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Chapter 365.2
The white-bone old demon said that Yang Chen had killed his disciples and Yang Chen was not surprised . The fat man and the thin man were in that direction and Yang Chen was also coming from that direction, It was easy to connect him to the incident .

Yang Chen never intended to conceal it . Even if the white bones old demon said this, Yang Chen did not have a panicked expression . It seemed that killing a few insignificant people was simply something that was not worth mentioning for him, even if those few people were the disciples of the white bone old demon .

This kind of performance, in the eyes of the old demon made him sure that Yang Chen was a predecessor of a certain demon path old ancestor . In fact, Madam Fanghua was not just someone who he could let her serve him without him having an extraordinary backing . This fully explained that Yang Chen’s identity was not normal .

There were people with this background, let alone killing a few of his disciples, it was estimated that even he would be killed if he provoked them . He said that he wanted a bargaining chip and he did not want to make it difficult for Yang Chen .

“You want to know what it is, won’t you know if you go in and see it yourself?” Yang Chen smiled coldly, ignoring the so-called transaction of the old demon .

The white bone old demon himself was also a cautious person, otherwise he would not have endured until now . Yang Chen’s words were obviously to pull him in . Who was the old devil, would it be so easy to fool him?

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However, before the old devil said anything, the people around him, there were already a few people who could not endure it anymore, they flew to the square hole .

“Insolent!” The white bone old demon suddenly became furious . Were these guys even ignoring his own orders and wanted to take advantage of this and advance to go in alone?

When he screamed, the white bone old demon swang his hand and a long bone whip had already flown out of the hand, it directly covered the two guys who rushed to the hole, and as their mind was everywhere, they couldn’t even react and the two people even screamed . Without any warning, they were smashed into four quarters . Their visceral blood spewed out from the fracture and the blood was instantly absorbed by the white bone whip .

What surprised the white bones was that such bloody suppression did not scare the people around them . Instead, the number of people rushing to the hole became more and more .

“You are all now showing your true colours!” The white bones of the old devil screamed, but did not notice that at first all of them whi rushed to the hole, almost all of them were Jiedan stage masters, but now one or two Yuanying stage ancestors have joined .

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In his fury, the white bone old demon’s white bone whip swayed and it continually wrapped up four or five people who did not listen to his warning, absorbing their blood, but the people around them were more and more arrogant and all of them are facing that . They flew to the square hole . The few who rushed to the front, he even lost their traces, they could not even be detected with his spiritual awareness .

In the midst of his anger, the white bone old demon who has been careful and cautious felt that something was not right for a while . He was planning to fly away, but it was too late . A powerful suction force coming directly from the hole, seemed to directly control his spiritual awareness and then pulled his body and he flew toward the hole .

No matter the struggle of the white bone old demon, this powerful force did not allow him to break away from the situation, but it was becoming more and more powerful . At this point, the white bone old demon finally realized that the guys who rushed to the hole were not greedy at all, but they were involuntarily pulled by this force to the hole .

No matter how much the white bone old demon thought about it, he could not understand why this force was only pulling his people but Yang Chen and Gongsun ling who were not far from it had no influence on them .

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Perhaps, Yang Chen was using some magic weapon to shield them so they would not be affected! When he thought of it, the white bone old demon was so regretful that he almost cried . How could he not hold back? When the hole was opened, what was inside would surely come out . If he waited for a few second time, couldn’t he follow Yang Chen in smoothly?

It’s no use to regret it . The white-bone old demon was struggling and he had had no way to counter the powerful suction from the hole . He couldn’t help but fly to the hole and he couldn’t even make a sound .

“White bone ancestor, you are not keeping your word!” Just as the ancestor disappeared into the hole, farther away, there was a sudden scream .

The form of the white bone old devil has almost no difference from him looting it himself after he has suppressed his disobedient me , at least in the distance that how the others saw it . Someone immediately showed up and began to berate the white bone old demon .

They did not only berate him, but at least a dozen people were flying without hesitation toward the hole . The white-bone old demon also could not say anything to clear up the misunderstanding so they also rushed in .

Gongsun ling also found several people peeking around, but did not expect that there were so many . After a while, sixty or seventy people have already rushed into the hole . Looking at this scene, Gongsun ling did not know what to say . These people were all stupid and Yang Chen, who obviously knew the inside story, was not afraid of what was inside .

When the people were crazily pulled into the hole, Yang Chen just looked at what was going on . Yang Chen did not forget that the last time he took the tenth water true essence solution, as long as he used his spiritual awareness to explore in the pool, he would be pulled into the solution by the array there . The principle of storing the seventh metal true essence and the tenth water true essence was similar . Those people rushed to explore with their spiritual awareness and that was the way to find death .

As long as it was a cultivator, they couldn’t help but get used to using their spiritual awareness to explore the unknown . At least the scope of the exploration with spiritual awareness was much broader than that of their field of vision . In this case, unless someone warned them against it, the response of everyone would be the same, they would all use their spiritual awareness to probe . If Yang Chen did not warn in advance, Gongsun ling might have used her spiritual awareness to probe it also .

Watching this group of people disappear into the square hole again, Yang Chen looked around for a circle, then revealed a smile in a certain direction, then he said to Gongsun ling: “Let’s go, we will also go in . ”

Yang Chen and Gongsun ling’s figure slowly walked to the hole . Yang Chen looked down at the black hole and did not hesitate to take Gongsun ling into it .

Until there were no more people on the top of the mountain, farther away, the figure of Madam Fanghua slowly appeared, looking at the direction of the top of the mountain, she frowned .

The square hole on the top of the mountain has been there for half an hour and then it slowly closed . The entire mountain top has restored its original appearance . If there were no broken bodies here, no one would believe that something happened here .

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