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Chapter 545 - Two Martial Saint s


Eight Remoteness Dragon King was startled for a moment. His footsteps paused subconsciously, but in the next moment, he could not help but narrow his eyes. From the space not even half a meter in front of his abdomen, a ball of blazing flames suddenly burst forth.

The terrifying heat that erupted from the flames caused Eight Remoteness Dragon King's expression to change greatly. Furthermore, the spear head appeared too suddenly, making him unable to dodge in time.


With a loud roar, the muscles between Eight Remoteness Dragon King's chest and abdomen expanded rapidly like inflated rubber balls, and the scales on the chest expanded even more rapidly.

An instant later, the spear tip wrapped in flames had already landed on Eight Remoteness Dragon King's abdomen at lightning speed.


Amidst the clanging sound of metal clanging against each other, the powerful and shocking Strength Qi erupted like a volcano, and hit Eight Remoteness Dragon King as if he was struck by a gigantic rock. His sturdy body was flung back several tens of metres before heavily falling onto the ground, but his feet still continued to retreat.

"Thump!" Thump! "Thump …"

By the time Eight Remoteness Dragon King stabilized his body, there were already six deep pits in front of him, and on his abdomen, a portion of the scales had already been burnt black under the frightening heat.


The sharp, thin sound of something tearing through the air once again rang out.

When Eight Remoteness Dragon King was retreating, the spear head paused for a moment, then continued to travel forward. In a short while, the long green spear shaft separated from the void at a rapid pace, following that, Tang Huan's slender figure also appeared in a flash, and chased after him without any hesitation.

When Eight Remoteness Dragon King stabilized his steps, the Dragon and Phoenix Spear in Tang Huan's hand had already appeared in front of him like a shadow.

"Peak Stage Nine Martial Saint? "Good move!"

The Eight Remoteness Dragon King's pair of dark green eyes revealed a look of surprise. The method Tang Huan used to instantly travel twenty to thirty meters and stab out with his spear was truly shocking, it was fortunate that his body was incomparably strong.

Although he was surprised, Eight Remoteness Dragon King's reaction was extremely fast. The instant a low growl came out, the thick trident in his hands smashed down brazenly, welcoming Tang Huan's attack from the dragon and phoenix. Not only was it astonishingly fast, its might was also extremely terrifying.


Amidst the earth-shaking collision sounds, the two weapons had already clashed against each other, and the Strength Qi surged out like a violent storm, raising dust and dirt into the sky. But in the next moment, the Dragon Phoenix Spear and the trident separated, and then once again blasted forward with an overwhelming force.

Clang! Clang! "Clang …"

The Dragon and Phoenix Lance collided violently with the trident again and again. The sounds of metal striking stone clashing rose one after another as Tang Huan and Eight Remoteness Dragon King fought madly.

Tang Huan shot after spear. Although he did not use any battle skills, each spear strike was faster than lightning, and the spear contained an extremely powerful strength and an extremely terrifying heat.

Although the Eight Remoteness Dragon King did not possess a Genuine Qi like Tang Huan, he was still able to unleash his flesh body fully. The trident in his hand was not only able to move at a speed comparable to Tang Huan, the force was also incomparably wild and violent, and every swing of the trident was earth-shattering, seemingly capable of ripping the space apart.

Their movements became faster and faster. Not long after, it became difficult to see their faces clearly. All they could see were two figures constantly jumping about.

A radius of twenty to thirty meters had already become a battlefield for the two.

The majestic Strength Qi was wreaking havoc in such a manner that even the air itself seemed to be rippling with energy waves that could be seen with the naked eye. Let alone the level 7 Great Demons, even the Level 8 Demon Commanders were unable to get close to Tang Huan and the Eight Remoteness Dragon King in the ring of battle.

Some of the Demon Clan's Eighth Order Demon Commanders who wanted to make use of this opportunity to get in Tang Huan's way finally gave up on this idea and turned their sights on the Human Clan's Martial Warriors.

Dozens of Stage Seven Martial Master experts of the eighth stage and dozens of Stage Seven Martial Master s looked down on him.

During the battle between Tang Huan and the Eight Remoteness Dragon King, the swarming crowd of Demon Clan had already surrounded them, circle after circle. Let alone the fact that there was still a Stage Nine Demon King high up in the sky, if they really wanted to take care of them, the two Demon Commanders of the eighth step would easily be able to finish the battle.

But in that case, what was there to be happy about?

The people of Demon Clan all teased them, and then slowly killed them. However, the scene that happened next completely stunned them. The two great demons of the seventh step who made the first move, actually had their necks broken.

Not only were the Demon Clan experts extremely shocked, even the group of Human Clan s who thought that they would definitely die were shocked.

The one who did this was the red-robed woman with the black veil over her face.

The dozens of Martial Warriors s originally thought that the red robed woman named Feng Ming was not too strong, but at this moment, they realized that they were completely wrong. Just by looking at her methods of easily killing the two great demons of the seventh step, they knew that she had at least the strength of a Martial Lord of the eighth step.

Although an ordinary Martial Lord of the eighth step could also quickly kill a great demon of the seventh step, it was impossible for him to do it so easily.

It was a pity that the difference in numbers between the two sides was too great. Under the siege of so many Demon Clan experts, even if it was a peak of the eighth stage Martial Lord, only death awaited them. Looking at the slim and graceful figure, everyone had a trace of regret on their faces.


A loud sound came from afar, causing everyone to wake up from their stupor.

"I'll do it!"

The miserable scene of two of his comrades caused all the Demon Clan experts to be enraged. In the next moment, a lion-headed man of the eighth stage roared, and rushed towards Feng Ming as fast as lightning, his expression was extremely sinister, as though his sharp claws wanted to tear him to pieces.

However, in the blink of an eye, the howls of the level eight lion man came to a screeching stop. One after another, exquisite and delicate palms passed through his hands and grabbed onto his neck. With a 'kacha' sound, the ugly head of the level eight lion man drooped down.

The crowd of Human Clan s and experts were all dumbstruck.

The werecreature lion just now wasn't a seventh level great demon, but a powerful eighth level Demon Commander. Yet, his neck was still so easily broken?

Could it be that she isn't a Martial Lord at the peak of the eighth step, but … Stage Nine Martial Saint?

After a moment of shock, dozens of Human Clan s looked at each other. They could hardly believe their eyes, that Feng Ming was actually the same as Tang Huan, a Martial Saint? An instant later, an uncontrollable joy surged from the bottom of everyone's heart. Their eyes were also flashing with hope.

The experts of Demon Clan were completely shocked. The Eight Remoteness Dragon King had told them that in this ambush, there was only one Stage Nine Martial Saint, and the majority of the others were all from Stage Six Martial Master. Although they did not know where the Eight Remoteness Dragon King obtained this information, they still believed without a doubt. However, the current situation was completely different from the information, there was actually a powerful Stage Nine Martial Saint hidden within the group!

Fortunately, our side also brought two Stage Nine Demon King s this time.

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