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Chapter 341
Yang Chen appeared in the first layer of the medicine garden and saw A’Zhu and A’Bi . When the two met Yang Chen, of course, they greeted him .

When his senses moved around, Yang Chen understood the changes in the medicine garden . The jade plate medicine garden obtained from the strong man had been swallowed up and the space of the first and second layer was increased by a lot .

It was not so easy to devour a space in a medicine garden . The last time Yang Chen controlled the medicinal garden to devour the crystal ball medicinal garden of the second city lord, it was because there was a large amount of first wood true essence spiritual solution, which resulted in him achieving success in such a short period of time . Within a day, the crystal ball medicine garden was swallowed up successfully .

This time, Yang Chen did not use the first wood true essence spiritual solution, but even so, he placed the medicine garden on a spiritual pulse . The enormous spirit power supply was almost never interrupted, with the simultaneous control of both A’Zhu and A’Bi, there was a constant supply of spiritual power . Even if the spiritual power was not as high as that of the first wood true essence spiritual solution, in the two years, it was still successful to completely devour the jade plate medicine garden .

The medicinal materials in the jade plate medicine garden have all been planted in the first layer of his garden space . Those medicinal herbs were too short and could only grow in the first layer .

The ten thousand spirit medicines that Yang Chen got before, he didn’t know when it was transplanted into the second layer by A’Zhu and A’Bi . Now there was no ten thousand spirit medicines in the first layer .

After entering the second layer portal, it seemed that with the absorption of the jade plate medicine garden, it could let Yang Chen’s mind control it completely, if he wanted to display something, he could show it, if he wanted to hide it then he could hide it . And, as the master, he was able to enter any place in the medicine garden anytime and anywhere .

This remarkable change did not make much sense for Yang Chen . But it also allowed Yang Chen to bring some intimate people into the space of the medicine garden and not show something that would surprise them .

Of course, this was for just an intimate person around Yang Chen . Otherwise, even hundreds of thousands of profound yang fruit was enough to cause huge greed in others .

The size of the space was almost doubled . Although the quality of the jade plate garden was not very high, there was one point to it, it had a huge space which was several times larger than the net bottle medicine garden before Yang Chen got it . As a result, the current space naturally had a lot more space .

“Master, this servant has a request!” Yang Chen did not want to use these open spaces, A’Zhu and A’Bi have rushed and stumbled in front of Yang Chen .

Because there was a large amount of spirit power nourishment, the bodies of the two tool spirits were becoming more and more solid . When they waited for the new owner in the Yang Mountain, they were at best able to absorb the spiritual power of the hundred miles around them and barely maintained the need for the growth of the elixir in the medicine garden . But wherever there was Yang Chen, they almost never lacked spiritual power .

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Especially after the appearance of the two women, Yang Chen used the first wood true essence spiritual solution to supplement the body of A’Zhu and even her bones were changed . Before, the two women did not dare to absorb the spiritual power condensed from within the medicine garden fearing that they would be reprimanded by Yang Chen, but on that nautical chart, the spiritual power was almost endless, even if they were only controlling the medicinal garden to swallow it, they still got a lot of benefits .

One of the benefits was that their body became more solid . Now the two women looked like two real people and when they kneeled in front of Yang Chen, it was quite a touching scene .

However, Yang Chen did not care about their form, but it was strange that the two tool spirits actually had a favour to ask for themselves . Curiously he asked, “What is it?”

“This servant feels that the surrounding water is full of tenth water spirit power, we must be far in the sea . ” A’Bi looked up and said respectfully “Please, we also want to ask master to collect some sea water into the medicine garden . If possible, please take some seabed spirit medicines to be added to the medicine garden so that this servant can study it . ”

The two tool spirits were now tied to the medicine garden . Their only fun before was to take care of the medicine in the space of the medicine garden . Watching their strong growth, their years getting more and more mature, gave them a sense of satisfaction .

But after being changed by Yang Chen, the two women found that there was still a lot of fun to be had . For example, upgrading the medicine garden and using various sources of spiritual power to refine the medicine garden to make qualitative changes .

After using the tenth water spirit power to refine the garden, the change occurred was the presence of more oceans in the medicine garden . This was a huge change and it also made the two women more eager to know what kind of elixirs there was in the ocean .

However, although Yang Chen’s refining system has caused it to emerge, it was not real sea water . If they wanted to make the elixir in the ocean grow, they needed real seawater to infuse into it . Then, after the transformation of the tenth water true essence, it would become an environment suitable for the growth of marine herbs .

As the tool spirits A’Zhu and A’Bi knew more about the medicinal garden than Yang Chen on this point, it was hard for Yang Chen to match .

“How difficult is this?” They only asked for such a request, of course, Yang Chen would not refuse . Here was the depths of the sea . Wasn’t it possible to get some sea water?

Anyways, now the sea jasper cup was condensing the tenth water true essence and Xiao Tian needed more time to devour the dragon qi around the jade case, so he could just go out and transfer some seawater and collect some submarine herbs into the medicine garden .

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Xiao Tian already had a master-servant relationship with Yang Chen so he does not have to worry about the safety of Xiao Tian in the treasure house . He directly left Xiao Tian in the treasure house and he brought the medicine garden and the gourd with the sea jasper out of the treasure house .

It was too easy to collect the sea water . After leaving the treasure house for some distance, Yang Chen picked up a spiritual pulse vein near the sea, opened the medicine garden and began collecting sea water .

A large amount of sea water rushed into the medicine garden and quickly filled the place around the medicine garden . This was where A’Zhu and A’Bi had already planned and considered the growth of some deep-sea plants, they had deliberately made a depth of several thousand feet .

The space of hundreds of miles, plus with such depth, the sea water needed was not a little bit . In order to prevent the elixir in the medicine garden from being affected, Yang Chen had to control the speed of collecting the sea water .

In this case, after spending almost half a month, there were two more vast oceans in the medicine garden . The first layer and the second layer each had one piece . The blue water was very clear and with the control of A’Zhu and A’Bi, there was even a tidal change, it was a beautiful ocean scenery .

“Master, you still need some soil on the seabed . ” A’Zhu reminded “The seabed mud that has been soaked in seawater for thousands of years is slightly different from those in the medicine garden that have just been soaked . ”

The medicine garden was his own thing and Yang Chen certainly would not dislike it if the space inside became better . Since A’Zhu said this, she must have her reason and it sounded really reasonable . Yang Chen didn’t say anything and started collecting mud from the sea into the medicine garden .

The world under the sea was completely different from the land . Yang Chen not only collected the sea mud, but he even collected some of the coral shellfish that grew on the seafloor .

This was also the wish of A’Zhu . After all, the growth cycle of the submarine medicine needed a circle, it was not just water and soil . It was like the elixir on land, it also needed some small living organisms to balance it .

In fact, the medicine garden space was a complete ecosystem but there were no creatures above the food chain at the higher end of the elixir . The same was true for the ocean, this environment was also needed .

Of course, Yang Chen was picking at those places where there was plenty of spiritual power . As for what creatures were suitable for it and what kind of creatures were not suitable, they have to be judged by A’Zhu and A’Bi, Yang Chen does not have to concern himself with it .

Although Yang Chen was already an alchemy master and has memories of his past lives, Yang Chen still had a lack of understanding about some elixirs in the ocean . A’Zhu and A’Bi wanted him to collect some of the ocean’s elixir, but expect for some famous ones such as the four seas mysterious coral liquid, Yang Chen really does not know which things were considered elixirs in the ocean .

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Whether it was in the mortal world, spiritual world or the immortal world, there were huge oceans which have rich marine life . However, he didn’t know what the reason was, but a only few alchemists would identify and use the elixirs within the ocean . In this respect, Yang Chen’s experience was not much .

Perhaps it was because the ocean was full of all kinds of dangers and variables, even if it was in the immortal world, those Great Principle Golden Immortals have not fully explored the reason . Naturally, there were all kinds of concerns about things that people didn’t understand .

After all, except for those sea monsters, most of the immortals and demons were living on land, so it was also very normal to not fully understand the interior of the ocean . It was estimated that this was one of the reasons why alchemists rarely use marine medicine .

However, seldom usage does not mean that no one was using it . At least those sects close to the ocean have a lot of research on this side . For example, the Green Jade Immortal Island was near the sea .

Speaking of it, Yang Chen has not been to the Green Jade Immortal Island in a long time, nor has he been to see Shi Shanshan . He was just at sea and he also wanted to look at the records of the Green Jade Immortal Island in this aspect, so Yang Chen could only run a trip to see Shi Shanshan .

After finding out the direction, Yang Chen began collecting seabed mud along the way, and also collected some kinds of seabed plants passing by . Anyway, the space was large enough that he did not need to hold back .

At the bottom of the sea, there was the monster strength’s crystallization left by Lan Ying and the shuttle, so Yang Chen was almost unimpeded . There were no monsters who dared to appear in front of Yang Chen . Wherever Yang Chen went, they would avoid him far away . No matter what Yang Chen does, there would be no trouble .

Coincidentally, when Yang Chen passed by the bottom of the sea, he discovered a thousand years mysterious coral . After this kind of thing reaches a millennium of maturity, a drop of purple liquid was secreted every year, which was the four seas mysterious coral liquid .

Although there was countless four seas mysterious coral liquid in Yang Chen’s gourd, Yang Chen did not hesitate to receive this thousand-year-old mysterious coral into the medicine garden . Later, if someone asked about the source of his own four seas mysterious coral liquid, it could be explained with this .

There was no obstacle along the way, and it took only a short time to collect the seabed mud . After six months, Yang Chen took enough sea mud to lay a layer of thick seabed in the medicine garden before rushing to the Green Jade Immortal Island .

Yang Chen was now a celebrity, especially in the Green Jade Immortal Island, so he was treated as an esteemed guest who was greeted with super courtesy from top to bottom . When Yang Chen went to the mountain gate of the Green Jade Immortal Island, he just reported his name according to the rules . He did not give any explanation, but he was directly sent to Shi Shanshan’s residence .

In the eyes of the Green Jade Immortal Island members, Yang Chen was now the son-in-law of the Green Jade Immortal Island . Whenever he came to the Green Jade Immortal Island and he doesn’t need to visit other places, he would be sent directly to Shi Shanshan . Anyways, the disciples who received Yang Chen would never ask what were the requirements of Yang Chen, directly looking for Shi Shanshan .

Of course, Yang Chen’s arrival would definitely be reported to the senior officials of the sect . As for why Yang Chen visited, it was Yang Chen’s own business .

Originally he thought that when he came unanswered, Shi Shanshan would not necessarily be in the Green Jade Immortal Island, but what made Yang Chen surprised was that not only was Shi Shanshan there, but she also has stayed in the sect for a long time .

In the past, unless Yang Chen said that he would be coming in advance, most of the time, Shi Shanshan would be cultivating outside . Unless it was for a major breakthrough, that would be when she would be in seclusion in the sect . This time, Yang Chen didn’t ask for it, but he could actually meet Shi Shanshan in the sect . It was also the fate of the two .

However, this time, it seemed that Shi Shanshan had come across some trouble . When Yang Chen saw Shi Shanshan’s look, he found that there was a trace of exhaustion in Shi Shanshan’s eyes and her body shape was awkward .

The cold plum fairy maiden had such a pathological condition, which surprised Yang Chen . You must know that Shi Shanshan was a master of the Jiedan stage . Even when she just started cultivation, she was moved to Jiedan stage because of Yang Chen’s little instructions . She had a strong cultivation base, a good aptitude which was rare in the cultivation world, how could she be in such a state?

Yang Chen was shocked, he did not wait for Shi Shanshan to open her mouth, he reached out and grabbed the wrist of Shi Shanshan and felt it silently .

Shi Shanshan’s delicate hand was caught by Yang Chen and she was very surprised, But there was no struggle, she allowed Yang Chen to seize her own wrist .

The female disciple who led Yang Chen there upon seeing this scene, smiled a little and didn’t say anything, she turned and left . She has already brought Yang Chen here and other things have nothing to do with her . What she should do now was to go back and report to the higher ups .

“It doesn’t look like you are sick . ” After checking her pulse, Yang Chen frowned and stared at Shi Shanshan’s face for a while that Shi Shanshan became a little shy, then he asked, “What happened?”

“Nothing big . ” Shi Shanshan gently pulled back her wrist and turned to make a gesture to invite him, no matter whether Yang Chen followed up or not, she just went straight back . Yang Chen said nothing and directly followed up, he kept pace with Shi Shanshan .

“In the past few months, there was a sudden lack of peace in my mind, so my cultivation base became stagnant and stopped improving . ” Shi Shanshan said as they walked “I was cultivating for too long and I might have developed a little heart devil!”

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