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Chapter 364.2
There were huge nine secluded iron mines and there were countless layers in the mines . The mines were different, some had many layers . Ye Zhenxiong said that several of them had at least seven layers of mines .

The more underground you went, the thicker the seventh metal qi was, because the various metal resources were also very well distributed here . If this was the case, then it was not worthy of Yang Chen’s attention . However, Ye Zhenxiong mentioned that several mines had tens of thousands of years of history .

There were several mines and because the seventh metal qi was too strong, except for some metal attribute cultivators who could go in, others were afraid to enter them freely . There were even one or two mines that people have long since stopped mining in them, because metal attribute cultivators don’t dare to go there freely .

These places were worthy of being carefully investigated by Yang Chen . With his experience the last time in the first wood true essence spiritual solution lake, Yang Chen also understood that when the spiritual power was strong enough, it was also able to kill .

After learning about these news, Yang Chen would not stay here, here was still reserved for Ye Zhenxiong’s retreat .

With the scene of him and Madam Fanghua acting as his slave in the city, there were few people in this mining area who still don’t know Yang Chen, no matter who saw Gongsun ling’s ship, they respectfully paid their respect, either from far away, it also saved a lot of trouble for both of them .

Exploring the mine hole, Yang Chen was of course with Gongsun ling . After this disguise of being Yang Chen’s concubine, Gongsun ling and Yang Chen’s intimacy was better than ever . When there was no one around, Gongsun ling liked Yang Chen to hold her on the flight .

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Here was the domain of the demonic sects, naturally no one would take the rules of the Dao Sects to condemn Gongsun ling’s action and Yang Chen also liked it . Every time, he always had a joke with Gongsun ling . From time to time, she had a few jokes . She talked sweetly and she smiled happily .

The nearest mine was not far away, but no one has ever mined it . Yang Chen and Gongsun ling did not encounter any obstacles and easily entered the mine .

As Ye Zhenxiong said, there were several layers in the mines . After they entered each layer, each time they went down, the seventh metal qi became thicker and thicker . At the bottom of the mine, it was almost full of rich seventh metal qi .

As he had already prepared a seventh metal magic weapon, Yang Chen had time to use it and it was easy to reach the bottom . What disappointed Yang Chen was that the seventh metal qi here was indeed strong, but it was not the aura of the seventh metal true essence .

On the contrary, Gongsun ling’s mountain river geographical map had some abnormal changes . In the quenching of this life source magic weapon, it was usually not used . Once it was used, it would put all the previous effort to waste .

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However, the mountain river geographical map spontaneously began to absorb the strong seventh metal qi here . The seventh metal qi quickly condensed into a small stream that flowed into the mountain river geographical map and it was not known how the mountain river geographical map stored it .

This was an unexpected surprise . Gongsun ling quickly noticed the changes in the geographical map . It seemed that after absorbing the strong seventh metal qi, these seventh metal qi directly penetrated the soil layer of the mountain river geographical map . It also coincided with the pattern of the indigenous inborn metal .

Gong Sunling was happy, Yang Chen was also happy, now even if it was not looking for the seventh metal true essence, Yang Chen has to go through these places .

They have gone through the several mines that Ye Zhenxiong said and every time they came forward with expectations, they were disappointed . The seventh metal qi was indeed very strong, but it was still not the seventh metal true essence .

Gongsun ling’s mountain river geographical map absorbed a lot of the seventh metal qi . According to Gongsun ling, the geographical figures have become solid .

Some mines also had cultivators in them . However, there was very little trust between the demonic cultivators . Most of them were using a demonic weapon to absorb enough seventh metal qi when they were mining, and they would refine these seventh metal qi in a safe place . Whether it was for refining medicinal pills or indirect absorption, very few people would practice in the mine for a long time .

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Some people would sell these seventh metal qi directly and Yang Chen once saw this sale in the small city . He didn’t know the source of these seventh metal qi at the time . Now that he saw this, he understood what was going on .

However, with Gongsun ling’s mountain river geographical map, the efficiency of absorbing the seventh metal qi was very strong, and it has led to the inability of other people’s demonic weapons to absorb a little bit of the seventh metal qi .

Those who absorbed the seventh metal qi, after seeing Yang Chen and Gongsun ling, did not dare to say anything . They could only admit that they were unlucky and left the mines .

Fortunately, Yang Chen and Gongsun ling only entered each mine once, and one or two days after they leave, the mine would naturally resume the overflow of seventh metal qi, and it would allow those people to absorb it .

After all the mines pointed out by Ye Zhenxiong had been gone through, Yang Chen chose to give up, no aura of the seventh metal true essence was in the mines . All of them were just ordinary seventh metal qi . Apart from the supplementing of the geographical map, there was no help for Yang Chen in the mines .

It was not one of these mines, Yang Chen couldn’t think of the place where the seventh metal true essence was left by Li Changgeng in the end . When he was discouraged, Gongsun ling suddenly discovered what was wrong . She said strangely “Yang Chen, if you look at these mines, if you connect them, it seems to be a circle!”

The mountain river geographical map would record the terrain of the place where Gongsun ling walked, so Gongsun ling could easily see the distribution of these mines from the geographical map .

When Gongsun ling said this, Yang Chen became interested, after pondering over it, he suddenly asked “Since these mines are connected in a circle, what is in the circle?”

Her consciousness was immersed in the geographical map and soon Gongsun ling replied: “In the circle, there are several mountains connected together!”

After saying this, Gongsun ling continued to immerse her mind in the picture for a while, and once again said “It is five mountains that are connected together, and they come together from five directions . The place where they gather is the center of the circle” she hesitated and said: “probably…”

“Probably what?” Yang Chen hurriedly asked .

“It seems that these five mountains are a whole piece . ” Gongsun ling finally recovered her mind from the geographical map and answered with certainty .

“Five directions, a whole?” Yang Chen reached out and pulled Gongsun Ling, he pulled her into his arms and quickly flew into the air and soon went to the five mountains that Gongsun Sunling said .

Looking down at the very regular distribution of the mountains in five directions, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was released . After a while, he said with a smile: “It’s really a whole piece!”

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