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Chapter 362.2
For a moment, Gongsun ling looked at the face full of grievance and her face flashed with a hint of pleading, but it quickly disappeared .

Here was the domain of the Demon sects . Yang Chen and her were facing the elder of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect, who was in the Yuanying stage . How much of her words were credible? If Gongsun ling became soft hearted because of her words, she would be the biggest fool .

“What a let down!” Yang Chen’s interest suddenly fell and he yawned “You want to play the game, but now you don’t play, it’s really boring!”

Yang Chen’s remarks were about the thoughts of Madam FangHua . Even if she wanted to trap Yang Chen, Madam Fanghua would not be alone and would live under Yang Chen and be his slave .

In addition to the recent monitoring of Yang Chen, there was a leisurely game of Madam Fanghua . People who are used to being aloof would occasionally change their identities . They could also flirt with the young and noble young masters like Yang Chen . It was also very interesting to play a game of mutual conquest .

Now that Yang Chen said this, Madam Fanghua felt wronged again, she could only go and perform the heavenly demon’s alluring dance . However, before she left to prepare, she had taken the two female dancers who were dancing . They saw the excitement of the two female dancers, as if they wanted to see Madan Fanghua fall into the same situation as them .

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Madam Fanghua, who has never surrendered her aloofness, stood at the door of the hall at the moment, there was grievance written all over her face and she looked at Yang Chen with pitifull look . On her body, they could no longer see the incomparable spirit power and there was no pressure from her Yuanying stage cultivation base anymore . Now after taking the smattering pill, she seemed to be just an ordinary woman who was very weak .

Madam Fanghua’s body was not in the original luxurious dress of her, but it has been replaced with the same dress as the female dancers, she couldn’t cover all her body and parts of her snow white skin became visible from time to time .

It was not known if Madam Fanghua has experienced having her naked body in front of men . Anyway, her performance at this moment was even worse than those of the female dancers . With a red face, the look of grievances, delicate and fascinating, both of her hands were trying to cover her exposed body, it seemed that she wanted to break the piece of cloth that has been broken and only a few palms stretched out to cover her whole body .

Where was her mood of dancing, apart from panicing, Madam Fanghua was only left to cover the parts of her body . The female dancers around them seem to have found an opportunity . From time to time, they would take the opportunity to pick up a piece of cloth on her body, causing Mrs . Fanghua to scream and hurriedly cover it .

After a while, in the moans of the female dancers, there was a soft dance full of panic . Madam Fanghua, who was in a hurry, while she was still dancing, only kept moving, disturbing the movements of the other dancers .

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After every exclamation, Madam Fanghua would cast a stern look at Yang Chen, as if she wanted to let Yang Chen open his mouth and get her to avoid the embarrassing situation .

Looking around, even for a person with the heart of the stone, it seemed that they couldn’t bear to watch such a beautiful woman endure such an insult, and they would hate that they could not hold her in their arms to comfort her .

Gongsun ling who was next to Yang Chen, even though she always felt that Madam Fanghua was abhorrent, but at the moment she could not bear to watch her fall into such a situation . And she seems to have forgotten Yang Chen’s sigh, with a look of distressed and pity, staring at the semi-naked figure bullied by the female dancers, she watched obsessively .

Yang Chen next to her did not have a slight reaction, just watching it quietly . There was a little more appreciation and admiration in his eyes . The masters were really different . It took only a little time for Madam Fanghua to begin, but she had already completely enchanted Gongsun ling .

Although Gongsun ling had experienced a little of the heavenly demon’s alluring dance and she could only get free only under the reminder of Yang Chen not long ago, but when Madam Fanghua who was in the peak Yuanying stage came out, she could enchante Gongsun ling without any effort .

Regardless of the spiritual power or the cultivation base of the spiritual awareness, Gongsun ling was not the opponent of Madam Fanghua, but in the aspect of trying to figure out the mind of people, the slightly simple Gongsun ling was even less inferior than Madam Fanghua who has been in the demonic domain for many years . Fortunately, Madam Fanghua’s main goal was still directed at Yang Chen, otherwise it would have been easy to get Gongsun ling .

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When Yang Chen was admiring Madam Fanghua, Madam Fanghua also secretly admired Yang Chen . If others saw her like this full grievances, they could not help but pull her into their arms, but Yang Chen seems to have never seen anything different, he was still sitting there slowly drinking wine and watching her .

The more this was apparent, the more Madam Fanghua felt that she was playing against a tough opponents, and she was trying her best to act like a woman who was weak and delicate, but she was still the same in the eyes of Yang Chen .

Madam Fanghua couldn’t help but become infuriated . Even if Yang Chen cultivated the jade law from a young age and he was determined to be able to endure the hardships of a hundred years of life temptation, but he was just a junior in the Jiedan stage and he could ignore her heavenly demon’s alluring dance . How could it not let Madam Fanghua become angry?

However, the more angry she became, the more grievances appeared on Madam Fanghua’s face, and under her gesture, the other female dancers were more and more arrogant, intentionally or unintentionally tearing off some of the clothes on her body . Leaving only a few key places and some fabrics, it was more and more fascinating .

With the filling of the mist, Madam Fanghua’s eyes began to be blurred . It was no longer having the kind of unwillingness expression . It slowly became the lost nature of being affected by the enchanting medicine and began to enter realm of having sexual intercourse .

However, Madam Fanghua also seems to have a hint of wisdom, in the gaze of her eyes, occasionally flashing a glimpse of light, as if Yang Chen was her savior, as long as he could save her from this bitter sea, she was willing to pay any price .

If the proud and unparalleled Madam Fanghua bowed, it means that the game between Yang Chen and Madam Fanghua would eventually come to an end with Yang Chen the temporary victory . And this opportunity seemed to be there as long as Yang Chen reaches out and he could get it right away .

“You are calling for help!” Yang Chen has been staring at Madam Fanghua, but at this moment he took a long breath and sighed “Sure!”

With a bang, Mrs . Fanghua over there was finally completely lost in the demonic medicine . Several small pieces of cloth on her body were quickly torn away . Her naked body was smashed by two equally naked female dancers . At the same time, the four jade hands began to crawl around her, playing tricks .

“Ah!” A scream of sorrow that shoke the soul came from the cherry mouth of Madam Fanghua, her body suddenly became stiff, showing a breathtaking beauty .

Yang Chen’s eyes shot two brilliant lights, this time was just right .

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