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Chapter 366.1: 366.1
As soon as he entered the hole and fell down, Yang Chen released the golden bell, covering himself and Gongsun ling .

The few magic weapons that Yang Chen received in the treasure house of the Dragon Palace were very interesting . Among the nine magic weapons, there was a complete set of the five elements magic weapons .

Gongsun ling’s mountain river geographic map was the magic weapon of the earth attribute and the two dragon horns that Yang Chen gave to his master, one was of the water attribute and the other was of the fire attribute . Among the rest, Yang Chen studied it carefully . The gourd, which could hold various liquids, was a magic weapon of the wood attributes, while the golden bell was a pure metal magic weapon .

Originally, Yang Chen also prepared a metal attribute flying sword, but between the rush, the material was not top-level, and it could not even be compared with the dome hall .

At one time, Yang Chen was also preparing to use the dome as a tool to collect the seventh metal true essence, but after carefully studying the golden bell, Yang Chen chose the golden bell .

The magic weapon of the Dragon clan, although Yang Chen was only acknowledged as the master after the first layer was sacrificially refined, but the strength of the golden bell was that Yang Chen felt that it was rare even in the spiritual world, and it was better able to cope with the seventh metal true essence .

Gongsun ling definitely did not have a magic weapon to protect her body, so Yang Chen also protected her . Once there was any danger, he would be able to send her immediately into the medicine garden . However, this kind of big scene, it would be a pity that if Gongsun ling could not see it, so Yang Chen was still adventurous to drop dwelling with Gongsun Ling .

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He didn’t let go of his spiritual awareness before, because he was afraid that he would be dragged in . Now that he have taken the initiative, he would not hold back and he released his spiritual awareness . After both of them entered the entrance he completely released his spiritual awareness and explored everything in the cave .

It was said to be a cave, but using a deep well to describe it was more appropriate . After Yang Chen and Gongsun ling jumped in, they have not even landed yet, but Yang Chen and Gongsun ling have been able to explore the bottom of the deep well .

This deep well was thousands of feet deep . With that gravitation, the speed of the two drops was extremely fast . Soon, the two entered into a liquid .

Yang Chen knew that this liquid was the same as the first wood true essence spiritual solution . It was used as a cushion, so after falling in, he did not panic .

Under the comfort of Yang Chen, Gongsun ling also entered the liquid safely . In fact, Gongsun ling has been in Yang Chen’s arms all along, he was holding her hands tightly in his arms so she was not nervous, but it was still a little scary to suddenly enter this place where they didn’t know it’s roots .

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“It’s okay!” Being close to Gongsun ling, Yang Chen could of course be aware of the tension in his arms when they entered the hole, so he whispered comforting words, and then the two fell into a huge space . A pure aura of the seventh metal, suddenly came face to face with them .

The white bone ancestor and the several Yuanying stage masters who had fallen before were still dying, they were not pure metal attribute cultivators . In this huge seventh metal true essence solution, they couldn’t support themselves for a long time .

Just in front of Yang Chen and Gongsun ling, first, a few Yuanying stage masters were bombarded by the seventh metal true essence and just under the watchful eyes of Yang Chen and Gongsun ling, they became a pile of flesh and blood debris, and then disappeared without a trace .

After the white bone old demon and Madam Fenghua attacked Ye Zhenxiong of the Limitless Demon Sect, they both disappeared and gave a posture of being afraid of the revenge of the Limitless Demon Sect . No one knew that the old devil in the blink of an eye began to stare at the movements of Yang Chen and Gongsun ling .

Shao Fanghua entered the small town in the mining area . After entering, there was not many who knew her true identity . Those in the city only knew that Shao Fanghua was not easily provoked .

However, the old devil was very familiar with Fanghua . What Yang Chen and Shao Fanghua did in the small town did not escape the ears of the old devil . When Shao Fanghua was acting very strange, how could the white bone old demon not care about it?

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When Yang Chen and Gongsun ling were looking for the seventh metal true essence, the white bone old demon took a peek at them in the dark, thinking that with his Yuanying stage cultivation base, Yang Chen and Gongsun ling could not find him .

In the demonic domain, the white bone old demon, did not think that he would meet such an end . The death of the body can not be said, but also the end of a broken bones, even the use of broken bones are not enough to describe, can be expressed with the bones and ash .

Of course, Yang Chen would not care of what would happen to the white bone old demon . After entering here, if a person does not have the metal attribute spiritual root or a powerful magic weapon and a powerful cultivation base to protect themselves, they would basically be no be exception in their fate . Perhaps a master of the dacheng stage could escape, but the white bone old demon was obviously not in this range .

The space in which the two entered now was very large, it was much larger than the space for storing the first wood true essence spiritual solution under the banyan tree immediately cave . It was full of pure seventh metal true essence aura, in a moment, there were countless aura which infiltrated into the golden bell and at the same time, it also infiltrated Yang Chen and Gongsun ling .

Yang Chen did not dare to neglect it, immediately urging the golden bell, he began to resist this crazy seventh metal aura . At the same time, he didn’t forget to tell Gongsun ling: “A’Ling, once I feel that some is wrong with the aura, I will send you to the medicine garden immediately . ”

Gongsun ling certainly felt this crazy aura and naturally knows how dangerous it was . Fortunately, there was Yang Chen around, she did not panic because of fear, but even so, her small face was a burst of white . Anyone who looked at dozens of Yuanying masters who were more than a whole realm higher than themselves were turned into a powder in front of them, they would inevitably be scared .

Until now, Yang Chen has not explored the edge of this space . It was really that spiritual awareness does not extend too far in this viscous seventh metal true essence solution .

It was said that it was the seventh metal true essence liquid, but it was not like a flowing liquid, but a thick one, such that it was almost solid, only occasionally under the action of an external force would a little deformation occur, then It would be restored to its original state .

This kind of seventh metal true essence liquid was even thicker than the amount of first wood true essence spiritual solution collected by Yang Chen in the past . The seventh metal true essence contained in it was pure and concise to the extreme, only with a little effort, it was estimated that these seventh metal true liquid would almost condensed into a gemstone .

Fortunately, it was still in a liquid state, Yang Chen was not sure whether the gourd could collect it smoothly in this state, and now he could only try it .

Before the gathering, Yang Chen first looked at the state of Gongsun ling . What surprised Yang Chen was that Gongsun ling had no embarrassment at the moment, but she was very relaxed .

“The mountain river geographical map is automatically absorbing these aura . ” Seeing Yang Chen look over, Gongsun ling immediately noticed it and said quickly .

This discovery made Yang Chen somewhat surprised . Gongsun ling’s geographical map, even during the quenching of the life source magic weapon, it could still display some basic uses . For example, depicting the geography of the mountains that have been recorded .

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