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Chapter 357.2: 357.2
When Yang Chen’s voice fell, Wan Qian’s five female apprentices had already flown up like butterflies, and with a flash surrounded both the fat and the thin men .

The two of them looked at each other . The fat man seemed to have seen something strange . He laughed, “what do you want to do? Do you know what the consequences of this will be?”

“I don’t know!” Yang Chen shook his head directly and said to the two men, “I want to see what happens when I move my hand . ”

Brush! Five flying swords brushed and danced in the air, the extreme charm girls’ formation was initiated by the five women at the peak Jiedan stage, their fighting power was very strong . It was even comparable to two Yuanying ancestors .

The fat man and the thin man were just at the middle Jiedan stage . They thought that by relying on the name of their own ancestors, they could frighten Yang Chen, but they did not expect to be besieged by him instead .

The extreme charm girls’ formation was originally a demonic path formation, and the five women clothes also exposed their enticing bodies for all to see . The illusion was very enticing, enough to seize the heart and soul of both . Not to mention the middle Jiedan stage, even if they were at the mid Yuanying stage, with a bit of carelessness, they would fall into this illusion and wouldn’t be able to extricate themselves easily .

The two guys were lustful, otherwise they would not be troubled by Yang Chen . As soon as the formation was launched, the eyes of the two men were charmed . The surrounding world seemed to have only the lurid images of the women . They were instantly fascinated and acted like buffoons .

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Gongsun Ling was outside the formation, and obviously she saw their performance . She was an array cultivator so seeing an array like this, she couldn’t help but look at it with shame . She leaned on Yang Chen’s body, and felt her body getting hotter .

Looking at it for some time, Gongsun Ling did not dare to look at it again . She hurriedly retracted her head into Yang Chen’s arms, but still her heart kept jumping .

Though she already regarded herself as Yang Chen’s woman, she still almost indulged in the depravity . Although it would be a pleasure for Gongsun Ling to hand herself over to Yang Chen, but she was not willing to do it at this time . With shame, she could only shrink herself into his arms like a frightened ostrich with her body slightly shivering .

Yang Chen could of course feel the trembling beautiful jade body in his arms . The extreme charm girls’ formation was passed to the five women by him, so of course he knew it’s power . His heart moved, with the posture of the two people embracing each other, he reached out his hand on the head of Gongsun Ling, then the highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra was launched, clearing her mind .

Gongsun Ling was now in a calm mood, but the fat and the thin men could no longer persist . As soon as the formation was opened, the desires of the two of them disappeared, but their eyes remained lost . They were obsessed with the appearance of the five women, saliva dripping from their mouths .

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The five women did not kill them but trapped them . What was really devastating was Yang Chen’s blood demon vine flying sword was placed on the belly of the fat man . Soon the fatty became as skinny as his partner at a speed visible to a naked eye . The fat clothes of the fat man became very big in a moment, and almost slipped from his shoulders .

Yang Chen did not let the thin guy off, the same thing was done to him, this one who was already skin and bones, now became like a skeleton .

Although sword cut into their bodies, the fat and the thin men did not die . Yang Chen controlled the blood demon vine flying sword with extreme finesse . It was already like his own arm . How much flesh and blood it absorbed was decided by him .

Suddenly suffering from this severe pain, the enchanting scenery disappeared from their eyes, and the two woke up from the illusion . But after seeing the situation in front of them, they began to panic .

“You, did you really dare to do it?” The fat man suddenly turned into a skinny skeleton almost fainting . However, the thin man had not changed much, he couldn’t move but he could still talk .

“I started, what should I do next?” Yang Chen looked at the two people and he asked .

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The two had now fully realized that they had hit a large iron plate . Immediately, the tone of the thin man changed, “we are just small fries, we were wrong . You have a large heart; please let us two unknown soldiers go . Please look at the face of our ancestors and spare our small lives!”

It was impossible for two people not to admit defeat; Yang Chen’s gaze was no longer concealing the killing intent in his eyes . The two never felt that someone else could just sweep their eyes at random at them and could scare them to this extent .

A demonic cultivator had never cared about their face at a critical moment . When it came to life and death, it was normal to ask for mercy . Gongsun Ling seemed to have seen more of such people with no dignity in these few days . She couldn’t help but raise her head and look at the two with disdain .

“The ancestors are nearby, and they are still waiting for these little ones to report back to them . Please spare this little one’s dog life for them!” Of course, the fat man did not dare to maintain any arrogance, so he said in a submissive tone . But in the words, there were still some unwilling reminders for Yang Chen that their ancestors were nearby .

“A’Ling, how do you think I should handle this?” Yang Chen bowed his head and asked Gongsun Ling . He gently touched his face with Gongsun Ling’s face, just like lovers .

“I don’t like them . ” Gongsun Ling did not say how to deal with them, but said her own mind .

Immediately, the fat man and the thin man found that Yang Chen looked at them with eyes filled with killing intent with even more determination . His own woman didn’t like them, then they had to die .

“You can’t kill us . If you kill us, you will break the rules . The ancestors will not let you go!” The thin man sharply discovered the crisis and hurriedly shouted at Yang Chen . Between life and death, he couldn’t let him think more, “it is not worth to offend our ancestors because of a woman!”

“Will I kill, who knows?” Yang Chen sneered, ruthlessly crushing the hope of fat and thin men “Do you really think that I am affected by the rules of your ancestors?”

The heart of the two people sunk again . Subsequently, the blood demon vines pierced the throat of the thin man without mercy, in front of the fat man . The body of the thin man completely turned into a skeleton with nothing left .

“Forgive me! Spare my life!” The fat man finally collapsed, almost screaming out loudly, “I am willing to become your puppet, forgive me!”

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