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Chapter 355.2
Peng! A black smog suddenly shrouded Yang Chen . The bones of the two beasts next to him, on exposure to the smoke, made a squeaky sound and began to quickly melt .

The poisonous black smoke even shrouded Gongsun Ling’s protective array . The other party was obviously trying to kill Yang Chen and Gongsun Ling this way .

However, this highly toxic black smoke was an excellent supplement to Abi’s body, the blue jade vine in the medicine garden . The soft vines quickly shrouded this large smoke cloud and to quickly absorb it .

The owner of the monsters hidden in the dark, watched the poisonous smoke suddenly being absorbed by many green vines . Although he did not recognize the jade vine at a glance, but he knew that this was definitely something that could detoxify the surroundings .

However, if Yang Chen thought that his means was only poisonous smoke, then it would be a big mistake . The mouth of the monster owner cracked open again and a silent sneer appeared on his face .

Rumble! As Yang Chen was paying attention to Gongsun Ling being invaded by the poisonous smoke, his sea of consciousness was shocked several times, startling him . Did the other party have the means to attack his spiritual awareness?

Among the black smoke, it seemed to also hide invisible creatures, but even Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness had not found any clues about them . Being so confused, his sea of consciousness shook again . Yang Chen suddenly understood .

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Soul Devouring Technique, this was estimated to be the opponent’s trump card . No wonder the previous Jiedan masters knew that they would not be able to escape if they stayed behind . At that time, Yang Chen had seen some abnormalities, and now he finally understood the other party’s means .

It was clear with the monsters’ and the Jiedan masters’ self-destruction attacks, the Soul Devouring Technique was used, provoking those peculiar reactions in the other Jiedan masters . As for those self-destructive Jiedan masters, it should be that after the poisoning, they were also involuntarily implanted with the Soul Devouring Technique .

Looking at the opposite party’s trump cards, it could be predicted that he could control dozens of Jiedan masters at the same time . Seemingly he had good proficiency in Soul Devouring Technique . However, in the face of Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness, even if it was at a high standard, it would still could not enter .

Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness had been condensed to the point that people couldn’t even start to imagine . Even if the other party controls a few Soul Devouring Catalysts, they couldn’t even open a little hole in his sea of consciousness .

After three attacks, the other party seemed to have some misgivings . Yang Chen’s heart moved, and suddenly he took the initiative to let go of his sea of consciousness, waiting for the next attack using the Soul Devouring Technique .

Sure enough, the fourth attack seemed to have concentrated the other side’s full strength .

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Bang! More than a dozen illusory shadows directly rushed into Yang Chen’s sea of consciousness .

The shadow that rushed into the sea of consciousness quickly showed its original shape, it appeared as a dozen or so identical persons . As it was only in the sea of consciousness so everything was a simulation of the spiritual awareness, not real persons .

But this had already represented that at least a dozen Soul Devouring Catalysts have entered the sea of consciousness of Yang Chen, and then these have begun to course destruction .

The biggest feature of the Soul Devouring Technique was that after the Soul Devouring Catalyst rushed into the sea of consciousness and devoured the soul of the other party, controlling of the body could be achieved through it .

The enemy was very skilled with Soul Devouring Technique, it had more than a dozen Soul Devouring Catalysts and each had different behaviour . They were completely in battle but not in chaos, it was not known how many people he used this move to plot against .

It was a pity that he had now met Yang Chen . With his incomparably condensed sea of consciousness, the dozen shadows could not cause any harm to his sea of consciousness .

Yang Chen was so eager to look at the dozens of Soul Devouring Catalysts in his sea of consciousness that his face showed a smile . If the other party first noticed that, then he would have moved to escape immediately . But now, since the opponent’s Soul Devouring Catalyst had entered his sea of consciousness, it was impossible for him to walk away freely .

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After the successful implementation of the Soul Devouring Technique, the growing Soul Devouring Catalysts could control the opponent’s body . At the same time, if he did not succeed, he could also grow the Soul Devouring Catalyst to a point, but this time, it was obvious that he hit an iron plate .

When more than a dozen Soul Devouring Catalysts rushed into Yang Chen’s sea without any hindrance, the owner of the monsters also thought it was worthwhile . But when he discovered that the Soul Devouring Catalysts were unable to shake the other side of the sea of consciousness, he noticed that something was wrong .

It was a pity that he found out a little too late . The Soul Devouring Catalyst could control opponents, which meant that it was closely related to his own sea of consciousness . Once he couldn’t control the target, it meant that he had to suffer from a backlash .

Yang Chen used the bloody demon vines in his sea of consciousness and easily smashed most of the Soul Devouring Catalysts .

Even in the sea of consciousness, the blood demon vine seemed to retain the powerful characteristics of swallowing flesh and blood, but it only engulfed the souls that the enemy sent . After consuming a dozen or so successively, the blood demon vine seemed to have been sufficiently nourished . It seemed to have become even more powerful . Yang Chen’s body also experienced a pleasant feeling .

Now there was only one Soul Devouring Catalyst left . It had also been swallowed by the blood demon vines, but it was spit out half dead . Keeping this soul devouring catalyst was to spare the other person’s life and get to know all the happenings from his mouth .

After coming to the Demon sects’ domain, Yang Chen had not communicated with any cultivators here . Some of the situations here were not very clear to him . Just like these days, the consistent gathering of demonic cultivators; Yang Chen needed to know the reason . This demon was the most appropriate person to ask about the situation here .

His spiritual awareness had long locked in on the position of this demon’s body . He did not have to make any twists and turns, so he calmly went to the other’s side .

Originally relying on powerful pets, poisons and the Soul Devouring Technique, this demon had almost no disadvantages in encountering an enemy, but this time, he was like a dead dog to Yang Chen . More than a dozen Soul Devouring Cat¬a¬lysts had been swallowed up, with the consequent backlash he now could not escape . He even did not have the strength to stand up . When Yang Chen picked him up, he was as soft as mud .

“Don’t kill me! Please, don’t kill me!” Although his body was already soft and he couldn’t move, this demon had not forgotten to beg for mercy . He cried out immediately when he was caught, he had no similarity with the person who was just earlier hiding in the dark and plotting against hundreds of people .

“How can he be so shameless?” Gongsun Ling was very disgusted with this, she despised him .

“Simply, he will do anything to survive among these demon sects . ” Yang Chen had seen a lot of demonic cultivators, so he smiled and explained, then turned his face to the demon on the ground .

“I really want to know what happened recently . Why are there so many people going in this direction?” Yang Chen’s dry smile was directed at him, “and, why did you attack?”

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