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Chapter 2932 - Mysterious Spring Water, attribute mutation

"Pick it up!"

Elder Swordsman's eyes were extremely stern, as he shouted, "One hand!"

With a light toss, a crater was formed on the ground.

The weight of this sword …

Long Fei did not dare say anything more. Elder Swordsman was very strong, if he was willing to teach, then it would be because he had earned a lot.

With one hand on the sword hilt, he used his strength to lift it up.


Even if Long Fei tried his best, he couldn't. One must know that the strength of his wrist had already exceeded over ten thousand kilograms, which meant that he could easily wield a weapon that weighed ten thousand kilograms.


This seemingly ordinary embroidered sword was actually so heavy that it was terrifying to the extreme.

Over ten thousand pounds?

What was this metal material made of?

Even Long Fei was a little stupefied.

Elder Swordsman shouted sternly: "Aren't you very capable? It's been mentioned! "

"If you can't even lift a sword, what can you use to enter the fatry sect with? Do you think that you can enter fatry sect whenever you want? With your current cultivation, you don't even have the qualifications to compete in the fatry sect. " Elder Swordsman said heavily.

Long Fei felt very bad in his heart.

It was not towards the Elder Swordsman, but himself.

In the past, he relied on the system for his training, but he had missed out on many things.


He was unable to rely on the System, and could only rely on his own strength.

With a jerk of his legs, he gathered all of his strength together. The muscles on his right arm bulged, and he bellowed, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


Veins popped out on his forehead.

All the muscles throughout his body tensed up.

The heavy sword barely moved, and was slowly being lifted by Long Fei. However, Long Fei's face was completely red, and sweat directly poured out.

Even his breathing became hurried.

Just a sword. Becoming like this, Long Fei had never thought of such a thing.

Long Fei lifted the heavy sword. His breathing was chaotic, and the strength in his entire body was slowly running out as well.

The look in the Elder Swordsman's eyes did not change, it was still stern as usual, as he looked at the heavy sword in his hands: "Just keep it that way!"

Long Fei said with great difficulty, "How long will it last?"

Elder Swordsman rolled his eyes at Long Fei, and said: "Maintain this for one day and one night."


Before Elder Swordsman even finished speaking, Long Fei's right arm seemed as if it was about to break as the entire sword fell to the ground, creating another deep crater.

Long Fei was completely dumbfounded.

This kind of heavy sword would not budge for an entire day and night. This … How much power was needed?

How much endurance did he need?

It was hard to imagine.

Long Fei did not speak further. He once again picked up the heavy sword from the ground and used all of his strength to heavily lift it.

He was panting heavily, and it was impossible to control his breathing.

The Elder Swordsman said indifferently: "Cultivating the sword, training the strength first. If you can't even hold onto a sword steadily, how can you practice the sword well?"

"Keep practicing by yourself."

"I'm going to find a little girl and talk about life and ideals." Elder Swordsman put the smoke gun on his back and ran out happily.


In less than ten seconds, the heavy sword fell to the ground once more.

Long Fei gasped for breath, his entire body was covered in perspiration as he looked at the heavy sword on the ground, and said solemnly: "I will not believe it!"


"Without the system's power, I do not believe that I, Long Fei, am useless!"

He once again gripped the sword hilt and held it up with one hand.




… ….

Every time the heavy sword landed, the small courtyard would feel like an earthquake.

Long Fei really wanted to know how heavy this sword was.

On the first day, Long Fei persevered more and more, from ten seconds to the last moment, his right arm was trembling and his hand was split open, unable to even lift a single finger.

However …

Long Fei did not give up, but continued with his left hand.

"Not a single improvement in a day."

"Sigh …"

"Forget it, I'm too lazy to care about you. I'll continue seducing the little miss." Elder Swordsman ran out with his hands behind his back.

Xiao Bai Lang had been guarding outside the courtyard the entire time. Seeing that Elder Swordsman was walking further away, he ran into the courtyard and said, "Boss, could it be that this old man is messing with you?"

"Your current cultivation level is completely incomparable to the weight of this sword."


"That Elder Swordsman is very dishonest. From time to time, he teased that little girl on the street. I don't even like it when I see him." Xiao Bai Lang said angrily.

Long Fei said: "He is right."

"I chose my own path. No matter how difficult it is, I will persevere."

If he wanted to try without a system, he could also become stronger.

Experience could help him level up, and he believed that he would be able to improve by relying on his perseverance.



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… ….

Long Fei fell into a state of madness.

It was even crazier than cultivating. It was as though he was risking his life.


He did not use the power of true spirit, and completely relied on his own strength to continuously refine it, and to continuously stimulate the potential within his body to come out.

What if he lost the system one day?

He was reduced to trash?

The System was his strongest power, but once that power disappeared, would he be able to continue acting so arrogantly?

Although he knew that the game system would not disappear, but if cultivating like this could make him stronger, Long Fei would grit his teeth and persevere on.

As long as he could become stronger.

He could break his own hand without breaking it.

A full half a month passed.

Long Fei was barely able to stabilize his heavy sword, but it only lasted for half an hour.

The entire courtyard had turned into a deep pit.

Long Fei continued to persevere.

… ….

A month passed.

Long Fei persisted for two hours.

The yard was gone.

The entire courtyard was in a deep pit.

Long Fei was also training in the Ancient Well.

Elder Swordsman was still the same as usual. He didn't pay any attention to Long Fei and continued to tease the little girl on the main street every day.

Long Fei actually knew this in his heart as well.

Elder Swordsman had always been paying attention to him, he was clear about whatever happened to him.

The second month passed.

The pit immediately reached twenty meters.

Spring water kept gushing out from the depths of the earth.

The most important thing was!

The Elder Swordsman didn't allow Long Fei to change locations. He could only cultivate in this ice-cold bone-piercing spring water.

Fever in the body.

His skin became extremely cold.


What was different from before was that Long Fei felt that his body was being crazily absorbed by the spring water as if the breath of true spirit was being absorbed into his body.

More importantly, the water only reached his chest and did not rise any further.

Another month passed.

After an entire three months, Long Fei could finally hold onto the heavy sword for one day and one night without moving, like a boulder!

"Elder Swordsman!"

"I did it!"

"Hahaha …"

"I finally did it." Long Fei endured for one day and one night, shouting excitedly.

Elder Swordsman stood at the mouth of the well and looked at Long Fei who was at the bottom of the well.


"Don't get up too."

"When your body is done absorbing the water, come on up."


Elder Swordsman found a big rock and blocked the entrance of the well.

At this moment.

The mountain spring water transformed into a milky-white color, as if it was milk.

Long Fei's entire body felt a powerful impact, his mind became tense, before he could become suspicious, the system suddenly sounded out a system notification.


"true spiritual value + 100 points!"


"Life + 100 points!"


"Physical strength + 100 points!"

… ….

Attribute mutation, permanent increase.

This sudden pleasant surprise caught Long Fei off guard …

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