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Chapter 368.2
As soon as they got out of the hole, Yang Chen and Gongsun ling noticed that there was something different . The mountain where the hole was located has been firmly blocked in a huge array . When the two got out of the hole, they disturbed a restriction and launched the formation .

Bang, an overwhelming attack, unrelentingly attacked Yang Chen and Gongsun ling and there was no plan to show mercy . It seemed that the plan was to kill Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling .

“The demons slaughtering gods formation?” Yang Chen’s mind immediately flashed the name of a formation .

This demons slaughtering gods formation was one of the most powerful demonic arrays in the morral world . It had a powerful attack and was rare in the mortal world . However, it was not so easy to arrange this formation . If nothing else was mentioned, the material needed for the formation was enough to make a medium-sized sect bankrupt .

This was not to mention the masters to be dispatched during the process of deployment . If you wanted to successfully arrange such a formation, you need to cooperate with at least twelve Yuanying stage masters . The arrangement of several key points required uniform action and unified spirit power control . If it was not well-trained masters, it could never be completed .

Not only that, in the process of launching, it was necessary to cooperate with these 12 Yuanying stage masters to control the trend of the battle . Once someone brake the rhythm of the formation, the result was that the whole formation would unleash a backlash and perhaps the controllers of the array could survive, but the formation would soon collapse because of its uncontrollability .

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Even with these materials and masters, it would take at least a year to complete the entire formation . This formation was known to have a powerful attack, but there was a fatal flaw, that was, it could only attack the enemy within a dozen square feet of the center of the array . If the enemy escapes from within this range, all attacks would fail .

It was for this reason that the powerful demons slaughtering gods formation, to a large extent was just a chicken-like array and few people would use them in actual combat .

However, the situation of Yang Chen and Gongsun ling was different . When they entered the hole from here, they must have been seen . They knew that they would not come out in a moment and those people arranged the array outside, as long as they open the hole, it would trigger a restriction and launch the formation .

Yang Chen did not expect it at all that the other party would use this level of formation to attack himself and Gongsun ling . How much hatred does this person have to think about killing him to the point where there would be no residue left?

Now Yang Chen had no time to consider what the motive of the person was . Yang Chen brought out the golden bell out and covered himself and Gongsun ling almost immediately .

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In the heat of the moment, Yang Chen’s second action was an instant, Gongsun ling was sent into the medicine garden and then he opened the dome hall, at the same time he launched his body refining technique, quickly upgraded his body to the extreme .

When his figure was doing all this, there was no slight stop and he rushed toward the direction in any direction . As only a dozen or so squares was the attacking range of the demons slaughtering god formation, as long as they rush out of this range, they could break away from the attack of the formation .

Numerous rays of light came to Yang Chen, who was flying in the air . Yang Chen was moving very fast and could not escape this carefully prepared attack .

Bang, Yang Chen’s body was wrapped in countless rays, the center of the whole array exploded like an atomic bomb . In a flash, the top of the area was flattened . Yang Chen’s figure disappeared directly into the dazzling light and the overwhelming smoke .

Far away in a corner of the formation, Shao Fanghua’s shape quietly appeared, followed by two little gimmicks, almost silently watching the movement here .

“He finally came out . ” Madam Fanghua spit out these words in her mouth and then she seemed to have lost something she loved, she sighed slightly “Unfortunately!”

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It was a pity that the two words have just been spoken and the situation there has suddenly changed dramatically . A dull bell rang suddenly and then dozens of ray of light flashed, especially in the smoke in the sky .

“What is that?” Madam Fanghua’s eyes turned into a surprise and there was a little more trembling in her tone . The two little girls were close to her so they could see her body and it seemed to be shuddering .

When the light was approaching the golden bell, the figures of the two dragons suddenly flashed into appearance and quickly hovered in the air blocking the light .

Among the brilliance of the sky, there were also dozens of sharp flying swords, almost indiscriminately squatting on the golden bell .

In the bang, the spirit dragons could not intercept all the light, a small part broke through the defense of the golden bell and rushed to the periphery of the dome .

Puff, like the sound of a sharp weapon piercing into a tofu, after a series of sounds, on the outer wall of the dome, there were countless small pits . Dozens of rays passed through the four portals of the dome and they flew toward Yang Chen in the center .

Bang, Yang Chen’s body was finally attacked directly and a clear sound like a metal striking against metal was heard . More than the steel on the skin, there are dozens of blood spots in an instant . In his meridians, dozens of subtle spirit power spears rushed in and began to destroy Yang Chen’s body .

The five elements golden dan, plus two in the dantian, seven golden dans were spinning wildly and dozens of the spirit power spears were scattered in the seven golden dans, each Jiedan, but with only a few revolving, all the spirit power spikes slowly disappeared under a laborious rotation .

Even so, Yang Chen could not fully withstand this horrifying blow . A blood spurted out of his mouth and his internal organs were injured . Although all the attacks were taken, his whole body was like a sieve at the moment, it was full of holes .

Compared with these spirit power attacks, the attacks of more than a dozen flying swords mixed in it were simply weak and messy and were directly blocked by the golden bell .

Fortunately, Yang Chen’s flying figure has not been affected . It was only during this time of the attack that Yang Chen has already left the attack range of the formation .

It was not the style of Yang Chen to be idle when he was attacked . When he left the area, Yang Chen puts out the seven-step illusion of the dome’s hall, and the flying swords . The swords that have been smelted have been flying around . At the same time, the attack of the other flying swords was absorbed by the golden bell and a dull bell rang out, spreading toward the surrounding .

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