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Chapter 369.1
The demons slaughtering gods formation was a pure attacking formation . For those who controlled the array, if they were unsuccessful, they must face the enemy’s crazy counterattack . However, there were very few cases in which the enemy has a counterattack after attacking the enemy . At least so far, there has not been such a precedent .

The formation was not only having the attacking strength of the twelve Yuanying stage masters, but the hundreds of top grade spirit stones used in the array, which added up to the consumption of a few pounds of the top grade spirit stones . With such a huge spirit power attack, the twelve Yuanying stage masters were only the target of controlling the attack .

From the news that was obtained before, among the people who entered the cave, the one with the highest cultivation base was the white bone old devil, his level was at the peak Yuanying stage . The others were not Yuanying stage masters, they were Jiedan stage masters . It seemed that Yang Chen and Gongsun ling had the lowest cultivation base among them .

Even if these people work together, it was impossible to take a blow from the formation . From the disappearance of them to their re-emergence in the past three years, even if the white bone old demon with the highest cultivation base had any fortuitous encounter and he was promoted to the dacheng stage, it was impossible to take this attack, not to mention that there has never been a yin fire tribulation which has appeared around, so the white bone old demon could not have entered the dacheng stage .

Because the distance was close, the masters of the array was very clear . The two people who came out, all of whom were known, were the ones with the lowest cultivation base, Yang Chen and Gongsun ling .

The twelve Yuanying stage masters could even take them down as long as they collectively come forward . However, the restrictions on the formation was launched so it was beyond their control, they could only control the formation to land the attack on Yang Chen and Gongsun ling .

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Yang Chen’s reaction was fast enough to step forward and get out of the attack, but this was impossible . The twelve Yuanying stage masters watched the spirit power attack of the formation falling on Yang Chen’s body . All of them had a feeling of killing a chicken with an oxen knife . It was a waste of the strike of the formation, now they had to add more spirit stones, to attack the next master who came out .

No one would have thought that a little guy in the early Jiedan stage could still survive this attacks . It was precisely because of this mentality that they did not even believe in the reaction of the flying sword that was attacked .

A flying Sword certainly couldn’t break the defense of the golden bell, but no one cared . Yang Chen was a descendant of a big family master . It was normal to have some powerful protective weapons . It was very common for it to be able to stop flying swords attack . But no matter what the magic weapon was, it was impossible to block the attack of the formation .

No one would have thought that there would be such a perverted thing as the golden bell left by the dragon clan in the mortal world and no one would have thought that Yang Chen, in addition to the golden bell, had a metal attribute dome that could be used as the second layer of protection . Of course, the most unlikely thing was that there would be a cultivation method of the Immortal world in the mortal world . The heaven defying body refining technique also appeared on Yang Chen’s body .

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All this unexpectedly led to a very serious consequence . When the bell rang, everyone did not have any precautions, including Madam Fanghua, who was far away .

With just a low bell sound, the twelve Yuanying stage masters who controlled the array, without any reaction, were stunned by the bell . When they have not yet fallen to the ground, they were greeted with seven hundred and forty-nine golden flying swords .

At the moment of being killed, Yang Chen also saw the true faces of the twelve Yuanying masters . What surprised Yang Chen was that these masters turned out to be the female dancers who showed Yang Chen and Gongsun ling the performance of the heavenly demon’s alluring dance that day, just like ordinary people .

That day, Yang Chen was faced with twelve Yuanying stage masters . Once they attacked, Yang Chen and Gongsun ling were likely to become two dead bodies in an instant .

These twelve people also let Yang Chen know who was behind the scenes of this formation . Except for Madam Fanghua, there seemed to be no one else .

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Speaking of it, Madam Fanghua was also the deepest hidden one . On that day, even the white bone old demon could not hold back and hurried his appearance, but Madam Fanghua had been tolerating to the end, and did not even use a trace of her spiritual awareness to explore the situation .

Perhaps Madam Fanghua knew that the last person who laughed was the real winner, so she has been patiently waiting outside, waiting for the people entering the hole to appear . The purpose of arranging the formation was that no matter which person came out, they must be killed by her, and the things they got would belong to her .

The abacus played out well, but no one would have expected that Yang Chen would not be defeated by the formation, but instead he had the means to counterattack .

When the golden sword light in the sky began to fly, Masam Fanghua, who was far away looking at it, fled without hesitation and even the two little girls behind her couldn’t take the lead . As for the others, it was even more so . At this time, how far could they escape?

He could withstand the demons slaughtering gods formation and even counterattack, instantly killing her twelve Yuanying stage female apprentices, no matter who he was, he was not someone she could take on . Even in her own heyday, facing the twelve Yuanying stage sisters, it would be impossible to kill them in such a simple way . So apart from running away, Madam Fanghua did not have any other ideas .

Far away, Madam Fanghua did not see which master appeared . The most likely thing was that there was a super master here and Yang Chen went down to get help to save him . When the master escaped from the seal, he was attacked and under anger, he attacked and killed .

Apart from this explanation, Madam Fanghua could not think of any other possibilities . If there was anything else possible, she saw two figures at the time, maybe there were two masters, the difference waas nothing more .

When she run away with her life, Madam Fanghua in the next decade, no longer dared to show her face, no one knew where she went, it was not even known if she was alive .

Everyone had only one guess . After Madam Fanghua and the white bone old demon have teamed up to attack Ye Zhenxiong of the Limitless Demon Sect, they were afraid of the revenge of the Limitless Demon Sect, so they were completely hiding, but no one knew exactly what the truth was .

When Madam Fanghua fled, would there be other people who dared to stay in the same place, the time, the people who were originally arranged, fled in an instant, the wolf rushed, the disappearance was clean, except for the twelve beautiful Yuanying stage masters dead bodies, there were no other things remaining .

Yang Chen endured the pain and issued this attack . Then hus his whole body seemed to be emptied and there was no strength left in him . Using his remaining will to release Gongsun ling, he only said one sentence “Escape!” before he directly fainted .

When Gongsun ling appeared, she saw the surrounding scene . Yang Chen’s whole body was the appearance of blood, Gongsun ling was frightened to her soul .

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