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Shi Xueyun standing with proud on her face, allowing everyone to know, how high is Yi Tianyun's position in her heart, and Shi Xueyun is not afraid to be enemies with Spirit Sect!

In fact, Shi Xueyun is aware, that Spirit Sect absolutely doesn't dare to disturb peace, even if Zhao Hualong is slapped, Zhao Hualong will not let that matter become war. Although the comprehensive strength of Jade Palace is weaker than Spirit Sect, with connection from others, Jade Palace can be much stronger than Spirit Sect.

There are a lot of disciples in Jade Palace who are married with outsider, while Jade Palace status is not particularly high outside, but they have no problem to bring some support from outside.

Zhao Hualong knew that his words were a bit mean, but he was slapped. How can he bow down like this, and immediately sneered: “Lord Palace Shi gave me a slap, this is undoubtedly a physical confrontation, this is not a simple matter. If he really didn’t make a mistake, why didn’t you let him go? Not because I want to embarrass him, but because he injured our disciples, not only that, he even accused us to snatch Dragon Blood Divine Pill, he think that we can’t afford Dragon Blood Divine Pill by ourself!”

He is furious that Shi Xueyun slap him in front of so many people. This humiliation is unimaginable.

“Is it? I repeat it again, I believe that Tianyun will not beat people without reason. They want to snatch the Dragon Blood Divine Pill. Sure you can afford this pill, but you won't use it for these trash! If you really insist blame this to Tianyun, then don’t expect me to go down without a fight!” The strong aura around Shi Xueyun has not dissipated, rising with every tick of time, and anger is bubbling in her eyes.

She thinks Yi Tianyun will definitely lose. That is not the only reason, the main reason is that his body is too weak, which make the consequences of losing worse. If he is smashed out, even if he is not dead, he will be disabled for life.

In any case, Shi Xueyun will not give in, this is her bottom line!

Although her aura is strong enough, but Yi Tianyun standing on one side is suffering from the judgemental eyes watching around them. A man standing behind a woman, is considered to be a weakling, that equal to a chicken. In this world of martial arts, it is a very shameful action.

Yi Tianyun is not weak, nor is he a chicken. He always wants to stand up and prove himself, prove that he is not a trash, and prove that his aunt is not supporting a wrong person!

“I will fight, I will represent Jade Palace.” Yi Tianyun stood up and looked indifferent.

He did not retreat, he isn't coward. He stood boldly at this moment. Even if he died on the duel, he would stand up for himself. With firm eye, not afraid of dead, fearless, standing above his peers.

Once he stop speaking, the sound of the system sounded in his mind.

『Quest: Defeat the disciples of the Spirit Sect challenge and lead Jade Palace to victory!』

『Reward: 10,000 exp, 100 gold, Divine Armor (Common)!』

“Quest ? This reward is quite plenty!” Yi Tianyun was very happy with this information. He did not expect to have such quest. As long as he can complete it, the reward he received will be worth his trouble, especially the exp.

Just the treasures that are obtained, looks like the level is too low?

Whether it is a weapon or a treasure, it is divided into several levels: Common, Spirit, Holy, Relic, and Artifact!

Yi Tianyun’s words attracted all the attention around him. Among them, Zhao Hualong squatted and sneered at the corner of his mouth. This was a sly smile and finally he got what he wanted. If Shi Xueyun did not agree, he really couldn't help it, but Yi Tianyun himself agreed, and that's really fits his convenience.

Well for Spirit Sect itself, Fang Chen is just a low level disciple, they didn't really care about Fang Chen's life. However, Fang Yun is really angry. If his little brother who is getting along with him within day and night is dead, how can he not be angry?

As everyone knows, his little brother has become a victim and was immediately used by Zhao Hualong.

The female disciple of Jade Palace, watching the eyes of Yi Tianyun have changed a bit, at least he did not choose to remain silent and let his aunt keep protecting him, but chose to stand up, this is how a man should be!

Shi Xueyun hurriedly said to him: “Don’t talk nonsense, this is not a joke!” Her expression was very serious, or at least that's how Yi Tianyun saw it.

“If I don’t participate in this competition, then I can't call myself a man. Not worthy of aunt’s protection.” Yi Tianyun smiled at her, and his eyes were extremely firm.

Shi Xueyun was surprised by Yi Tianyun’s gaze. She had never seen such fire in Yi Tianyun's eyes, he's so determined to win! Immediately, she took a deep breath and said to Zhao Hualong: “Okay, I agree!”

“That’s good, after half a month, I'll see you on arena!” Zhao Hualong sneered: “This is a life and death duel, dead is justified!”

At this time, Yi Tianyun stood up and said coldly: “No problem, no matter what happens to me in this duel, stop giving problem to our palace!”

“This is interesting, this will be your grave, of course!” Zhao Hualong sneered, and they yelled at Fang Yun: “Let’s go!”

Fang Yun were taken aback. When Fang Yun left, he looked at Yi Tianyun with a troubled look. Although he know he wants to fight with Yi Tianyun until dead but it is impossible to kill Yi Tianyun with Shi Xueyun standing next to him.

When they left, the entire Jade Palace was blown up into chatter, and no one was optimistic about Yi Tianyun. In this competition, his cultivation is too weak it's like already losing before even depart to a war, especially Yi Tianyun lack of blood qi, if the battle is a little dragged, then he will lose.

In the face of confusion and dissatisfaction of the entire Jade Palace, Yi Tianyun’s expression is still so indifferent. He already withstand this kind of treatment before, and today is not different than any other day.

“Disperse.” Shi Xueyun said with a wave.

“Yes, Palace Lord.”

After many female disciples looked at Yi Tianyun with disappointment, they left. This time, the winners and losers will decide the direction of things in Jade Palace. They naturally did not want to see what the changes would be.

When everyone left, Shi Xueyun said softly: “Don’t force yourself, even if you lose just keep your life. As long as you live, everything will be okay.”

“Aunt, do you believe me?” Yi Tianyun asked in a firm tone.

“I believe you!” Shi Xueyun nodded without hesitation, but immediately sighed: “But one must know what one can do, if your body…” She said that behind her, her eyes becomes watery, which caused by her feeling saddened. If there is no pill to supply Yi Tianyun's blood qi, it is estimated that Yi Tianyun has already died.

“I will win!” Yi Tianyun grabbed the small hand of Shi Xueyun and smiled brightly: “Even if I stand on death door, I don’t want to kneel, let me be willful. I don't want my aunt to be criticized again, and I don't want my aunt to be wronged again…"

“Stupid child, what are you talking about?” Shi Xueyun’s eyes were red, with tears framing her beautiful face.

“Stupid child, even thouh you are not that much older than me, and you even can call me little brother.” Yi Tianyun reached for her tears, but she still hold firmness on her eyes.

Yi Tianyun returned to his room. After calming down himself and calming down his aunt completely, he returned his gaze to Crazy Leveling System. Because of the chaos earlier, many things have not been clarified.

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