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Chapter 358.2
When the laughter came out, the face of the shopkeeper showed a relaxed look . It seemed that as long as the person came forward, there would be nothing to worry about .

On the other hand, Yang Chen seemed to have changed personally . At first, his face was stunned and his posture suddenly released . His face was still showing a fascinating look, with a smile on his face, his mouth directly said “Which elder sister is gracing us with her presence, your voice is really nice!”

This whole performance, it was as if a hungry wolf saw a beautiful beauty, he was drooling . Because the performance was so much realistic, even Gongsun ling, who has been in Yang Chen’s arms, was feeling some jealousy and can’t help but secretly pinch Yang Chen .

“Little sister, this can’t stop the man’s heart . ” The woman has not yet arrived, but the charming voice has already ringed in the ears of everyone, especially Gongsun ling, her look was like she was being directly stared at .

When Gongsun ling would think of the other party’s directness, she would have to comment on her little trick . Her own little movements were clearly seen by by her, Gongsun ling once again started blushing .

A fragrant wind quickly filled the entire living room . Immediately, a striking woman’s model came in from the door, with a look of inviolability on her face, arrogant and unparalleled, but with the performance of just talking was very different . Not only did the body not wear the kind of exposing clothes that was imagined, but the tightly packed palace dress, only slightly on the waist, showing a wonderful and amazing line .

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Yang Chen’s gaze seemed to have been completely attracted by the figure that has come in . He looked at the other person’s graceful figure and couldn’t turn his eyes . Even Gongsun ling in his arms did not seem to think that the other party would turn out to be such a beautiful woman .

Judging from the voice, they would never think that the other party has such a beautiful and graceful figure . Such a noble temperament was completely different from the image in everyone’s mind .

“What’s wrong, won’t you ask your elder sister to sit down?” The beautiful woman came in and saw Yang Chen completely stunned and couldn’t help but ask .

When she spoke again, Yang Chen suddenly heard a different flavour in her voice . If the voice heard from outside was debauchery, it was now a holy women’s voice .

“Elder sister, please sit down!” Yang Chen’s performance was almost like a satyr, while his mouth was talking, his body was standing up to welcome her .

Gongsun ling’s mouth frowned and her hands were holding Yang Chen . The hand did not let go and it hindered his movement . Her kind of behavior was like she was protective of her food, which was particularly obvious in the eyes of everyone .

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“Little sister, men don’t like girls who are too jealous . ” The beautiful woman sat very elegantly . She didn’t talk to Yang Chen, but she smiled again at Gongsun ling and said “You have to be there for him whenever he want, only then can you hold his heart tightly!”

After the talk, the beauty’s gaze turned from Gongsun ling’s face to Yang Chen’s face . She just glanced at it and said with a smile: “Little lover, with six stunning beauties around him, but all of them are virgins . Your body, has the jade law, it has even reached the third layer . Do you want your elder sister to be dedicate to you?”

When Yang Chen heard the jade law, his face suddenly changed . This change was seen by the opposite woman, it was realized that she had already guessed the origin of Yang Chen .

Gongsun ling pretending to be Yang Chen’s concubine, the biggest problem was that the two have not yet done the deed between a husband and wife, they were all virgins . It’s easier to fool ordinary people, but the real masters could still through it easily .

However, the cultivation of the jade law mentioned by the beauty was the best explanation for this situation . The cultivation of jade law was a kind of double cultivation demonic art, but it was a double cultivation demonic art that favors the man .

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After the beginning of the cultivation of the Jade Law, the man who practiced the cultivation method must take one or more glamorous virgins, but he could not take their virginity . Women’s cultivation would promote the formation of a large amount of pure Yin in the body, and the man was practicing daily by the pure yin that was absorbed by these virgins .

The better the qualifications of women who practice the cultivation method, the greater the benefits to men . Of course, since it was a double-cultivation method, it also has a lot of benefits for women . At least one point was that the women’s skin would get better and better, and they would become more attractive .

When the raising jade law was in the first and second layer, it was absolutely forbidden to have sexual intercourse . Otherwise, it would be a waste of all the effort and time put into it, only after the third layer could he experience it . At this time, the woman who he have sexual intercourse with does not necessarily have to be a woman who has cultivated the same cultivation method .

When they had sexual intercourse, there would also be huge benefits for both the man and woman . The man would absorb the yin essence of the woman’s body, and their skill would advance greatly . Similarly, the man who was abstinent because of practicing the jade law would have great benefits for the woman . Even in many instances, it would be an optimal supplement for women to break through their bottleneck .

Not only that, but the biggest advantage to the man who practiced the cultivation method was that their face would not become old . This was a deadly attraction for women, regardless of their level of cultivation .

When the opposite party mentioned the Jade Law, Yang Chen was slightly shocked when he heard it, and his heart suddenly calmed down . Without saying a word, with one hand, a ribbon flew out of her sleeve, and instantly pulled the neck of the shopkeeper, and her other hand waved lightly, and the two beautiful women at the foundation stage who were waiting fell down .

Kara, the sound of the shopkeeper’s neck breaking was almost instantly heard . Then the woman reacted as if it was nothing remarkable . She smiled and said to Yang Chen “It’s this elder sister being rash, I shouldn’t have mentioned it in front of them . ”

The jade law was more beneficial to men, but there were countless women who would kill for it . Especially when the integrity of the third layer had been reached, the face not becoming old and the benefits of breaking through theirs realm, was enough to make even dacheng stage masters tempted .

If this news was passed out, Yang Chen would definitely be counted as a rare treasure by countless female devils . Therefore, the opposite beauty did not say anything and directly eliminated all potential informants . As for the five women around Yang Chen, they were obviously all potential informants, but it was not easy for her to take care of them .

The third layer of the raising jade law was not only the perfect solution to the flaws of Gongsun ling as a virgin, but also provide her with a best reason for her want to dominate Yang Chen . It was no wonder that Gongsun ling always relied on Yang Chen’s arms, that was, she was afraid of others taking Yang Chen away .

“I don’t know what i should call this elder sister?” The beauty just killed in front of him, but Yang Chen does not seem to see it, he was just greedily staring at the beautiful woman whose tender face was like a flower, looking up and down at her, and asked at the same time .

“Shao Fanghua!” The opposite beautiful female, has shown the most virtuous posture and said her name .

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