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Chapter 368.1
With the golden bell and the dome, even if Yang Chen could not use the bloody river, it could be said that he would be safe and sound in the mortal world, there would be no more life threatening situation for him .

In this way, the quenching time of the knives could be longer . As the life source magic weapon, the longer the tempering time, the closer it was to his spiritual awareness and the more control he would have, the more convenient it would be .

After the completion of the refining of the Dome, Yang Chen calculated the time . He and Gongsun ling had been in this space for three years .

In the past three years, Gongsun ling has been closely guarding Yang Chen and Yang Chen has not even said a few words with Gongsun ling, this made Yang Chen feel somewhat guilty .

There was still a small part of the seventh metal true essence liquid left, it was estimated that it would be fully gathered in a few months . Yang Chen had no other cultivating plan for the time being so he simply pulled Gongsun ling and began to have double cultivation with her .

Gongsun ling would not refuse any request from Yang Chen . In fact, when Gongsun ling was posing as Yang Chen’s concubine, she had already placed herself as a woman of Yang Chen . Even the most shameful thing, Gongsun ling, has never refused, let alone having a double cultivation with him .

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Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was greatly advanced because of all of Yang Chen’s five elements reaching the level of the peak dacheng stage . It must be known that Yang Chen’s improvement in his spiritual awareness was not as easy as the early Jiedan stage promotion to the middle Jiedan stage . From the mid middle dacheng stage to the peak middle dacheng stage has definitely exceeded the promotion from the early Yuanying stage to the peak Yuanying stage .

Gongsun ling was the first to feel this kind of terrifying improvement . Her spiritual awareness, after the double cultivation with Yang Chen had once again raised a small level and reached the level of middle Yuanying stage . At the same time, the conciseness of the sea of consciousness was was so shocking to Gongsun ling, the mysterious cultivation of her beloved was even more surprising .

Of course, the smart Gongsun ling would not ask anything else and she would not even ask where these seventh metal true essence liquids were from . She only knew that this time, not only has Yang Chen, but even she has received huge benefits, Yang Chen would certainly not short change his own people, which was enough for her .

Originally, according to Yang Chen’s plan, after collecting the remaining seventh metal true essence liquids, he would take Gongsun ling back to the Pure Yang Palace and plan how to weaken the Greatest Heaven Sect in secret . However, after all the seventh metal true essence liquids were collected by the gourd, Yang Chen’s subconscious mind swept around and suddenly his eyes froze in the air and he could no longer remove his eyes .

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Gongsun ling also hoped to follow Yang Chen for them to depart wheb she saw Yang Chen’s appearance . She didn’t know what happened, she looked down at Yang Chen’s gaze . It’s like he turned into a fool, hanging in the air, not moving .

Below this space, after all the seventh metal true essence liquid has been collected, it did not appear to be a level, but became a hard ground all over the various corners . The most striking thing was that the so-called angular corners were simply crystal stones that exuded an incomparably pure seventh metal true essence aura .

Under the seventh metal true essence solution, there were seventh metal crystal stones . Even though Yang Chen’s past life memories contain countless extraordinary scenes, Yang Chen still has not been able to completely control his emotions after watching so many seventh metal crystal stones .

His spiritual awareness penetrated the crystal stones and soon found the bottom . The seventh metal crystal stones were much less than seventh metal true essence liquid, the total height was just over twenty feet .

This was the gradual accumulation of the seventh metal true essence liquid here, after it became more and more concise more viscous, finally it could not continue to remain liquid, so the seventh metal true essence liquid under pressure began to consolidate into the crystal stones .

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A seventh metal crystal stone, which contains the seventh metal true essence, was almost 100 times the same volume of seventh metal true essence . So these many seventh metal crystal stones were almost more than all the seventh metal true essence solution collected by Yang Chen .

This time, Yang Chen certainly would not leave . Good things could never be left to the demonic sects, Yang Chen was just having the same feeling as Gongsun ling, they cheered together, quickly landed on the crystal stones, and began to quickly gather the crystal stones in their storage ring .

The spar-like seventh metal crystal stone was more stable than the seventh metal true essence solution and it was well stored, there was also a benefit . It was not like the seventh metal true essence liquid that exudes the fierce seventh metal aura that would crush people who were having slightly lower cultivation base . The seventh metal crystal stone does not have this problem at all and it could be gathered easily .

Yang Chen even thought about what his seventh metal flying sword would be . The Blade, which was the original universal sword, was essentially a metal attribute one . After the knives were quenched by the bloody river, they would be soaked in the most pure seventh metal true essence liquid, plus some four seas mysterious coral liquid for depositing all the impurities, it would become a pure seventh metal true essence .

The original sword was only made by a Jiedan stage refiner . Although the technique was ingenious and it had unlimited growth, the material was slightly insufficient and the skill of quenching was not enough to remove all the impurities .

When Yang Chen disassembles the material of the dome hall and then blends it into the scented knives to sacrificially refine it, it could be a high-quality seventh metal flying sword . Even if there were still impurities, it would not be too much trouble .

Now with these seventh metal crystal stones and seventh metal true essence liquid, he would not care about these problems . He believed that if it was a piece of iron, after the quenching of the seventh metal true essence liquid and after polishing it with the seventh metal crystal stones, it could also become the most original seventh metal material . Inadvertently, this trip had even solved one of the Yin-Yang five elements flying swords of Yang Chen, how could he not be delighted?

Yang Chen and Gongsun ling’s spiritual awareness double cultivation lasted for about three or two months, they also gathered the crystal stones which also lasted another three or two months, now they have wiped out this huge space clean .

Of course, all the arrays were not destroyed by Yang Chen . Here, there would be a huge collection of the seventh metal true essence in the huge nine iron mines . It would slowly form to such a scale, but that may be a long time . These have been going on for 100,000 years or more .

There was no longer something left for Yang Chen to stay here . After a careful investigation, Yang Chen took hold of Gongsun ling’s waist and flew up, he also made the same secret technique as before . The square hole was once again on the top of their head, Yang Chen and Gongsun ling rushed directly into the buffer liquid at the beginning .

It’s exactly the opposite of when they come in, except that the hole opens from the bottom . Every time he opened one, Yang Chen and Gongsun ling rose into a space . After one day and one night, the figures of the two returned to the ground above .

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