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Chapter 357.1
After telling Gongsun Ling about Wan Qian’s several female apprentices, she had no good feelings for them . Therefore when Yang Chen summoned out the five maids at the peak of Jiedan stage, it became apparent .

Because it was related to the head of the palace and the Blue Cloud Sect’s elder Wan Qian, Yang Chen was only telling Gongsun Ling about the apprentices of Wan Qian for the time being . As for Wan Qian, she was not mentioned .

After the emergence of the five charming and attractive maids, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling’s appearance were suddenly different .

Gongsun Ling’s exquisite ship became the flying tool for them, and Yang Chen took Gongsun Ling to sit on the large deck, surrounded by five female slaves, wearing sly gauze, with a very charming expression on their faces, from time to time there would be a female slave who picked up the wine or peeled the skin of the profound yang fruit to put it into the mouth of Yang Chen, making him he enjoy the extravagant feeling .

The most unexpected thing for Yang Chen was Gongsun Ling, who even enlivened the role even more than him . From time to time, she would hug and kiss him, or she would make him drink wine through her mouth, making him burst into a fascinating mood .

Along with the stunned glamorous romance, the beautiful boat flew all the way, and soon approached Yang Chen’s destination, the huge mining area .

The nine secluded iron mines in the Demon domain were very famous . It was not a desolate area, there were many people who were mining ore here and had formed a small town .

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Because this time there was a demonic weapon which was going to be unearthed here, there were a lot of demonic cultivators who had arrived here, but the place where the seventh metal aura breathed out was not in this small town, but hundreds of miles in the north .

The Nine secluded demon iron ore area was very large . According to the detection of some masters, various metal mines occupied almost tens of thousands of miles . It was because of this that Yang Chen could confirm that there was a condition for the formation of the seventh metal true essence, instead of the Golden Star of the Sun preparing one himself .

Diverse metal mines belonged to the seventh metal, and the huge distribution area, just like the ten thousand tree forest, had conditions to produce the seventh metal true essence . As long as there was a delicate collection formation, it would be easy to naturally gather it as it was formed by these metal mines .

This was just like what was done in the barren valley by the Greatest Heaven Sect, but the area of ​​the barren valley was not comparable to the ten thousand tree forest and this place . The time of operation of the Greatest Heaven Sect was too short to gather a large amount of the fifth earth true essence .

Yang Chen’s goal was not the demonic weapon, at least the direct goal was not that, so he took Gongsun Ling and went straight to the small town .

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The demonic cultivators on the road had increased . Even if everyone was hostile to each other, no one dared to attack wantonly .

In particular, Yang Chen now put on a posture of playing with beautiful women, which was very arrogant . On the contrary, it made the people more cautious and they dared not make any movements, for fear of angering the power behind Yang Chen .

A young man in the early Jiedan stage could play with a beautiful girl in same early Jiedan stage, and there were also another five female slaves at the peak Jiedan realm . This was not something that he could have accomplish alone .

Although the demonic cultivators did not dislike women, it was not every kind of women that they dared to touch . If their control over them was not strong enough, they may get bewitched instead, making their beauty not be worth a candle .

But Yang Chen dared to be so bold, benevolent and affectionate with Gongsun Ling in public . Obviously, she had been conquered .

The female slaves at the peak Jiedan realm perfectly explained this point . No one with open eyes would dare to provoke him, who was likely to have a strong background .

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The woman had the same cultivation base as Yang Chen, but she was so submissive, even the maids who were more powerful than him, were so respectful to him . People in the demonic domain rarely believed in love, they only believe in strength . Since Yang Chen’s strength was not enough to shock Gongsun Ling and the five female slaves, the performance of theirs must be because they were afraid of the forces behind Yang Chen .

There was absolutely no doubt in them that Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling belonged to one of the demonic sects . Only the demonic sects could accomplish something like this .

Although Yang Chen and his party had been very blatantly high-profile, it was not easy to provoke them, but some people did not believe this scheme . When the ship slowly flew to a mountain pass hundreds of miles from the small town, two strange figures directly appeared in front of the ship .

“Kid, no matter who you are, you have to pay for the road fees in the Nine Secluded Demon Iron-ore area!” When the two guys suddenly appeared, one of them was a fat guy who shouted .

The second figure was abnormally thin, he looked pale, just like a walkable skeleton, he just had a thin layer of skin .

The other person who talked was the opposite . Standing there, he was clearly a round meat ball, and the fat on his face almost numbed his five senses .

Both of them wore a black soap robe, embroidered with a white pirate-like skull on the back of the chest . It was not known which martial art sect or power it belonged to .

While screaming, the eyes of the two people seemed to swim like fish . They looked around on the figure of the five maids, and they also showed a burst of lust on their faces .

“When was this rule made?” Yang Chen did not seem to see the embroidered designs of the two men, while burying his head in the chest of Gongsun Ling, he asked disdainfully .

“This is the rule set by my ancestors last month . ” The thin man’s eyes swept the girls and he suddenly said, “if you don’t want to pay with money, then you can use your maids to compensate . ”

“If I don’t want to?” Yang Chen looked up from Gongsun Ling’s neck and glanced at the two . He suddenly asked, “isn’t it not forbidden to commit murder here? Can you kill me?”

“No killing is allowed here, that is the rules set by my ancestors!” The fat man replied triumphantly, “if you don’t keep the rules of my ancestors, then don’t blame us for being unkind!”

The meaning of his words were that the rules were theirs, naturally they would not be counted as violators, they also had the final say . If Yang Chen knew his limits, he should know what to do .

Sure enough, Yang Chen nodded, “I know what to do!”

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