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Chapter 107: Whose blood

The man’s kiss was imposing, overbearing and vigorous, with hints of aggression.

Of course, he was more than just moving his mouth. Grabbing her chin in one hand, the other has freely drilled into her T-shirt and attacked the city and went to plunder….

Feeling his fingers rubbing over her sking, Ning Xiaofei trembled like autumn leaves. She rested a palm on the man’s shoulder for support as her resistance weakened.

Anyway, this wasn’t the first time. As long as he’s really willing to go on her show, she just needs to sacrifice again.

Her lower abdomen tightened and then a hot stream flowed beneath her body. The strange sensation broke through her confusion instantly. The man’s kiss has moved down from her lips to her chin.

Noticing the purple marks on her neck, Mu Tianye’s movements slowed down and gently kissed her wounds…

His fingers pulled out of her T-shirt and passed over her waist. His fingertips stroked her zipper evoking another tingling sensation. The man lifted his body and lifted his fingers again. The corners of his eyes swept through her jeans and caught a bright red spot.

Mu Tianye raised his finger and inspected it. His blistered finger has already been flattened and there was no sign of bleeding.

That wasn’t his blood. It’s hers!

With a tight heart, he looked at her nervously.

“What happened to you?”

“Me?” Ning Xiaofei who was still disoriented sat up and saw the blood on his hand. She held his hand up immediately. “Why are you bleeding?”

“You are bleeding.”

She was?!

Noticing the man staring at her pants, Ning Xiaofei followed the man’s gaze and found blood on her trousers. She gasped and tried to jump up from the sofa. Her small face burned red in an instant.

“I… I’ll take a trip to the bathroom.”

She squeezed herself out in front of him, but the man’s palm stretched out and encircled her, then pressed her back to the sofa.

Initially, he couldn’t grasp what was happening, but now he has figured it out.

Even if he was a man, this basic physiological knowledge was still there. It was less than a week and she was bleeding again. The only explanation would be that last time was a pretense.

The hot disposition a moment ago has instantly turned into anger. Looking down at her, he coldly delivered.

“You lied to me!”

The man’s eyes were so frosty that the terrible experience of yesterday flashed through her mind again. Ning Xiaofei pushed him away in panic, jumped off the sofa and fled to the side, grabbing the scissors on the coffee table and shielded herself with it.

“Mu… Mu Tianye, you… don’t mess, otherwise, I… I won’t be polite to you!”

The girl stood in a wrinkled shirt on the carpet, with the hem rolled up revealing half of her waist. The shoulder on one side had been pulled down by him baring her shoulder. Thus making the purple bruises on her neck even more prominent.

Mu Tianye clenched his hands tight, squeezing his burnt fingers into the palms of his hands.

“Ning Xiaofei… Little liar!”

He gritted the few words and jerked up, striding upstairs.

At the sound of the door being slammed upstairs, Ning Xiaofei’s tight waist relaxed a bit. She lifted a hand to pull down the shirt’s hem as she quailed down weakly.

When she wished it to come, it didn’t. When it wasn’t time for it, it comes.


This time, her chances for having him on the show have gone down the drain again for sure.

At her lower abdomen, the pain gradually intensified.

She raised a hand to press her lower abdomen. She turned her face upstairs. Finally plucking the courage to walk up the stairs, she tiptoed past masters bedroom and slipped through the guest room.

Fortunately, the suitcase had not been packed. She grabbed the pack of sanitary napkins and a lean set of clothes and rushed into the bathroom.

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