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Chapter 370.1: 370.1
The return of Yang Chen and Gongsun ling really made Gao Yue happy a lot . Especially after Gao Yue learned that Yang Chen had condensed another spirit power, she was even more happy, as if Yang Chen’s realm promotion was better than her own promotion .

However, when Gao Yue looked at Gongsun ling, there was always a trace of an elusive feeling about her . As if she hasn’t seen Gongsun ling in general, she was very focused on watching her for a while and after seeing the red face of Gongsun ling, she laughed and took Gong Sunling away . Yang Chen didn’t know what the two women were going to discuss .

After coming back to the sect, Yang Chen, of course, went to see his master ancestor immediately after he finished with his master . Wang Yong has been busy preparing for the refining of the dragon’s horn flying sword with Gao Yue and all the materials were in preparation . This was not something that could be done in three or five years . Even with the output of the hundred thousand mountains, some things could not be made available overnight .

Fortunately, the most important material, the dragon’s horn, was already in place . All the accessories that were needed, even if it was precious, it could be purchased with spirit stones . For the current Pure Yang Palace, the problem that could be solved with spirit stones was not a problem .

What Gao Yue was going to do now was to use her own spiritual awareness and spirit power to wash on the two dragon horns, and put on her own imprint in it as much as possible . After all, Gao Yue’s cultivation base was only in the Jiedan stage . In the face of the high-grade material such as the dragon’s horn, it was also a bit of a force . It could only be slowly refined with this kind of patient and persistent work .

Fortunately, this method not only does not delay cultivation, but also has great benefits for cultivation . Constantly scouring the dragon’s horn means that Gao Yue has to keep her spirit power running constantly and her spiritual awareness had to flow also . This was an almost sleepless cultivation .

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When Wang Yong saw Yang Chen, at a glance he saw that his cultivation had an improvement . In front of his own master ancestors, Yang Chen was undefended and he did not think about deliberately concealing his cultivation .

“Good job, continue to work hard!” Wang Yong said to Yang Chen, it could almost be described as a satisfactory one . Looking at Yang Chen’s promotion, he made a short compliment .

Yang Chen also had to pay a visit to the palace master, this was the routine homework after each return . However, compared with before, this time it seemed that Yang Chen did not do anything earth-shattering, but it was very strange to the palace master .

Every time Yang Chen goes out and came back, there would always be some shocking news . This time, there was no such thing . It was not strange for the palace master thinking like this .

Yang Chen and Gongsun ling agreed on the road . This time, for the time being, except for Gao Yue, they would not tell anyone about the events . Gongsun ling was enjoyed about the feeling of having a common secret with Yang Chen, of course, she agreed and nodded .

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More than three years after the two left, some arrangements of Pure Yang Palace have already entered the right track . In particular, the plan to develop their power in the secular world has now been implemented .

Every country in the secular world has already had the peripheral forces of the Pure Yang Palace operating in them . In each country, there were two or three families that were originally developed by the servants of the Pure Yang Palace . With the support of the Pure Yang Palace, these families have successfully opened the situation and stood on the heels .

They didn’t show too much of their rich side, although they could do it easily . On the surface, they only had a certain influence on the land of management, and they did not show their silent development .

In the past few years, the Pure Yang Palace has received a lot of talented disciples . Some disciples were definitely found in the crowd that the former cultivators would have never thought of, such as beggars, slaves, businessmen, officials and so on . The spiritual roots of these disciples were almost all over 70 . Compared with the previous ones, as long as they could surpass 40, they were forced to enter the sect .

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When they thought of the other sects, no matter whether it was the Greatest Heaven Sect, Blue Cloud Sect or the Green Jade Immortal Island, the disciples they recruited were all left in their own ancestral halls,the feeling was not normal . Although the master of the palace also knew that these large sects must have their own channels for recruiting disciples, some disciples with excellent qualifications were willing to go to these large sects, but this does not prevent him from being happy in secret .

The hundred thousand mountain was getting on the right track . After decades of operation, the forces of the Blue Cloud Sect, Green Jade Immortal Island, Pure Yang Palace and the Beast Taming Sect Baguio have been rock solid, and no other forces of all sizes could be inserted . Every year, the huge benefits brought by the hundred thousand mountains have made the head of the palace very happy .

The blue vault mountain Immortal’s cave has always been under the control of the master of the palace . So far, there have been thousands of loyal disciples who have been tested in the Immortal’s cave . There was Yang Chen’s inner sensing pills and a lot of other medicinal pills . The cultivation of these disciples was improved thousand miles everyday and the strength of the Pure Yang Palace was also flourishing .

This was not considering that the Pure Yang Palace had cultivators promoted to the Yuanying stage, they also recruited eight Yuanying stage monster cultivators to join the hall of eccentrics in the Immortal’s cave and Wang Yong also crossed his tribulation into the dacheng realm, the status of the Pure Yang Palace almost already could be said to be as stable as Mount Tai .

It should be known that there were many monster cultivators from the beginning of the qi refining stage to the dacheng stage in the blue vault mountain Immortal’s cave, and the Pure Yang Palace now has a systematic cultivation method of the monster race, which has drawn many monster cultivators . Now, they were just waiting for the Greatest Heaven Sect to solve the troubles of those rumors . When they were recruiting the monster race, the Pure Yang Palace could slowly expose the power of these monster cultivators .

Wang Yong and the old tree demon, was behind the portal of the master of the dacheng stage in Immortal’s cave . It was said that the one of the monster cultivators dacheng stage master was in persuasion to join the sect . After such a long time, the three masters stopped . There has been some sorrowful taste, and it would not take long for the Pure Yang Palace to have the third master of the dacheng stage .

Externally, their relationship with the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island was getting closer and closer and the cooperation between the two sides was getting a more and more tacit understanding . Even if the Greatest Heaven Sect was now determined to desperately want to wipe out the Pure Yang Palace, it would not be so easy . Even if the relationship between the two major sects with them was not considered, the strength of Pure Yang Palace could make the Greatest Heaven Sect pay a painful price .

Everything happened during the short period of more than a hundred years during the period when the head of the palace was in charge . Seeing that the sect was getting stronger every day, this great sense of accomplishment was even better for the palace master than promoting his own cultivation base .

After Yang Chen reported to the head of the palace what happened to him, he said a congratulatory message to the head of the palace . Because Yang Chen has already seen it, the head of the palace was in the middle Yuanying stage previously, but now he was in the late Yuanying stage .

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