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Chapter 356.2
Since his senior apprentice sister had agreed; Yang Chen certainly had no misgivings . However, the necessary preparations would not be forgotten .

Yang Chen, of course, would not ignore the pile of corpses in front of him and the enemy who plotted against him . Since he wanted to keep this situation under wraps, he simply would not leave any traces of it here . All the corpses were thrown to the roots of the bloody vines for their consumption . The bones left became flower fertilizer .

Yang Chen also did not leave the attacker behind, after asking a lot of things and getting to know the situation, he also became the food of the bloody vine . Yang Chen in fact did not need to get rid of him . Even if someone saw him, there would be no clues pointing towards him .

Yang Chen made Gongsun Ling change her dress, as a demonic cultivator’s concubine, naturally she could not dress like this . Yang Chen could only take out the set of fascinating clothes that were prepared for Wan Qian and her apprentices .

As soon as she saw these clothes, Gongsun Ling began blushing again . Although she had been practicing mystery yin-yang heart sutra with Yang Chen, but it was done decently . These kinds of clothes that almost revealed the body completely could only be called cloth strips . She was embarrassed to put them on .

Don’t talk about putting them on, just looking at them made her face red . However, Gongsun Ling had a different kind of impulse . It seemed that if Yang Chen was willing, she was willing to wear such clothes for him to see . However, it was limited to him alone, she really did not want to wear it for anyone to see . Gongsun Ling was not happy about this .

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“This is worn inside . ” Yang Chen certainly knew what Gongsun Ling was looking at, and he hurriedly explained “The outside is still wrapped tightly, these are the styles of dressing here, and we can’t reveal any flaws . ”

After a few words, Gongsun Ling once again felt her face heating up, but she now knew that these were undergarments, and thus felt much better .

In fact, don’t mention Gongsun Ling not being willing, If she wore those clothes by herself, Yang Chen himself would not agree . How could he agree to let other men see the body of his senior apprentice sister .

If she wanted to pretend to be Yang Chen’s concubine, she must follow the custom of the demonic sects . A lot of demonic cultivators liked to collect beauties, and Yang Chen was walking with a beautiful girl, which was considered very normal .

Of course, she should wear clothes, but it also came with a slightly translucent tulle . With this tulle, most of the body could be covered . However, Yang Chen was still unwilling to make people take advantage of it . Outside, he gave Gongsun Ling a big cloak and wrapped all her exquisite body inside .

In this way, Gongsun Ling was wrapped in a cloak and her face was covered with a black crepe . Although it was somewhat nondescript, it was the norm here .

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But posing as Yang Chen’s concubine, there were still some things she needed to do . At the very least, Gongsun Ling must keep a kind of intimate contact with Yang Chen . This was not the kind of mutual embrace feeling that Gongsun Ling and Yang Chen had shared when they were having spiritual awareness paired cultivation . As she was already Yang Chen’s woman, she was completely relaxed and let him feel intimate with her .

Between the two, they must be like honey and oil . This was very difficult for Gongsun Ling . When the two were on the road, they would have to quickly practice this kind of tacit understanding, so that both would become used to such intimacy quickly .

What surprised Yang Chen was that Gongsun Ling quickly grasped that feeling . Whether it was relying on him to act like a spoiled brat, or to feed him a handful of delicacies with her slender hands, all these actions showed her extreme dependency on Yang Chen .

This was another kind of feeling that made Yang Chen feel sweet in his heart . It seemed that the two had really become husband and wife . Gongsun Ling seemed to be happier . After a few deliberate efforts along the way, their subsequent actions already became natural . It seemed that Gongsun Ling was not only excellent in her cultivation, but also a genius at this .

When Yang Chen was sighing that Gongsun Ling was very savvy, he did not know that she was feeling very joyful .

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In the heart of Gongsun Ling, she and Yang Chen had undergone the highest mystery yin-yang heart sutra spiritual awareness paired cultivation, thus, she had regarded herself as his woman . In fact, at an earlier time, Gao Yue said that when Gongsun Ling helped Yang Chen to complete the paired cultivation, she herself gave Gongsun Ling such a status .

Gongsun Ling knew that no matter whether it was Gao Yue, Shi Shanshan or Sun Qingxue, who all were entangled with Yang Chen . He had not yet given a solemn promise to all of them except for Gao Yue .

However, now there was a chance for her to become Yang Chen’s concubine in front of so many people . Even if it was Gao Yue, it seemed that she had not experienced such happiness .

Because of Gongsun Ling, Yang Chen seemed to have become free . Along the way, from the beginning of the interplay, to the natural relations later, they did not spend too much time .

After a while, Yang Chen’s hand had been carrying Gongsun Ling by her waist, while he flew on his flying sword . Gongsun Ling’s body relied on Yang Chen’s body, and the happiness on her face showed that she was enjoying this feeling .

Yang Chen couldn’t help but feel excited as the beautiful and delicate body of his senior apprentice sister leaned on his body . Even if he was a man with a heart of stone, he would still feel excited . The fake drama along the way was done well, with the soft jade body on his side, Yang Chen almost felt that it was impossible for him to restrain himself .

Fortunately, Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was strong enough, and he could keep himself in check . He knew that it was not really a good time for him to be distracted . He finally sighed in his heart and made the effort to take both of his hands from her waist and instead hold her in his arms .

“Senior apprentice sister, give me some time . After I go back, I will confer with master and take you as my wife . ” In Gongsun Ling’s ear, Yang Chen said this sentence without hesitation: “I know that I am greedy, senior apprentice sister . If you don’t want to, I won’t say anything . ”

“You fool!” Sitting on the blood demon vine flying sword, Gongsun Ling was like a well-behaved kitten, shrinking in the arms of Yang Chen, with a happy expression on her face . She closed her eyes, her hands clasped Yang Chen’s neck tightly, and she did not want to let go .

In flight, Yang Chen held Gongsun Ling in his arms, and from time to time, he often approached the tender face of Gongsun Ling to say a sentence in a low voice which led to Gongsun Ling’s frequent laughter . Her body would often twist and turn in Yang Chen’s arms for a long time . To the onlookers, they seemed to be a pair of arrogant lovers .

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