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Chapter 356.1
The last soul devouring catalyst was now in the hands of Yang Chen . If he didn’t want to die, he could only tell Yang Chen everything he knew . The catalyst obviously didn’t want to die . Hearing Yang Chen’s question, he quickly replied with what he wanted to know .

After listening to his words, Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling could not help but face each other in dismay .

Yang Chen’s direction was their goal . There, a huge mining area had shown up under the grounds since a few months ago, carrying a strong seventh metal aura .

There were some experienced demonic cultivators that had thought that this was a sign of a demonic weapon that would soon be unearthed . Undoubtedly, this demonic weapon was of the metal attribute .

Although no one knew which demonic weapon it was, they knew that it was definitely unspeakably powerful weapon from the aura that had permeated in the area .

After some demonic cultivators calculated, they said that the time till the demonic weapon would unearth would be within one or two months . There had been countless masters gathering there, waiting for the weapon to be unearthed and stanch it for themselves .

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In order to compete for the demonic weapon, everyone was making their moves and a river of blood was flowing because of the mounting death toll . Examples of such a situation could also be found in the Dao Sects . This time it seemed that there was a master who had made a statement, that they are not allowed to kill each other in the mining area . If anything goes wrong or if there was any disobedience, the offenders would be executed .

As Yang Chen went towards the mine, naturally due to the situation, others around him thought of taking advantage . As everyone was of the same mind, they were all hostile and cautious along the way . However, because there was that warning from a master, so no one dared to do it .

The person in front of Yang Chen was taking this opportunity to ambush him with poison and the soul devouring technique . He had been twice successful before, unfortunately the third time he met Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling .

If Yang Cheng and Gongsun Ling did not appear, his harvest would naturally be quite rich, the wealth of so many people, with the improvement of his own soul devouring technique and the improvement of his pets’ abilities, the benefits were self-evident . If he knew that Yang Chen was so strong, he would have never done it . If he succeeded in the front and escaped, Yang Chen might not have cared about him . Unfortunately, there was no such thing as a regret pill in this world .

Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling did not think that there would be such a thing happening there . It was quite normal for a certain demonic weapon to be unearthed . It was not surprising as there were often some magical weapons in the Dao Sects that after absorbing sufficient spiritual power would break out of the earth .

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The problem was that this happened when Yang Chen planned to collect the seventh metal true essence, and the location was in the mining area too . Even more coincidentally, the demonic weapon actually had a strong seventh metal aura, it was difficult to say whether it was related to the pulse of seventh metal true essence left by the Golden Star of the Sun, Li Chang’geng or not .

Yang Chen knew that there were already a lot of demonic cultivators gathering in the mining area . If he and Gongsun Ling were there like this, it would pose unnecessary danger .

Yang Chen was not afraid for himself, but now that Gongsun Ling was around, he would not let his senior apprentice sister suffer any harm . It could not be helped, he also hesitated, whether he should temporarily avoid that place, wait for the demonic weapon to unearth, then slowly go there to investigate, or should he face the difficulties and participate in the unearthing event .

If it was certain that this demonic weapon had nothing to do with the seventh metal true essence, Yang Chen would not hesitate and would choose to avoid it . He himself was very strong, but he was not been arrogant towards the invincible world, he alone couldn’t flatten all the demonic sects . But now it was unknown whether this demonic weapon was related to the seventh metal true essence or not .

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On one hand, Yang Chen was not willing to give up seventh metal true essence, but on the other hand he was worried about the safety of Gongsun Ling . He was willing to put Gongsun Ling into the space of the medicine garden, but this kind of protection would lose their original intention of letting her gain experience . It will also make it difficult for Yang Chen .

“It’s better for us to look at it!” with Yang Chen’s hesitation, Gongsun Ling naturally saw it . She was also a very intelligent person . She naturally understood Yang Chen’s hesitation and took the initiative to say .

“It will be dangerous!” Yang Chen said .

“There is a master there, restraining people to not kill each other . There shouldn’t be any danger towards us, if we just want to look at it!” Gongsun Ling laughed and said, but there was also a desire in her open eyes .

“You and I don’t have the slightest demonic qi . Once exposed, it would be very dangerous . ” Yang Chen still had some concerns, but looking at Gongsun Ling’s look, he couldn’t bear to blow away her hopes, he could only follow; “ok, but you have to listen to me about everything!”

Gongsun Ling had been going out to gain experience several times, but it was the first time that she really came to the domain of the Demon sects, so she was very excited . When Yang Chen said that, she naturally agreed completely .

The cultivation bases of the two did not have the slightest demonic qi . This was very easy for Yang Chen to solve . There were also many people in the demonic sects, who would cultivate some superficial cultivation methods, but they were very sinister and deceitful . Yang Chen could disguise as these people at any time, and the blood demon vine flying sword in his hand was enough to dress himself up as a demonic cultivator .

Was there any Dao Sects disciples that would have magic weapons that could swallow flesh and blood? Apart from the disciples of the demonic sects, he still couldn’t think of any who had such a vicious flying sword .

It was very hard to disguise Gongsun Ling though, but it did still have a solution . Yang Chen thought about it and came out with two methods . One was to let Gongsun Ling disguise as Yang Chen’s puppet; claiming that he refined a disciple of the Dao Sects into his puppet could better fit his demonic cultivator identity .

The other method was somewhat embarrassing; to let Gongsun Ling disguise as Yang Chen’s concubine . For paired cultivation, the demonic sects were much more open than the Dao Sects . Even many demonic cultivators just used this pretence to satisfy their erotic heart . As long as Gongsun Ling acted intimately with Yang Chen, she could easily pass .

What made Yang Chen surprised was that after hearing these two methods, Gongsun Ling only hesitated a little before choosing the second option .

Despite the redness on her face, she would rather appear in the eyes of outsiders as Yang Chen’s concubine . Even after Yang Chen proposed this method, she couldn’t help but jump a few times, and seemed to be very happy with this situation .

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