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Chapter 369.2
Fortunately, Gongsun ling was a cultivation genius . Similarly, she was also a good observer . When she came out, she found that Yang Chen was seriously injured . She was about to run away according to Yang Chen’s instructions, but her eyes swept around and she found the strangeness around her .

Everyone was at large and there was a pile of corpses on the ground . From the degraded beautiful ‘females’ heads, she could also recognize that it was the female dancers who performed the heavenly demon’s alluring dance and Gongsun ling immediately knew the identity of the opposite . At the same time, there was one more judgment made by her on the situation at hand .

Gongsun ling did not know what kind of attack Yang Chen faced, but she also knew that Yang Chen’s injury was not from an ordinary attack . The role of the golden bell when Yang Chen and her were having spiritual awareness double cultivation, it introduced through her mind, but they could break through the protection of the golden bell and even hurt Yang Chen . It was definitely a powerful means of attack .

This formation did not kill her beloved, but her beloved killed the 12 masters, the other side desperately fleeing was a normal phenomenon .

If Madam Fanghua knew that Yang Chen only had the strength to attack once, she would definitely regret why she ran so fast and couldn’t wait until the result appeared .

Since it was such a situation, Gongsun ling was not so anxious to escape, but first she had to check on Yang Chen’s injury and provide him with some medicinal pills, then she quickly kpet the twelve masters in her Qiankun bag, the things on the ground that were valuable in the formation was also taken, then she summoned the ship and left with Yang Chen .

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For a long time, the top of the five-peak mountain meeting became a destination for many people to explore . Countless people used a variety of methods to try to find the square ‘hole’ that once appeared, but no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t find a trace of it .

Some masters broke into the ground for thousands of feet, but they still didn’t find anything . In the end, they could only leave . However, there were still many people who didn’t give up . They spent a long time squatting around, waiting and mining, finally forming a small town and a square city here, which was very lively .

Yang Chen certainly didn’t know about this . Although he was still muddle headed, his aura was not weak . After taking the medicinal pills, his wounds healed slowly . Seeing this scene, Gongsun ling relaxed a lot and she controlled the ship, she ignited the fastest speed and quickly flew in the direction of going home .

The ship also referred to the same design as the shuttle . As long as a spirit stone was inlaid into the middle of a certain array, it could automatically extract the spirit power in the spirit stone for flight, without the attention of Gongsun ling .

Gongsun ling’s concentration at the moment was all on Yang Chen’s body . The wound was carefully cleaned and then bandaged . Then Gongsun ling began to carefully examine Yang Chen’s internal organs .

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When her spirit power penetrated into Yang Chen’s body, Gongsun ling was shocked . In the body of Yang Chen, almost everywhere was wounded . Fortunately, the injury was slowly recovering under his powerful body, Yang Chen was only affected by the impact of the injury and he fainted because of the injury, the problem was not big .

After waiting for a while, when the healing of the medicinal pill was almost completed, Gongsun ling once again gave a medicinal pill to Yang Chen . This time, shortly after Yang Chen took it, he quickly woke up .

With the help of Gongsun ling, Yang Chen sat up and then understood the situation of the two . In this regard, Yang Chen was temporarily unable to change anything, now the most important thing was to heal his injuries immediately .

Fortunately, although Yang Chen’s body injury looked very serious, most of them were only skin wounds . The spirit power spikes that actually invade his internal organs have been absorbed and refined by the seven golden dans . The internal organs injuries looked scary, but it was not very serious .

In this regard, Yang Chen has the best healing medicinal pill’ . After Gongsun ling found a hidden place to stop, Yang Chen only needed a month and he would be able to completely cure the wound in his body .

Gongsun ling finally knew what kind of terrifying attack Yang Yang was facing at the time, especially after listening to Yang Chen’s narrative and then seeing the attacked pitted dome, she felt even more fear . She almost cried out with Yang Chen, it took her half a day to return to normal under Yang Chen’s soft voice .

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When Yang Chen recovered, he naturally had no fear, the two directly took Yang Chen’s shuttle and flew in the direction of Pure Yang Palace . In order to add some content to the mountain river geographical map, Yang Chen deliberately chose a completely different route from the time of their coming . It was a large circle around, but it could add a lot of geography to the map .

But in any case, this trip was an unforgettable experience for Gongsun ling . Especially the disguise of being Yang Chen’s concubine and Madam Fanghua’s wits and bravery, made Gongsun ling’s memory still fresh . Every time she thought about it, she always had a red face, she was still infatuated with Yang Chen’s affectionate actions . The feeling, sometimes she felt like huddling in Yang Chen’s arms, to have a long dream and never to wake up .

This experience has made Gongsun ling more open-minded and found her many shortcomings . The more infatuated she was with Yang Chen, the more clear minded Gongsun ling was, the stronger she must become, otherwise she would not be able to keep up with the pace of Yang Chen’s advancement, so her will became firmer .

As for the escaped Madam Fanghua and her sect the Yin-Yang Demon Sect, they quietly boarded the killing list of Gongsun ling in her heart, especially Madam Fanghua . Perhaps now she would not be able to kill Madam Fanghua, but Gongsun ling has vowed that one day, she must kill Madam Fanghua who gave Yang Chen and herself a bad time .

From the Pure Yang Palace to this side, when they came, they spent ‘a full six months’ time and they went back to a big circle, but it took three months .

Yang Chen chose this route, there was not much danger on the way . After Yang Chen again condensed dan, Yang Chen’s cultivation base was once again upgraded and the shuttle was also faster, enough to throw any threat away behind him .

Of course, on the way back, Yang Chen and Gongsun ling were not idle . Gongsun ling was more energetic to cultivate, Yang Chen was no exception . Yang Chen started to fuse some of his fire seeds .

After they returned to the domain of the Dao Sects, Yang Chen stopped after he absorbed two kinds of fire seeds, and began to ponder what kind of method could be used to make the Greatest Heaven Sect to swallow the bait, while also allowing the Blue Cloud Sect’s master and the Green Jade Immortal Island’s master to clear the masters who did not listen to their instructions in the sect .

As they got closer and closer to the sect , Gongsun ling’s performance with Yang Chen seemed more and more distant, she seems to be afraid of others seeing something, her face became serious as if she was cultivating diligently, which made Yang Chen look a bit worried .

In any case, he had to first return to the ‘sect’ to see his Master .


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