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Chapter 343
Now she knew the root of the problem . In fact, for a master like Shi Shanshan, if there was no such thing as a heart devil, Shi Shanshan relaxed in an instant, she had a peace of mind with no more eagerness from before .

The man in front of her gave her a huge surprise again . Shi Shanshan looked at Yang Chen and her gaze was full of appreciation . If the two were not familiar with each other, this gaze would be appreciative, but the two now clearly had a relationship like Dao Companions to outsiders . If the outsider saw it, it would be a loving scene .

It had been a long time for Shi Shanshan to enjoy such a rare and wonderful tea taste . After drinking, you would soon feel the thrill of your own body, as if you were about to breakthrough .

“The Questioning Inner Heart Pills you gave the Blue Cloud Sect this time, it seems that the quality is very good!” When Shi Shanshan calmed down, the content of their conversation began to shift from herself to the sect “The island master and several elders feel… very bad!”

“This can’t be blamed on me!” Yang Chen smiled and didn’t seem to care about this matter at all, His mouth explained very casually: “You also know that practice makes perfect, after refining the same kind of medicinal pills over and over again, my technique will also improve so for the quality to improve, isn’t it normal?”

“My sect has also recently established a hall of eccentrics . ” Shi Shanshan did not entangle this issue . In fact, Yang Chen’s explanation did not have any flaws . As the topic turned, Shi Shanshan changed to another issue “The Pure Yang Palace seems to be in front of everyone in this department, but the Greatest Heaven Sect’s big hand, intends to directly recruit the appropriate monster race to join their sect to expand the strength of their sect . “

“It’s normal, the strength of the Greatest Heaven Sect was greatly damaged some time ago and if they do not replenish as soon as possible,It will be squeezed by several major sects . ” Yang Chen liked chatting with Shi Shanshan, Their tone was natural “Now don’t mention the monster race, even if the demon race promise to join the Greatest Heaven Sect to be honest and obedient, the Greatest Heaven Sect would most likely accept it . ”

“Are you so sure?” A voice suddenly came in without any signs before, It was the voice of the island master .

“Greetings island master!” When Shi Shanshan heard the voice, she hurried to get up to greet her . Yang Chen was also not too slow, he stood up and saluted .

“Sit, you are welcome . ” The leader of the Green Jade Immortal Island looked at Yang Chen and Shi Shanshan having tea, showing a very happy look, she sat in the original position of the head and looked up and said to the two people “What good tea, let this old body come to have a taste of this first grade tea . ”

Shi Shanshan quickly prepared a pair of tea sets and then dumped the tea that had been soaked before . After changing to a new batch of tea, the tea was soaked and handed to the island master respectfully .

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The island master was also impolite, she reached out and took a cup skillfully . She smelled the tea cup for a while and her eyes showed a look of surprise . Then she picked up the cup and took a sip, the moment the tea entered her mouth she felt the differences . The smell of tea did not have the qi of the seventh metal, but the taste of the tea couldn’t hide it from the island master .

“You have made a great tea . ” Even the island master also admired Yang Chen’s fried tea techniques and praised it . However, in the main discourse of the island master, there was another meaning hidden in it, perhaps because of the extra enthusiasm .

“Yang Chen, why do you think that the Greatest Heaven Sect will recruit the monster race so wantonly?” The island master praised the tea and immediately asked very curiously .

“Because the monster race sometimes is more reliable than people . ” Yang Chen facing the question of the island master, didn’t have any stage fright . There was no restraint caused by the huge gap between the two sides, so he answered with confidence “When the monster race joins their sect, they can let them swear with their monster soul to never betray the sect, But the introduction of the cultivator is very risky as there are few such practices, so they are more reliable than people . ”

The Pure Yang Palace was the first sect to accept the monster race . The hall of eccentrics was something that the Pure Yang Palace had made, so the Pure Sun Palace was the most knowledgeable about it . Although other sects have accepted the setting of the hall of eccentrics and they were also looking for suitable candidates, but this suitable monsters could not be found in a moment . To put it bluntly, the Pure Yang Palace had the most understanding of the monster race .

Yang Chen’s words also made the island master sign with emotion . As a sect master, she knew how hard it was to manage a large martial art sect more than anyone else . If all the disciples were as simple as the monster race, maybe it would be less troublesome . It was a pity that it was counterproductive . Not everyone would put the interests of sect before their individual interests .

“The monster race sometimes has a simple mind, but it is better managed than a cultivator . ” Although their understanding of the monster race was not deep enough, the Island Master believed that Yang Chen would not lie to her at this point and she sighed with emotion while speaking “Yang Chen, do you know? In fact, the cooperation between the Pure Yang Palace and the Green Jade Immortal Island, in the sect, there are still many people opposed to it . ”

“Since the island master has cooperated with the Pure Yang Palace, I think these problems are no longer a problem!” Yang Chen responded with a smile . The Island master and he talked about these things, in fact, their identities were not equal and it should be said to the head of the palace .

“The opponents, after seeing the questioning inner heart pills, there is no reason for opposition . ” The island master said with a smile, the expression on her face was very relaxed “Now they can’t wait for more cooperation . ”

After getting the batch of Questioning Inner Heart Pills from Yang Chen, the power of the island master in the sect grew more . The Questioning Inner Heart Pills were so powerful, no one was unclear now about it, especially in this batch of Questioning Inner Heart Pills, there were still a few second grade pills, which was even more dazzling .

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How to assign each Questioning Inner Heart Pill was decided by the island master and several elders who agreed to cooperate at that time . Most elders opposed to it, including Elder Li , now they have to temporarily lower their heads, otherwise they would not have their share .

No one would like to cultivate themselves at a low-end difference, the Questioning Inner Heart Pills could promote their cultivation base which has halted to the next level . This has been proven by many people . The most recent example was Wang Yong . If they were elders that did not have their own Questioning Inner Heart Pill because of their opposition, won’t they die off extreme anger?

With this huge trump card, the days of the island master were much better and she was even more grateful to Yang Chen . Therefore, as soon as Yang Chen came over, the Island Master rushed directly to Shi Shanshan’s residence, she did not even have to go to Yang Chen . Anyway, she could pretend to be concerned about the nephew of the younger generation, and no one could say any words .

“I heard that you have refined a kind of medicinal pill of the monster race?” The island master asked with a smile “This Inner Sensing Pill, can you let this old body experience it?”

“What is the difficulty of this!” Yang Chen took out two first grade Inner Sensing Pills directly in front of the faces of the Island master and Shi Shanshan . One was placed in front of each of the two “Taste it and see the monster race flavour, it tastes good . ”

When he spoke it out, it directly made the island master and Shi Shanshan smile . They were to taste the medicinal pill, it was clearly being regarded by him like a local snack and it made people not know whether to cry or laugh .

However, both women knew that this Inner Sensing Pill was considered as a very precious thing, they very casually picked up one each and sent it into their mouth .

The Island master was okay, She was already a master of the Yuanying stage . The effect of the inner sensing pill on her was not so significant . But Shi Shanshan was completely different .

Shi Shanshan was trapped in the middle Jiedan stage bottleneck and could not break through for a long time . Just now, she was able to figure out something under the combination of Yang Chen’s questioning and scolding . Through it, she had a faint overcoming of her own demons . Now she immediately took an Inner Sensing Pill and she entered the realm of observing herself .

Her whole body’s qi and blood’s powerful operation suddenly appeared in Shi Shanshan’s mind . She had never experienced this kind of internal investigation of her own internal situation before . A medicinal pill was taken, and the advantages and disadvantages of her cultivation were clearly understood immediately .

“So that’s how it is!” After Shi Shanshan took it for a long time, she recovered to normal, but she couldn’t help but recollect the clear feeling . From time to time, she looked at the changes in her body and gained a lot .

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“So that’s how it is!” The island master was also the first to eat the inner sensing pill that Yang Chen refined . Although it was of little use to her, the effects that the pill would have on the masters below the Yuanying stage, she immediately had an intuitive understanding .

Although the Green Jade Immortal Island has already obtained the pill recipe of the Inner Sensing Pill, after all, not every alchemy master was Yang Chen . The new medicinal pill of this monster race not only required hundreds of years of medicinal materials, but also, its refining was also related to some of the practice habits of the monster race and it could not be refined in a moment .

Even if it was refined, it could only be regarded as a semi-finished product . It was completely incomparable with Yang Chen’s perfect one . The island master had tried the Inner Sensing Pill refined by the sect alchemists, compared with Yang Chen’s, it was simply heaven and earth . It seems that if their sect wanted to successfully refine the Inner Sensing Pill, there was still a long way to go .

“A first grade Inner Sensing Pill has such an effect, how about the second grade Inner Sensing Pill?” The island master immediately realized the greatness of the second grade Inner Sensing Pill . For a lot of things, if you don’t experience it yourself, you couldn’t understand the real thing by legend alone .

Although she had already heard that Xu Chengxin relied on the second grade pill to break through the peak of the Jiedan stage, the island master was still going to make a discount on this rumor . Moreover, the Green Jade Immortal Island cannot be held by a second-rate sect, as it was better to be self-sufficient .

But now the Island master was stunned by the medicinal pill made by Yang Chen . The same pill recipe, the same medicinal material, what was different was the alchemist master, yet the effect of the pill was so much worse . This was only the first grade Inner Sensing Pill, if they wanted to refine the second-grade pill, she didn’t know how long it would take .

It seems that in alchemy, the Pure Yang Palace was always leading from time to time . Every time it was faster than a few large sects, the several major sects had to follow behind them .

This feeling was very frustrating . In the end, was the Green Jade Immortal Island, Blue Cloud Sect, Greatest Heaven Sect and the Five Elements Sect the first-class martial art sects or was it the Pure Yang Palace? But if their disciples were not powerful, it couldn’t be blamed on anyone .

“Maybe for this Inner Sensing Pill, we can also cooperate again . ” The island master immediately made a decision . Since they were now an ally of the Pure Yang Palace, it was necessary to play the greatest value of allies . If there was such a precious thing, they couldn’t cheaply standby .

“The younger generation junior has no problem, the island master can discuss with the head of the palace at any time . ” Yang Chen certainly would not refuse, this was one of the reasons why he took out these medicinal pills, it was for the Pure Yang Palace to gain more allies, while consolidating their present alliances .

Yang Chen’s attitude was very satisfying to the island master . After tasting a cup of tea, she asked Yang Chen’s intentions .

“You want to know about the elixir in the sea?” When the island master heard this request, she couldn’t help but secretly nod .

It’s no wonder that Yang Chen’s alchemy was so outstanding . There were not many people studying the spirit medicines in the ocean . Even if the Green Jade Immortal Island has been situated on the sea, the disciples that were really studying the elixir in the ocean were only a few people . Most people were still in the process of inheriting the ready-made alchemy knowledge and striving for breakthroughs .

Yang Chen was still only in the Jiedan realm yet he has already begun to study the elixir in the ocean . This kind of vision was much higher than many people .

However, even if many people understood that the elixirs in the ocean had a lot of research space, compared with the dangers in the ocean, most people choose to give up when they faced it .

After all, most alchemists had the fire attribute spiritual roots and looking for elixir in the ocean was not what they were good at . Although the water attribute spiritual roots cultivators were relatively free in the ocean, they cannot refine the medicinal pills, which was one of the reasons for the lack of research on marine elixir .

But no matter what, Yang Chen’s small request could still be satisfied . Although there were not many people studying the spirit medicines in the Green Jade Immortal Island, there have been deep researches on it after years of accumulation .

“These things are my sect’s secrets . ” Although the island master was not so difficult on Yang Chen, but some words still have to be said in the first place “You can see it, but you cannot bring it out of the sect . ”

“This younger generation junior will obey!” This request was too reasonable . Yang Chen did not intend to take away the information of others . But as long as they let him see it, he could remember it .

“If in the future my sects need a favour from you, you can’t refuse too fast . ” The island master followed with a second request .

In fact, this could not be said to be a requirement . It was quite normal to hire a senior alchemist . As long as the price of the two sides were close together, there was no question of refusing it . Unless they were big enemies of life and death, like Yang Chen and the Greatest Heaven Sect, it was impossible to promise . The relationship between the Green Jade Immortal Island and Yang Chen was irrelevant, there should be no such problem .

“There is a lot of information . If you are happy with it wait here with Shanshan . I will send someone to bring it to you . ” The island master smiled and got up and said the last request “If there is a time my ancestral disciples come to ask for advice . If it does don’t violate the rules of the Pure Yang Palace, you should try to give out some pointers to them!”

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