was very simple, as long as Yang Chen could be safe and he was still in front of her own eyes, then it would be better . Anyway, it was better than to go out and be attacked by the demons slaughtering gods formation again .

In the sect, Yang Chen also relaxed for a few days and then directly went to look for Shangguan Feng . Nowadays, the shop operated by Shangguan Feng was not like the previous shop, but a big shop that could compete with the thou­sand au­tumn pavil­ion in the market .

The cultivation of Shangguan Feng also entered the late Yuanying stage, and it seemed that it would not be a problem to breakthrough into the peak Yuanying stage in a few decades . With the help of Yang Chen, within a hundred years, he has reached this level . Compared with the previous decades of suffering during the qi refining stage, Shangguan Feng could now be said to be no worse than those with good aptitudes .

After finding Shangguan Feng, the first thing Yang Chen did was to double the reward for the Greatest Heaven Sect’s Yang Lan . Up to now, no one has come to receive the reward . Naturally, no one has succeeded, but he was afraid that it would be related to Yang Lan’s stay in the Greatest Heaven Sect . Every day reminding the daring of fear of others assassination, Yang Lan was also estimated to be tasting the same bitterness as Yang Chen in his previous life .

By doubling the rewards, there would be more people who would naturally be tempted and Yang Lan was likely to live in more horror . This gradual increase in fear was the beginning of Yang Chen’s revenge . For the time being, Yang Lan would not worry about the people in his sect, but when the reward came to a new height, even if there was a secf rule that they couldn’t kill each other, maybe someone would take the risk .

At that time, it would be the beginning of Yang Lan’s real fear .

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