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Chapter 366.2
Not long ago, the mountain river geographical map also absorbed the seventh metal qi in those mines . Now it was here and it was still able to absorb the seventh metal true essence . It really was a dragon clan’s treasure, it was strong enough .

With the strength of the mountain river geographical map as a guarantee, at least Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling’s lives were no longer in danger . Originally, Yang Chen also planned to help Gongsun Ling with some troubles ahead, but now it seemed completely unnecessary .

Next, Yang Chen naturally took out the gourd and began to try to absorb the seventh metal true essence solution . The seventh metal true essence was a liquid that was viscous to the extreme . Even if it had some liquid properties, gathering it into the gourd was not so smooth .

Fortunately, only the collection speed was much slower and it was not completely uncollectible . After discovering this, Yang Chen also completely relaxed in his heart, everything was under control .

The strong protection of the golden bell was enough, but the seventh metal true essence solution that entered the body of Yang Chen through the golden bell was still somewhat strong . At least, Yang Chen’s current cultivation base was still unable to control it . It was not known how many times this seventh metal true essence solution was thicker than the first wood true essence spiritual solution and the spiritual power was stronger .

When he got a sudden inspiration, Yang Chen put out the dome hall and the golden bell was also set outside . The hall was inside and served as a buffer for the second layer . The dome was also a magic weapon of the seventh metal attribute, which could also be tempered by this seventh metal true essence solution .

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After the secondary filtration of the dome, the seventh metal true essence which entered Yang Chen began to become controllable . Yang Chen simply let Gongsun Ling practice freely and he himself began to rush into the process of condensing his seventh metal spirit power dan .

The seventh metal spirit power dan was the ultimate goal of Yang Chen’s for finding the seventh metal true essence solution . Gongsun Ling also knew Yang Chen’s plan on the road so she did not bother Yang Chen, she stayed on the edge of the dome and used the medicine garden’s spirit power to cultivate .

The dome and the medicine garden were two-in-one . No matter which one absorbs the spiritual power, it would supplement the spiritual power of the medicine garden . The net bottle of the medicine garden would naturally transform all kinds of spiritual power into the spiritual power required by various living creatures in the medicine garden . Although Gongsun Ling was an earth attribute cultivator, it would not be harmful to her .

The seventh metal true secret art was running fast, absorbing the huge and incomparable seventh metal true essence, the seventh metal true essence in Yang Chen’s body had also begun to grow rapidly .

Originally, the remaining spiritual power of Yang Chen had reached the peak of the foundation stage, only the last step was left for it to be able to condense . So with this incomparably abundant seventh metal true essence, the process of condensing Dan began in less than four months .

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Boom, it was as if a thunder pomegranate exploded in Yang Chen’s body, countless spiritual powers spewed out along the meridians and then it was immediately attracted to the position of the dantian .

The seventh metal true essence began to condense into a small golden dan, this time, the color of the seventh metal true essence dan was really golden, the real piece of Jiedan .

Showing a grain of gold and then with the influx of spiritual power, the Jiedan began to grow and it slowly turned into the size of peanuts, almonds, and finally turned into a longan-sized golden dan, it was round and sparkling with golden light .

With the seventh metal true essence dan, there have been five kinds of spiritual power to have condensed dan in Yang Chen’s body, third fire, fourth fire, first wood, seventh metal and tenth water, before the seventh metal condensed, other spiritual power did not have the slightest movement . However, the moment the seventh metal true essence condensed dan, the five spiritual powers of Yang Chen’s, began to rotate at a rapid speed .

The fifth earth and the ninth water had not yet condensed dan, the abnormal speed of the operation at this moment, in the dome, a countless amount of spiritual power was absorbed into the body of Yang Chen at an extraordinary speed .

Almost in the time for half a column of incense to burn after the seventh metal true essence condensed dan, the two small Jiedans began to condense, the two spirit powers of the fifth earth and the ninth water, at this moment, Yang Chen took advantage of the situation to condense all his spirit powers .

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Gongsun Ling was shocked by the powerful spiritual power radiated by Yang Chen . She didn’t know what happened . She just thought that Yang Chen’s seventh metal spirit power has already condensed, but she didn’t want to think about it too much . Yang Chen’s seventh metal spirit power dan, how could it bring such a huge shock of spiritual power .

The five golden dans of Yang Chen formed a complete pattern of five elements and began to rotate wildly in Yang Chen’s Dantian .

After a while, the five golden dans that were rotating seemed to be unsatisfied to stay in the dantian, they kept rotating and slowly began to rise along the vain until they stopped at the chest . Instead of spinning fast, it changed to a slow rotation in the direction of the five elements .

In his sea of ​​consciousness, once again, changes had taken place . There was a thunder like explosion in Yang Chen’s mind, his sea of consciousness had already reached 244 acres, but it had now crazily expanded to a radius of 300 acres and the height was doubled directly .

The thickness of the seventh metal layer was extraordinary, even if it was hidden under the layer of the fifth earth, it still faintly radiated a golden light . The fifth earth layer had also undergone a change on the land, it was no longer a plain, but a variety of forms like mountains, hills, valleys, plains, deserts and everything had formed .

Not only that, but with the ninth water spirit power condensing dan, there were now two large rivers across the fifth earth, which originated from the highest mountaintop and were divided into two directions, each flowing to the surrounding ocean .

His spiritual awareness was even more crazy, it had already reached the middle Dacheng stage . Now it had climbed all the way, it climbed to the peak middle Dacheng stage then it stopped . Although it was no longer possible to break through in this realm immediately, there was still a lot of remaining spirit power and it was starting to be madly concise in this realm until it could no longer be concise .

Only until now was Yang Chen able to return to normal from the state of cultivation . Immediately, he noticed the surprise and worry of Gongsun Ling so he quickly explained “Senior sister, I am fine, my seventh metal spirit power has already condensed . ”

Gongsun Ling suddenly rejoiced, when Yang Chen’s ten spiritual powers reached the foundation stage, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling knew that Yang Chen had several spiritual powers and they were also clear on what he wanted to do .

Without giving any input, Yang Chen’s thoughts were all whimsical . How could you have all your spirit powers condense dan? It was totally different to build the foundation and to condense the Dan .

However, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling never doubted what Yang Chen could do . When she heard Yang Chen telling her that he had condensed it, Gongsun Ling still showed a happy smile .

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