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Chapter 367.2: 367.2
This sacrificial refining took a year . Gongsun Ling didn’t know what Yang Chen was doing, but she saw that Yang Chen was very focused . She also knew that Yang Chen had important things to busy himself with so she did not disturb him . She just quietly cultivated on the side and by the way, she also acted as Yang Chen’s protector .

Of course, in this place except for Yang Chen and Gongsun ling, there was nothing remaining of the other people who fell in the pool . So there was really nothing for Gongsun Ling to protect him from .

Yang Chen’s full-hearted commitment was not only to refine the golden bell, but also to improve his cultivation base . In the course of one year, under the encirclement of the vast and remarkable seventh metal true essence liquid, the cultivation base of the seventh metal true essence was also raised to the peak of the early Jiedan stage and it basically had the same strength as the others .

The second dragon on the golden bell finally brightened up . With the low bell sound of the golden bell, the two spirit dragons flew down from the golden bell and were hovering and flying around it .

Two? Yang Chen couldn’t help but be amazed . How could there be only two? Wasn’t it the nine dragon body protection? Could it be that something went wrong during the sacrificial refining process?

This scene surprised Yang Chen . If it was a mistake, it would really be a waste of time and resources . Such a heaven defying magic weapon would be destroyed by himself .

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Yang Chen was anxious, quickly recalling the information that was passed to himself when the golden bell recognized him as its master, to see if something went wrong or if his memory was wrong .

There was too much information passed to Yang Chen on the golden bell and Yang Chen had to organize it for a while . After he understood everything, he took a long breath and relaxed .

This was not a self-cultivation error, but an understanding error . The nine dragons body protection was a nine dragons body protection . It would also appear when the second dragon pattern was lit . However, it was not that the nine dragons would appear at once, but each time a dragon was lit up . Now only two of the dragon patterns lit up, naturally there were only two dragons, everything was normal .

Although not to the level of protection of the nine dragons body protection, but the two spirit dragons, it really surprised Yang Chen . After the two dragons circled outside the golden bell for a long time, they disappeared from the surface of the golden bell . Only when he was attacked would the dragons appear, but the enemy would not be able to see it, only Yang Chen could see them himself .

Now Gongsun Ling, next to Yang Chen was completely unaware of the emergence of the spirit dragons . On the contrary, the mountain river geographical map had shivered a few times . In the view of Gongsun Ling, it was only a small accident in the process of absorbing the seventh metal true essence so she did not care much about it .

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Full of joy and watching the spirit dragons disappear on the golden bell, Yang Chen did not stop the Golden Bell’s sacrificial refining . The golden bell was still madly absorbing the seventh metal true essence liquid, as if there was still improvement to be made .

This made Yang Chen even more pleased . If he could light up the third dragon imprint, it would not only add a dragon to the body protection, but also stimulate the third function of the golden bell .

The next sacrificial refining was another long and boring process . Fortunately, whether it was Yang Chen or Gongsun Ling, they were long accustomed to such a situation . Cultivation was long and boring, If they couldn’t stand the loneliness, then they wouldn’t be able to find a way to proceed on the path of cultivation .

However, Yang Chen was destined to be disappointed . In the next year’s sacrificial refining, the golden bell absorbed almost twice the amount of the seventh metal true essence liquid it absorbed in the previous year, but never lit the third dragon . Also worse, only one step was remaining, but no matter how hard Yang Chen tried, he couldn’t cross it .

Yang Chen knew that this was the limitation of his own cultivation and he may have to wait until his cultivation base was promoted again . But even so, the third dragon pattern was half finished and the dragon pattern was looming, just waiting for the last step to breakthrough . The previous sacrificial refining was not in vain, which was enough to make Yang Chen happy .

In cultivation, Yang Chen was never greedy . If he was able to achieve it, Yang Chen tried to reach it . If he could not reach it, Yang Chen would not be depressed . Maintaining a good attitude was the foundation of cultivation .

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No matter how fast the Golden Bell absorbed, it was still much worse than the gourd . The golden bell needed to absorb the seventh metal true essence liquid for sacrificial refining, and the gourd just needed to store it, their speeds were naturally not the same .

In two years, the gourd had already collected almost two-thirds of the seventh metal true essence liquid . Except for about one-tenth of the amount absorbed by the golden bell, all the rest went into the gourd . At the moment, there was a seventh metal true essence lake with a radius of dozens of miles, compared with the first wood true essence solution, he didn’t know how many times it differed .

As for the rest of the seventh metal true essence liquid, Yang Chen certainly did not intend to leave it here for the demonic cultivators to find, all of it had to be collected clean . The only thing that made Yang Chen feel strange was why the golden star Li Changgeng would leave this pulse on the land of the demonic cultivators . Could it be because the nine secluded iron ore mine was the most suitable metal ore mine for producing the seventh metal true essence?

The golden bell could no longer be sacrificially refined, but Yang Chen also had the dome . The golden bell still acted as a buffer for the seventh metal true essence liquid in the periphery, Yang Chen began to refine the dome in it .

The dome had already experienced the heavenly spirit treasure refining secret art third layer and earth fiend sacrificial formation secret art sixth layer sacrificial refining . Now Yang Chen’s seventh metal spirit power dan was enough to carry out further refining .

Under the circumstance that there was no need to worry about the lack of spiritual power, the most pure seventh metal true essence liquid had already washed the dome for two and a half years . Now the dome had a seventh metal true essence aura from the inside out .

The heavenly spirit treasure refining secret art fourth layer was completed easily and Yang Chen did not stop . He immediately carried out the earth fiend sacrificial formation secret art sevenfold with eighth layer sacrificial refining .

Perhaps because Yang Chen’s cultivation was enough and the seventh metal true essence liquid here was infinitely endless . The earth fiend sacrificial formation secret art eighth layer was almost completed without any effort . After the eighth layer was completed, Yang Chen stopped and carefully observed it .

The entire dome seemed to be completely different from the beginning . Originally it was just a golden hall, and now it was turned into pure gold . Yang Chen didn’t even know the actual experiment . The protective power of the dome was at least twice as strong as when he first got it .

Even if it was a master of the Yuanying stage, he would not necessarily be able to break the protection of the dome . This was not counting the seven steps inside . After such a refining, the swords inside had undergone a radical change . Their power was greater than ever, more than twice as much .

If he was to add the power of the array, the current formation, even if it was a master of the early Dacheng stage who came in, he would not necessarily be able to retreat . If Yuanying masters came in they would die, there would be no accidents .

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