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Chapter 363.2: 363.2
After his previous life Ye Zhenxiong survived the plot by the two people, he was seriously injured and had to escape to a remote valley to heal his wounds .

Although he didn’t know where Ye Zhenxiong went to treat it specifically, Yang Chen remembered that there was a very obvious feature in the remote valley . There was a big water pool, which was the source of a river and Ye Zhenxiong hid under the waterhole after he escaped .

If Yang Chen did not know what to do with this kind of news, then his rebirth would have been futile . In his previous life, Ye Zhenxiong had been hiding in that place for a full decade before he could cure his injuries . Now that Yang Chen has already known the specific time and place, how could he not leave a big favour for himself in the demonic domain .

Madam Fanghua changed her clothes and returned to Yang Chen again . After this small contest, it seemed that both Yang Chen and Madam Fanghua have some feelings of sympathy for each other . Gongsun ling who was in a bad mood, when she saw Madam Fanghua, she made a resentful move that made Madam Fanghua secretly laugh .

In fact, in the eyes of Madam Fanghua, Gongsun ling at this moment was no longer her opponent . What she was interested in now was how to make Yang Chen accept herself with willingness .

He could still keep a clear consciousness under her own heavenly demon’s alluring dance until the last moment, Madam Fanghua also very much admired Yang Chen . Such an opponent could make her feel fun and it would be worthwhile .

If it was not for their trap for Limitless Demon Sect’s Ye Zhenxiong, then Shao Fanghua was even willing to play this game with Yang Chen for a long time, until Madam Fanghua was tired by herself .

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It was a pity that in order to prepare for this trap, she had to spend a few years . After three days she would have to leave so the game with Yang Chen could only last for two days . When the time came after killing Ye Zhenxiong, then it would not be too late to continue .

For Yang Chen, Madam Fanghua was taking care of him meticulously . Even when Yang Chen went to bed at night, Madam Fanghua would also be by Yang Chen’s side, so that Gongsun ling, who was resting with Yang Chen, had to gnash her teeth in anger . She hated that she couldn’t swear at the fox .

The next morning, Madam Fanghua accompanied Yang Chen to the auction house as a slave . After several rounds of bidding for the items, Yang Chen bought a batch of the best nine secluded iron essence at a relatively low price and also harvested a few good materials .

In order to show that he did not care about the demonic weapon, Yang Chen even left a message to the person in charge of the auction house that this level of nine secluded iron essence, more was needed by him . Madam Fanghua was naturally curious about the use of these things by Yang Chen . Yang Chen explained a little bit, Madam Fanghua thought that as a descendant of the old devil, Yang Chen was giving it to him to use as a flying sword material .

After spending another day in Madam Fanghua’s luxury inn, Yang Chen finally mentioned his plans of going out, he made it clear that he had to go around for a few days and come back half a month later . Madam Fanghua was naturally reluctant, but after alll they still had to separate eventually .

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After a little turn in a big circle, Yang Chen took Gongsun ling from the sight of everyone . Even if they used the means of spiritual awareness expropriation, they could not find the whereabouts of Yang Cheng and Gongsun Ling .

Madam Fanghua took a large number of people to the location of the setting and Yang Chen also began to look for the valley where Ye Zhenxiong hid when he was injured according to the characteristics in his memory .

Ye Zhenxiong was seriously injured in the attack, so he certainly would not escape too far from the place he was attacked . Yang Chen drove the shuttle under the concealment of the sea jasper, after their conscious exploration, it took only five days to discover the valley .

The White Bone Old Devil and Madam Fanghua have already started and Ye Zhenxiong also sneaked out in the midst of the chaos . The manpower of the white bone old demon and Madam Fanghua almost searched the boundaries of the surrounding miles and they did not find the place where Ye Zhenxiong was hiding .

If you tried to kill someone and they did not die, you have to bear the consequences . The people of the white bone old demon and Shao Fanghua did not keep their mouths shut and soon the news spread .

The Limitless Demon Sect was not a weak sect, so since their elder was attacked, they had to retaliate . Even the white bone old devil and Madam Fanghua had to temporarily avoid the revenge of the Limitless Demon Sect and temporarily disappear for a while .

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However, before disappearing, Madam Fanghua also searched for Yang Chen for a while, but she never found the whereabouts of Yang Chen . Only with a feeling of sorrow did she go into hiding .

For a long time, Madam Fanghua was very unhappy . All the years of planning went to waste, not only did they not kill Ye Zhenxiong, but they were also being chased by the Limitless Demon Sect .

What made her most regretful was that she has already come into contact with the jade law, but she missed it because she wanted to attack Ye Zhenxiong . If she knew that this would happen, she would have taken Yang Chen back to her Immortal’s Cave in the Yin-Yang Demon Sect from the beginning before she and the white bone old demon went after Ye Zhenxiong, it would have been better than the current situation where came back empty handed . Thinking of Yang Chen, this gem would inevitably belong to Gongsun ling, Madam Fanghua would always grinds her teeth in frustration .

No one would believe that, just in the middle of their fighting and the chaos, Yang Chen and Gongsun ling had already come to the water pool in the valley by the cover of the sea jasper .

Some things were not very good to explain, Yang Chen could only take advantage of Gongsun ling . He went to face the injured Ye Zhenxiong alone and he could only send Gongsun ling to the first layer in the ‘medicine’ garden, just in case .

Fortunately, after the experience she had about Madam Fanghua, Gongsun ling was more optimistic about Yang Chen . Yang Chen was willing to open the secret of his ‘medicine’ garden space to her, Gongsun ling also consciously had more weight in Yang Chen’s heart . She was happy in her heart, so she did not say anything and listened to Yang Chen’s arrangements .

After arranging for Gongsun ling, Yang Chen made a preparatory work and jumped into the waterhole to start searching for the place Ye Zhenxiong hid for his healing .

Already here, there was no had worked in finding it and soon Yang Chen stepped into the ‘hole’ .

“Who?” Yang Chen just stepped into the ‘hole’ and heard a sigh of qi, and then a black light, hurriedly rushed to Yang Chen’s chest .

Bang, Yang Chen’s thoughts moved and the golden bell flashed on his body and his flying sword appeared around him . However, Yang Chen did not counterattack, but he cupped his hands in the direction of the voice suddenly said “Predecessor Ye, don’t misunderstand, this younger generation junior does not have any malicious intentions!”

“Who are you? How do you know that i Ye am here?” Ye Zhenxiong stayed inside, he did not think that Yang Chen could actually know his name, he was seriously injured, his flying sword was not working, so he had to ask about Yang Chen’s origin .

“Who is this younger generation junior, the predecessors don’t have to care . ” Yang Chen did not intend to tell Ye Zhenxiong his true name, but continued to ask “Predecessors seem to be seriously injured, and this younger generation junior has a good healing medicine . I don’t know if predecessor can use it with confidence?”

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