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Chapter 358.1
Generally speaking, fat people always liked to enjoy, especially they liked food, otherwise their body would not become like that .

Although cultivators could change their body stature while cultivating, many people still liked to maintain certain characteristics and qualities, or because they have to do so . For example, Yang Chen has always been in the image of a robust man . And this fat man was estimated to be the former reason .

Both people were very lascivious,the fat guys liked to enjoy . In general, this kind of person was the most afraid of death . Yang Chen was taking a fancy to this point, so he killed the thin man in front of the fat man . The scene of horror suddenly caused the fat man to collapse and he shouted out these words .

“Living puppet? Good!” Yang Chen shouted “I will spare your life!”

With the collapse of the fat man’s own will, Yang Chen soon completed the initial refining of the living puppet .

Live puppet, as the name suggests, was a living puppet . Wan Qian’s five female apprentices belong to this group . However, they were not considered to be active live puppets in the strict sense . The real activity was to have their own thoughts, but their body was under the control of others .

“What is this demonic weapon that’s going to be unearthed?” After controlling the fat man who collapsed, Yang Chen directly asked the question he most wanted to know .

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“According to the ancestors’ guess, it should be a relic of a predecessor . ” The fat man almost did not hesitate and he said what he knew . Under such circumstances, he could not have any concealment at all: “I don’t know the reason why it is deeply buried in the Nine secluded iron mine area . It has been invaded by the qi of the seventh metal for thousands of years . Now it naturally sacrificially refined, it will become a rare life source demonic weapon when unearthed . ”

Listening to the fat man’s narrative, Yang Chen’s heart suddenly calmed down . If it was only a relic of a predecessor, it should not be related to the seventh metal true essence . And the fat man did not mention a seventh metal true essence, he just mentioned the seventh metal qi, the two have a big difference, Yang Chen would never believe that the ancestors of the fat man could not differentiate between them .

“Who is the ancestor?” Yang Chen asked again .

“The ancestor is the White Bone Old Ancestor, and some people call him the White Bone Old Demon . ” The fat man heard the question and he answered without hesitation: “The White Bone Old Ancestor is the Nether World Sect elder, he was the first person in this place, he was the one who banned killing here . ”

“Rules? Does he also obey it?” Yang Chen sneered and asked .

“The ancestor have secretly killed a lot of people, all want to get that demonic weapon . ” The fat man replied honestly .

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Yang Chen almost guessed this kind of behavior that he set the rules and destroyed it in the back . He didn’t even have to look at the performance of the ancestor, he could guess by means of looking at the fat man and the thin man .

“What other experts have appeared here?” Yang Chen asked again . It was impossible for the elders of the other demonic sects not to be interested in the demonic weapon that could be desired by the elder of the Nether World Sect .

“I heard that Madam Fanghua of the Yin-Yang Demon Sect said that she would come over, and the people of the Limitless Demon Sect also are interested in it . ” The fat man said quickly: “But I have never seen them appear myself, and some rogue cultivators have also come . Now the one with the highest cultivation base should be the White Bone Old Ancestor . ”

After asking a few things about the nine secluded iron mines, he felt that there was nothing else more to understand . Yang Chen directly sent the fat man to the side of the bloody vine, becoming a flower fertilizer .

If he kept the fat man, although he would not tell others what he was, but once he showed up, he could be recognized by others . Maybe it would bring trouble to Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling . If Yang Chen was alone, he may not care, but since Gongsun ling was on his side, of course he does not hesitate to make the fat man disappear .

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The ship was still in the middle of the small town of the nine secluded demon iron mine in an extravagant arranging, no one would doubt whether Yang Chen was a junior of the Demon sects, everyone’s mind would be on another matter, that was, guessing the origin of Yang Chen .

He was very extravagant, the ship was not a low-grade artifact, five female slaves in the peak Jiedan stage, plus a Jiedan stage concubine, this was just a junior in the early Jiedan stage, It was impossible for him to have such strength to do it by himself . The only explanation was that Yang Chen was a younger generation descendant of an extraordinary person .

What everyone was guessing now was who this person was . Just looking at the atmosphere of this boat, there was no demonic qi, if it was not that Yang Chen has been swaying on it with a beauty in his embrace, they would have thought that it was definitely a magic weapon . The ability to be so arrogant in the demon domain seemed to fit the characteristics of several old devils .

Perhaps if the demonic path has been practiced to the extreme, and the legendary old devils seem to have reached the realm of returning to the natural state, refining such a magic weapon was really normal .

No one dared to come forward and take the initiative to engage with Yang Chen . No matter what they guessed, what kind of old demon was behind Yang Chen, it seemed that they are not easily provoked . The old devils were all very suspicious, once their younger generation are approached suspiciously, it was not known what would happen .

Because of this thought, Yang Chen has been very clean and free from harassment since he entered the city . This made Yang Chen very surprised, but also somewhat satisfied . The less contact with they had with outsiders, the less chance there was that they could be exposed .

Although the small town was formed only by miners of the nine secluded iron mines, but all of them were cultivators, and their facilities were very complete . It was simply a huge market, from all kinds of places to the stalls to the auction house, not one thing was lacking .

Not only that, but all kinds of high-end shop inns were almost everywhere . Many people in the demon sects liked to enjoy, and often even make a lot of money for this, and some were the businesses that do this kind of business .

Yang Chen would not lose his face as a young master and playboy . After entering the city, he directly found the largest and most luxurious inn, took up the building and took the Gongsun ling straight to the lobby of the inn .

There were two beautiful women in the foundation stage who were waiting to bring Yang Chen to the guest seat . Sitting on the VIP chair in the middle, Yang Chen shouted “storekeeper, clear everything, I want to rent this inn!”

“Guest, this is not convenient!” The shopkeeper was waiting inside, As soon as he listened to Yang Chen’s request, he immediately revealed a distressed expression “There have been guests who have already come in, and it is inconvenient to clear them out!”

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid that I have no spirit stones to pay the bill?” Yang Chen snorted, and a female slave directly threw out a small Qiankun bag and slammed it in front of the shopkeeper . There was no need to ask, there must be a lot of spirit stones in it, otherwise it would not be packed with a Qiankun bag .

“Gregg!” The shopkeeper was still in a dilemma when a burst of sweet and charming laughter came from outside “Who is this young master, that want to drive out everyone including this slave?”

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