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He went berserk several times, but didn't drop anything good.

It was even starting to make Long Fei doubt his own life.

It felt as if berserk had been crippled.


Berserk energy was also a unique feature; it was not something that could be dropped every time.

He had used it frequently, so the items that dropped would definitely not be good.

And then there was the BOSS!

If it was a BOSS, then the items dropped would be good. During this period of time, the demon beast that the giant golden ape killed were all normal demon beast, and there were very few high level demon beast, let alone a BOSS.

"There are still seven days." Long Fei slowly exhaled a breath of air. Looking at Mu Yun who was walking towards him, Long Fei was a little anxious in his heart.

He was the one who allowed Mu Yun to walk on this path.

Now, he couldn't even protect his brother's life!

This caused him to feel very uncomfortable in his heart.

Mu Yun walked in front of Long Fei, wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, and said excitedly: "Boss, I've broken through again, and am already at the second level of the Divine Moon Realm, hahaha …"

He was happy and excited.

Every upgrade gave him a different experience.

Very good.

It was so refreshing to see his strength increase explosively.

Long Fei smiled slightly and said: "Impressive."

Mu Yun said: "Boss, it's about time, we have to go back."

Long Fei said: "The Golden Fur still hasn't finished searching God Living Mountain, wait another day."

"Have you forgotten about what you promised Senior Brother Changfeng? Three days have already passed and there are only two days left before you give him fairy beast spirit blood. He is still waiting to save his friend, you can't go back on your promise. " Mu Yun knew that Long Fei did it for him.

Staying for another day, he wanted to search for fairy beast s.

However …

So many days had passed, does God Living Mountain have any other fairy beast besides the Golden Fur?

If there was, Blondie would have discovered it long ago.

Thus …

Mu Yun was very clear in his heart that he might only have a few days left of his life, but he did not feel the slightest bit of resentment towards Long Fei.

He thanked Long Fei.

Thank you, Long Fei.

It was Long Fei that made him feel that he was constantly breaking through and becoming stronger.

To someone who desired to become stronger, this was like a gift from heaven.

Long Fei said: "There's no rush, when the time comes … …"

Without waiting for Long Fei to finish speaking, Mu Yun said: "Boss, I want to participate in the South Area's assessment. The examination is going to begin in two days.

If he still had seven days of life left, then the thing he wanted to do the most was to pass the examination to become a South Area, gain honor for himself, and gain justice for his family.

At the same time.

He wanted Mu Yao to give him a serious look.

That was his wish before he died.

Long Fei could tell from his eyes that he had already made his decision, and said. "Alright, let's go back."

He knew that Mu Yun still couldn't let Mu Yao go.


Long Fei moved, "Golden Hair, come over."

Half a minute later.

"Rumble …"

"Rumble …"


A series of tremors was like a super earthquake.

Suddenly, a huge shadow descended from the sky, heavily landing beside Long Fei, holding onto a few rare Spirit Grass.

The Spirit Grass passed it to Long Fei, and the golden-furred giant ape asked: "Boss, what's the matter?"

Long Fei said straightforwardly: "I want some spirit blood in your body."

The golden-furred giant ape said, "You want me, spirit blood? "Sure!"

While they were talking …

The golden-furred giant ape took out a wine jar from nowhere. A cut appeared on its palm and its forehead tightened as it controlled the idea.

And then …

The pure spirit blood continued to surge out and flow into the jar.

spirit blood was like a spring as the jar was filled to the brim in a few seconds.

The golden-furred giant ape didn't even bat an eyelid as it asked, "Boss, do we still need more?"

Long Fei was stupefied.

Initially, he had intended to take out a bottle to fill it up. However, to think that he would be able to fill it up in the blink of an eye...

Too terrifying!

Long Fei said again: "Enough!"

The golden-furred giant ape grinned and said, "If it's not enough, then tell me. I don't have much else, except thick skin and a lot of blood."

Long Fei kept the jar and even cast a rune to prevent the energy in spirit blood from disappearing. He said: "About the fairy beast …"

The golden-furred giant ape shook its head. "I haven't found it yet."

He looked at Mu Yun and said, "Don't worry, Boss' matter is my problem. I will definitely find a fairy beast for you."

Mu Yun laughed openly and said: "Thank you."

Long Fei said: "Alright, I want to go first to Mu Clan. You should continue searching for fairy beast s in the mountains, even if you have to turn God Living Mountain upside down to find them. All the demon beast must be killed, not even a mosquito should be spared. "

Although Golden Fur did not know why Long Fei wanted him to kill demon beast, he still nodded: "Understood!"

"Go." Long Fei waved his hand.

The giant, golden-furred ape immediately jumped out. There were a few thunderous explosions in the distance.

This was his playground, where he could play however he wanted.

However …

The golden-furred giant ape was different from normal fairy beast. Its intelligence was extremely high and it knew how to read humans' minds.

He was very clear that other than him, the God Living Mountain did not have any other fairy beast.

However, he did not say it because he did not want to disappoint Long Fei and cause him to lose all hope.

Then again.

He was Long Fei's war pet, he had to protect his master well.

If something happened to Long Fei, he wouldn't be able to sense the Dragon Squamous Boundary and he wouldn't be able to live for long.

Thus …

The distance between him and Long Fei was maintained at a distance of half a minute and they would arrive at it soon.

It seemed like he had run far away, but in reality, he was still within a certain range.

Long Fei and Mu Yun rushed back to the Eastern District of Mu Clan.

At this moment.

Mu Clan.

Mu Changsheng returned to the northern region.

Strangely, he did not complain to Mu Hetai. Instead, he went back to his residence and closed his eyes.

This was completely different from his domineering personality.

After taking Mu Xingyun's disciple's loss, do you still not want to get it back?

He didn't even mention it.

It was a little unusual.

Mu Yueting went to visit her, and was rejected.

… ….

"You said that Undead Lord, one of the three great Sky Sovereigns of the Xuans, would come to the God Living Mountain? You want to destroy Mu Clan? " Mu Hetai was slightly taken aback.

His eyes were somewhat cold and disdainful.

Although he did not express it, he felt extremely disdainful in his heart, to the point where he felt that Mu Changfeng was a little funny.

What kind of existence was the Xuans?

emperor Xuan had not yet become the God of Boundary, but there was no doubt that he was the overlord of the divine space.

The Undead Lord was an old monster who had followed the emperor Xuan since the ancient times and survived until now. Even if they were to fight against the ancient family or the top ten clans, they would not send out their Empyreans to fight, because … There was no need at all!

The Heavenly Sovereign's cultivation realm was already at the peak of the divine space.

They were now aiming for a breakthrough instead of annexing their clans and expanding their territory.

Xuans could not send out Undead Lord.

Thus …

In his heart, Mu Hetai didn't believe that the Undead Lord would come to destroy his Mu Clan.

Mu Changfeng said: "Senior Master, I know it is hard to convince others, but please believe me, the Undead Lord is really coming, we have to be prepared."

"Before Master went into closed door cultivation, he had said that if the powerhouse encountered any danger, he could hide in Turtle Mountain." Mu Hetai's eyes were filled with anger, "Do you want us to be cowards?"

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