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Heart devil? When Yang Chen heard Shi Shanshan say so, he became relieved. Although the heart devil was terrible for cultivators to encounter, since Shi Shanshan was neither in battle nor in the process of crossing a tribulation, it was not a big deal.

Not all heart devil would kill you. In the process of cultivation, the average person would encounter several or even dozens of heart devils.

There was also many reasons for the heart devil to appear. Sometimes it was because some things have not been figured out, sometimes it was because there were some deviations during cultivation. There were many reasons, and all kinds of people were not clear about it all.

However, everyone knew that as long as it was not because of a heart oath, there was a possibility that it could be overcome, even if it was in the middle of crossing a tribulation, it was entirely based on the cultivation base and mood of each person.

Since it was a matter of a heart devil, Yang Chen was not too anxious. Anyways, with Shi Shanshan’s state now, there would be no need to worry, it would just have a little impact on the speed of her cultivation and there was no need to make a fuss about.

In general, the best way to solve the heart devil was to figure out the cause. It was hard to say at this time how long it would last, sometimes it was very long, sometimes it may be short and so it may be different.

Soon, the two people sat face to face in Shi Shanshan’s fine house. In the middle of the two there was an exquisite wooden table with a set of exquisite tea sets. Next to the table, there was a small stove that was humming and boiling a pot of water.

“Try this, it is mature enough.” Shi Shanshan was about to brew the tea that Yang Chen gave her the last time, but Yang Chen took out another jade bottle, it was the new tea that Yang Chen made on the road.

Because of the huge changes in recent times in the pure bottle medicine garden, the new tea had more maturity and more spiritual power. After Yang Chen specialized in quenching it with the seventh metal true essence, it would not be a general taste for Shi Shanshan. If a cup of the tea goes down, maybe it would be worth at least a week of cultivation.

After coming in, Shi Shanshan's face always had a faint glamorous look. Only when she heard the words of Yang Chen did she recover a little peace. There was a hint of surprise and anticipation in her eyes, she took the jade bottle and carefully opened it. She used a jade spoon to pour a little of the new tea into the teapot.

He didn’t wait for Shi Shanshan to reach out and hold the kettle, Yang Chen had already reached out and grabbed it. The fire flashed in his hand and the flame rushed directly into the kettle, which instantly boiled the water of the kettle, but did not let the water evaporate.

With a slight tilt, Yang Chen poured the boiling water in the teapot and slowly raised the teapot, he then asked in a relaxed tone “What happened? Why did you suddenly encounter the heart devil?”

This tone was like the kind of chat that two friends who knew each other very well and were undefended against each other would use. In fact, after the past, these two people together with the common hobby of drinking tea, were already good friends. At least in the eyes of Shi Shanshan, there were no friends outside the sect who were closer to her than Yang Chen.

Perhaps Yang Chen's casual tone made Shi Shanshan's momentary relaxed, Perhaps the time for Yang Chen's speech was too good. It's just the time when Shi Shanshan intended to fully enjoy it. Anyway, when Yang Chen asked, Shi Shanshan didn't even think about it and answered.

“I recently wanted to break through the middle Jiedan stage, but I have been stuck in this realm. I can't break through and feel that I am bringing shame to my master’s sect.” Shi Shanshan said it in one breath and suddenly realized that she even unconsciously told everything to Yang Chen and her face turned red.

With this kind of mood, for Shi Shanshan, even if her master did not mention it, since she felt that she was bringing shame to her master, how could she speak about this with her master. However, in front of Yang Chen, it was so casual, even Shi Shanshan felt that her heart jumped, did she really like Yang Chen?

About Yang Chen, Shi Shanshan was somewhat annoyed at first. Of course, it was because of Li Qingchen's misinformation. Later, she used Yang Chen and was awkward. But then, she was surprised and was shocked by Yang Chen's shocking things again and again.

However, these were once experienced together with Yang Chen. After discovering that they had a common hobby, Shi Shanshan had a good impression of Yang Chen. The things that Yang Chen did, after Shi Shanshan heard about it, were also very appreciated. Unconsciously, the good feelings have become deeper and deeper.

Only now did Shi Shanshan suddenly discover that many things could not be said to the elders of her sect and they could not talked about with her close friends in the sect, but she could express these feelings in front of Yang Chen. It must be said that this was a very surprising change. In particular, these changes still occurred in silence and even Shi Shanshan did not realize when she had such closeness to Yang Chen.

“I understand, it’s normal!” Yang Chen opened the lid of the teapot and poured the hot water into the teapot that had been warmed up, he covered the lid and waited for a while. After that he picked up the teapot and poured the tea into the fragrant cup.

Yang Chen’s tea was cooked with the yin-yang heaven burning fire, what kind of impurities and dust could not be contaminated in the tea, so there was no need to take the step of washing the tea leaves. And this tea was just enough to completely leave the essence of the tea.

After saying this, Yang Chen had already finished a set of movements in his hand and reached out to make a gesture of action, indicating for Shi Shanshan to taste it.

Shi Shanshan listened to Yang Chen's words and did not feel that there was anything strange. Everyone would have a heart devil at one point, so why would Yang Chen not say that? There was no need to block him, she just stuck out her delicate hands and used a skilled movement to hold the cup, then she picked it up and brought it in front of her nose slowly sniffing the unique fragrance.

“The type of peerless genius that is difficult to appear even in thousands of years, their qualifications of cultivation are rare, and it is even rare in the cultivation world.” Yang Chen did the same thing, but he did not stop talking at all, he continued “The previous cultivation, all the way if the situation is as ruined, even if there is a slight bottleneck, it will be broken through in a short period of time. These outstanding disciples are of course the pride of their sect. Once their cultivation is suddenly unable to break through, they naturally become the laughing stock in the eyes of others. The genius disciple of the Green Jade Immortal Island is no different.”

Yang Chen's words, let Shi Shanshan suddenly stopped the action in her hand and looked at Yang Chen with some surprise. She did not expect that Yang Chen actually said what was in her current state of mind. It was extremely shocking, it directly made Shi Shanshan, the strong a Jiedan stage expert, stunned and sat in the same place, she could no longer say anything.

“However, Shi Shanshan!” Yang Chen’s voice suddenly grew bigger and more serious “Cold Plum Fairy Maiden, did you think too highly of yourself?”




Translator: Don Stagy

Editor:  Mike

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