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Chapter 365.1: 365.1
Li Changgeng left a set of secret technique to open the blockade of the seventh metal true essence . Yang Chen finally knew where to use it . The intersection of the five peaks was the point of control .

Without much effort, Yang Chen took Gongsun ling to the top of the mountain . Looking down at the hard rock under their foot, Yang Chen suddenly said to Gongsun ling “No matter what happens, don’t leave my side . ”

Gongsun ling nodded quietly and said nothing . She knew that Yang Chen must have discovered what she said and she also never doubted Yang Chen .

After making a series of complicated secret technique patterns, he hit the top of the mountain . For a while, there was no reaction at all . This made Gongsun ling very confused . In the end, what was Yang Chen doing, laying a secret technique on a mountain, wasn’t it a waste of true essence?

But Yang Chen did not mean to make a joke and he kept on applying the secret technique . Yang Chen applied the same secret technique three times and it took more than one hour to complete, then he stopped .

Taking advantage of Gongsun ling’s delicate body, Yang Chen has retreated at least a few dozen feet, but has always stood on the ground without the slightest means of flying . This made Gongsun ling feel even more strange, but she remembered Yang Chen’s words and she only silently cooperated with Yang Chen without saying a word .

Not only was Gongsun ling wondering, but the guys who have been secretly paying attention to Yang Chen’s whereabouts were even more puzzled . Why was Yang Chen making such secret technique on the mountain? Was he playing around?

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But looking at Yang Chen’s serious look, it seemed that he was not joking . The hidden person had to bear with it . He wanted to see what Yang Chen was doing .

Almost in the boring time waiting for more than an hour, even the guy who secretly peeped at them couldn’t help but want to rush out to find trouble for Yang Chen . The underground suddenly made a thunderous noise .

Listening to this booming sound, everyone became spirited . Gongsun ling did not dare to look at the top of the mountain under her feet . It seemed that she still couldn’t believe it . As for the guy who waited in secret, he almost rushed out .

A series of roaring sounds came from deep underground, and the place where the sound came from seemed that the sound was getting closer and closer to the ground . This strange scene could only be by explain one point, that was, there must be something that was not clear to everyone there but Yang Chen knew .

Yang Chen was very calm and composed . He was not in a hurry . He even took Gongsun ling and sat on the top of the mountain to enjoy a few meals . The female slaves in the peak Jiedan stage waited diligently, life was very pleasant for him .

What was strange was that after arriving here, Yang Chen did not use any magic weapon, nor did he use any spiritual power . Whether he was walking or lying down, he was down to earth and never flew off the ground .

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The sound of the bang seems to be deep in the ground . The sound coming was getting closer and closer, but it was still far away . Yang Chen didn’t mean to worry at all and he was waiting patiently .

This kind of performance, let those guys hidden in the dark scratch their heads one by one, they were unable to bear it . If the final answer has not yet come out, there were almost a few who would have to rush out to make Yang Chen tell them the result .

Accompanied by the sound of the underground banging, it lasted a whole day and night and everyone finally waited until the booming sound was very close to the ground .

At this moment, Yang Chen stood up and took the five female slaves back into the dome hall . Then his left hand took Gongsun ling and he stared quietly at the area where the sound was heard .

Without Yang Chen’s reminder, Gongsun ling naturally noticed the area . However, Yang Chen reminded her not to use her spiritual awareness to explore it, Gongsun ling also did not send any spiritual awareness to that area, she just look at it with her eyes .

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Boom, in the place where the five peaks intersected on the ground, suddenly broke a square big mouth . Below the mouth, it was a square channel leading to the underground, it not known how deep it was . But from the day and night of waiting, it would not be a short distance .

“Ha ha ha ha!” A smirk of laughter sounded out from a certain direction and there were dozens of people who appeared . At least half of them were Yuanying stage masters and the others were also masters of the Jiedan stage .

However, the person who made the arrogant laughter had not yet finished and a gale of aura suddenly rushed out of the big mouth of the underground . With this aura, there was a huge shock wave, sweeping unrelentingly around .

Yang Chen and Gongsun ling stood in the same place and the violent shock wave swept through their bodies without any influence . But those people who suddenly rushed out did not have the good luck of the two .

The figures that flew out, whether they were controlling flying swords or magic weapons at their foot, all the magic weapons outside their body, after the shock wave swept, suddenly all turned into ashes .

The smashing of the magic weapons was accompanied by screams . Among the dozens of people who came out, except for a few who stood on the ground, the others were planted from the air without exception .

This was not counting that they thought that in the process of falling down, as long as they used spiritual power support in time, with their Jiedan stage and Yuanying stage cultivation base, they could easily land, but they did not expect that as soon as the spiritual power was issued, it was like mud cows entering into the sea, no one could support their body in the air and all of them fall down heavily .

The Ha ha’s laughter was only laughed half way and it became a chaotic scene of screams . The guy who made the laughter also felt that there was no light on his face and he stopped laughing .

“Is this the purpose of young master for coming to the nine secluded iron mine?” The guy who laughed at the head was like the skinny guy he met before . In combination with the previous news, Yang Chen recognized his identity almost at a glance .

“White bone old ancestor?” Yang Chen seemed to be sure about it and said the name .

“It’s this old man!” The White bone old demon had a smug smile, and glanced at the guys who were crawling up next to each other, facing Yang Chen again, he somewhat awkwardly asked “Young Master, you played with Madam Fanghua for a few days, did you enjoy the wonderful taste of the lady?”

Yang Chen did not answer, he just looked coldly at the old devil . The white-bone demon did not care about Yang Chen’s gaze and he said “This old man has always been wondering why Madam Fanghua will have time to play with a later generation . It turns out that there is such a good thing here . ”

“What’s in this hole?” The White bone old demon saw that Yang Chen had not spoken . He smiled and asked “Demonic weapon? Or is it a demonic iron? Secret plane? If you just confess, we can write off the fact that you killed my disciples, how about it?”

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