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Chapter 363.1
At this time, whoever believed that Madam Fanghua had really eaten the smattering pill and her spiritual power temporary has dissipated and she has turned into an ordinary people, then that person was really a ‘fool’ .

Those ‘female’ dancers who danced the heavenly demon’s alluring dance, although they all looked like ordinary ‘females’, this was definitely a unique result of a cultivation method and they would never really become ordinary people, which could give others the chance to oppress them .

Yang Chen’s hypnosis technique used to control Wan Qian’s master and apprentices . The heavenly demon’s alluring dance was a powerful demonic arts that made people fall into enchantment and pry on them, but this was the same as most of the cultivation methods for spiritual awareness . There was a flaw that could be considered a fatal flaw .

Usually, if these charming demonic arts could not be successful, it would inevitably lead to a demonic arts backlash, and it would course harm to the people involved . The heavenly demon’s alluring dance was slightly different . Although it also has a backlash, it was not fatal, but the caster would be slightly out of sort for a short period of time .

This period of time was very short, short-lived for Yuanying stage ancestors, it may be just a few breaths . It’s just this time that Madam Fanghua moaned .

With the addition of Madam Fanghua, the heavenly demon’s alluring dance was dominated by Madam Fanghua, while Madam Fanghua suffered from the backlash, the others were also facing it . The other ‘female’ dancers were even affected longer than Madam Fanghua .

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When the time came, Yang Chen’s hypnosis was issued immediately . Even if it was a master in the Yuanying realm, Madan Fanghua at the moment couldn’t resist Yang Chen’s hypnotism . What’s more, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness cultivation base was better than Madam Fanghua at this moment .

In an instant, Madam Fanghua and a the other ‘female’ dancers fell into a state of hypnotism . Yang Chen almost grasped this golden opportunity and immediately whispered”Shao Fanghua, what is the purpose of your visit here?”

“We are using the unearthing of this demonic weapon to bait the Limitless Demon Sect’s Ye Zhen Xiong together with the white bone old demon . ” Madam Fanghua almost did not think about it and subconsciously said her objectives .

“When do you start?” Yang Chen asked . Even if it was hypnotism, under such circumstances, the effect was limited and the time was tight, so it was beyond Yang Chen’s control to make other considerations .

“Ye Zhen Xiong has sneaked in . After three days, we will use the demonic weapon that is to be unearthed and we will state together . ” Fanghua said quickly, but her brow was slightly wrinkled .

Seeing this, Yang Chen almost immediately removed the hypnotism, and then stretched out to take one hand of Madam Fanghua who was red-naked, and made a move to pull Madam Fanghua into his arms .

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Madam Fanghua’s stiff body suddenly became soft, and once again, she made a sigh of pleasure and then found her body being pulled involuntarily .

Almost instinctual, Madam Fanghua made an effort to resist and then she saw Yang Chen’s fascinated gaze, she immediately realized that it was not good .

Yang Chen’s hand was holding the hand of Madam Fanghua in the air, and then the person seemed to wake up from a the big dream . The enchanted eyes slowly recovered their pure calm and gentleness, he then gently let go of the little hand of Madam Fanghua . His mouth made a sigh of relief and he repeatedly praised: “Great, powerful!”

Seeing the moment of success, but by one of her own efforts to break free, it led to a failure, Madam Fanghua almost wanted to die form regret . She was already close to the point where she faced a backlash from the heavenly demon’s alluring dance, so it was easy to seduce Yang Chen, but it was destroyed by one of her subconscious actions . How could it not make Madan Fanghua angry?

However, this showed that Yang Chen’s strength in meditation was not so good, but it also showed that his cultivation if the jade law was absolutely good . As long as she could firmly hold on to Yang Chen, she could quickly become a master of the dacheng stage .

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“Young Master’s strength in meditation is astonishing, this slave admire you!” After she understood this, Madam Fanghua also resisted her anger, and her face showed a charming smile . Then she said to Yang Chen “Young Master please wait a little for this slave to serve you after changing clothes . ”

After that, Madam Fanghua regained her high inviolability of temperament, even if she was not physically fit, but there was still a sacred expression on her face, which made peoples desire disappear . For a moment, the rags that had been torn from the ‘female’ dancers when they were dancing here had been cleaned up and the people quickly disappeared .

When Madam Fanghua changed her clothes, Yang Chen had once again woken up Gongsun ling .

After Gongsun ling was awaken, she did not expect that she would fall in the same trap continuously . She was caught twice in the heavenly demon’s alluring dance and she couldn’t help but feel depressed .

“Senior apprentice sister, Madam Fanghua personally made a move, in the whole mortal world for the people who can resist her heavenly demon’s alluring dance, there are only a handful of people, why should senor sister be disturbed about this?” Yang Chen did not say this, but he transmitted it through Gongsun ling’s forehead and passed it into her sea of ​​consciousness “I believe that after this time, this method would be difficult to work on you . ”

Gongsun ling also knew that Yang Chen was telling the truth, but still felt that she lost her face in front of Madam Fanghua and she was very unhappy about it . Yang Chen was able to tell her again with his thoughts, he had trapped Madam Fanghua once and got some news “This time, it is another great opportunity . ”

Madam Fanghua and the white bone old demon were plotting against Ye Zhen Xiong, Ye Zhen Xiong was the future sect master of the Limitless Demon Sect . However, at this time, he has not yet become the sect master, but he was also a Yuanying stage elder .

Since the demonic weapon was a bait, it has nothing to do with the things that Yang Chen imagined . It has nothing to do with the seventh metal true essence, it was a fake news jointly created by the white bone old demon and Shao Fanghua .

It was estimated that the white bone old demon was waiting in the place where the demonic weapon was to be unearthed, and Madan Fanghua took a large number of people to inquire about the news in the small town . Otherwise, they would not know the news that Ye Zhen Xiong has arrived .

The reason why Yang Chen said that it was a great opportunity was because Yang Chen thought of Ye Zhen Xiong’s true identity . In addition to the future sect master of the Limitless Demon Sect, he was also the father of Ye Yu, Ye Yu was also one of the geniuses that Yang Chen planned to recruit .

In his previous life, in the Heavenly Court, Yang Chen had had several ‘crossing’ with Ye Yu, Ye Yu was famous in the world, there were some about stories him . One thing that Yang Chen remembered very clearly was that his father, Ye Zhen Xiong, was seriously injured by the white bone old demon and Shao Fanghua before he was not the sect master .

And Yang Chen’s news that he received from Shao Fanghua seems to be that the white bone old demon and Shao Fanghua are plotting against Ye Zhen Xiong . Yang Chen did not know where Ye Zhen Xiong was attacked in his previous life and did not know when . However, Madam Fanghua’s words just gave Yang Chen the answer .

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