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Chapter 338
In the Greatest Heaven Sect, the sect master held a strange thing in his hand and frowned for a long time . Then he raised his head and asked Elder Zhang, who was opposite to him “Are you sure?”

“Yes, Sect Master . ” Elder Zhang solemnly nodded and somewhat helplessly said “After the determination of at least six Elders in the sect, plus a few outsiders have confirmed that this is the conclusion . This secret plane was mentioned in the sect’s classics . ”

“This is actually the key to the secret plane of my predecessors?” The sect master of the Greatest Heaven Sect held the key in his hand and sighed . When he arrived in this realm, he saw much better things, and there were not many things that could surprise him .

“This secret plane is different . ” Elder Zhang saw that the sect master seemed to pay little attention it and hurriedly reminded “The things in the secret plane are very important . According to the records, there are likely to be a lot of resources and magic weapons . For the current situation of sect it will be very helpful . ”

“Is the location of the secret plane determined?” The sect master nodded . If there were such things, it was really urgent for the current the Greatest Heaven Sect .

“No!” Elder Zhang replied very slyly “The sect has records, but the key position is still recorded in the secret key itself . It is still impossible to determine the location of the secret . ”

“There are no people who recognized these inscriptions?” The sect master certainly knew what Elder Zhang means when he came to him, but there were still some things to confirm .

“It was at least 10,000 years ago, and now some of the loss is normal . ” Elder Zhang heard the complaints in the voice of the sect master, but he could only explain this . Who told the sect not to have no one who recognized these inscriptions, there was a key in their hands, but they could not judge the location of the secret plane, it was simply driving them crazy .

“Who knows these inscriptions among the cultivators?” The sect master nodded slowly, he was more clear about this point than Elder Zhang .

Although the inheritance of the Greatest Heaven Sect has exceeded 10,000 years, but the things of 10,000 years ago have not been fully inherited . A lot of things were developing and changing, even the text was the same . The Greatest Heaven Sect was also a pioneer in promoting this development . But sadly, now the Greatest Heaven Sect couldn’t explain what the sect’s predecessors left behind .

“It is said that Yang Chen of the Pure Yang Palace may recognize it . ” Elder Zhang looked up at the sect master and replied with a slight sigh .

“Yang Chen?” The sect master suddenly frowned . The sect has sent six Yuanying stage ancestors to chase Yang Chen, Elder Zhang knew about, but he choose this time to mention Yang Chen, what does this mean?

“From the population of the Blue Cloud Sect, I learned that a few decades ago, Yang Chen went to explore a secret plane with the Blue Cloud Sect’s Snow Fairy . The secret key at the time was won from Jiu Xian . ” Elder Zhang nodded explained “The secret plane was said to have been passed down for thousands of years . It led to the killing of Luo Yuan, the master of the late dacheng . This was the reason why the Blue Cloud Sect was very angry . Finally, Yang Chen came back and Luo Yuan did not return . ”

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“What does this have to do with my sect?” The sect master also knew about this . The Blue Cloud Sect was rushed into the mountain protecting great formation by a master of the dacheng stage . Basically, all other sects knew about this, but specifically because of what, only a few selected people were clear about it, Elder Zhang also used his personal relationships to know the point .

“The secret key, the wine fairy had it on him for a long time, but he didn’t know it was the key to a secret plane . ” Elder Zhang said quickly “The inscription on the secret key is said to be from a million years ago, but Yang Chen knew it . ”

The last sentence was the key, the inscription of the secret key was from tens of thousands years ago, but Yang Chen knew it . Although this does not prove that Yang Chen knew the inscription on the key of the Greatest Heaven Sect, there was at least one possibility .

Yang Chen was the target that the Greatest Heaven Sect’s top management has decided to remove . His existence has even affected the strength of the Blue Cloud Sect and the Green Jade Immortal Island . This was a big worry for the Greatest Heaven Sect . If they could not recruit him, they immediately made decisive arrangements to kill him, even the sect has sent six Yuanying stage masters to perform this task .

But now, Yang Chen was the person who was most likely to know these inscriptions . Between the elimination of Yang Chen and the acquisition of the resources of the secret plane, it was really difficult for the sect master to choose .

“Sect Master, if Yang Chen who is just a little Jiedan stage younger generation junior, lives a few more days, it is not something that cannot be tolerated . ” Elder Zhang also had no way, there was the key in his hand, but he did not know the specific location, which made him very depressed .

Of course, what was even more depressing was that the one who was most likely to know these inscriptions was still a Jiedan stage junior of their own counterparts and he was the one that must be eradicated .

In this case, Elder Zhang could only come to ask the sect master to decide . Let Yang Chen live for a while, let him help them to see what was recorded in the inscription on the inscription, would he still be desperate to eradicate him?

The sect master was also thoughtful, how could he not think of the small secret key, there would be many involved . What was in front of him was the resources left by the ancestral predecessors and the death of Yang Chen, which one was more important .

Obviously, Yang Chen would absolutely die, no matter whether it was the Elders or the sect master, they firmly believed this . Perhaps, they should let him help to see what was in the inscription, and then die, that was what was most in line with the interests of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

“Has Liu Feng begun attacking him?” The sect master sighed and could only choose to let Yang Chen live . Since Yang Chen was needed alive, those who they sent out couldn’t do it right away .

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“It’s not clear . ” Elder Zhang was here for this matter, and naturally understood clearly “However, they sent back news a month ago that they have already caught up with the boy’s trace and were just waiting for him to go out to sea . ”

“Well, contact them and let them suspend their hands . ” Since the sect master made a decision, he immediately issued an order . A month’s time, there were too many variables, if the message was not timely, maybe Yang Chen would die and the things that the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted would be buried .

“Yes!” Elder Zhang promised, and was about to turn and leave, suddenly he saw a disciple rushing and stumble, waiting for some time on his face: “The sect master is here but you are breaching etiquette, what is so urgent?”

“Sect Master, Elder, there is a big event . ” when the disciple was reprimanded by Elder Zhang, he did not dare to answer back . He hurriedly gathered a distressed posture and said quickly .

“What is it? What is making you make all this fuss?” The sect master frowned, it was not a big event that had fallen from the sky . It was so embarrassing in the sect that it seemed to be a whole mess .

“Reporting to the sect master, this disciple is a disciple of the duty hall . ” The disciple quickly reported: “Just now, Liu Feng and five other ancestors who have gone out to practice, their life source tablets has been completely broken, confirming their deaths . ”

What? Listening to this news, the sect master and Elder Zhang stood up and their momentum rose sharply “What did you say?”

“The life source tablets of the six ancestors who have gone out to practice have been broken . ” The disciples who came running also knew that things were not good . He said it again and he almost cried out on his face .

This life source tablet was only given after the cultivator was promoted to the Yuanying stage, and it would be left behind in the sect, it would determine the status of the cultivator . When he was dead, the spirit tablet would be broken . They were usually stored in the main hall of a Sect or in a special room . There were many masters of the Greatest Heaven Sect who were in the Yuanying stage . The transmitting duty hall was the place where the Greatest Heaven Sect specializes in storing the master’s life source tablets .

Once the life source tablet was broken, it means that the cultivator was dead . And Liu Fengs’ six people, these were the people that the Greatest Heaven Sect sent out to chase Yang Chen and they were all Yuanying stage masters, not only did they bring the sect’s flying magic weapon and the sea sealing flag array, but also the tracking compass that was refined by a dacheng stage master, with all of this killing one Jiedan stage junior would simply be a breeze .

They just wanted Elder Zhang to send a message to them, so that they don’t proceed for the time being . They couldn’t believe that the six people perished in just the blink of an eye .

In the end what happened? They were chasing Yang Chen but was instead killed? This was absolutely impossible . Yang Chen was just a small Jiedan stage younger generation junior . Unless, they had an accident .

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“Was it broken at the same time, or was it broken one after the other?” The sect master asked subconsciously and seemed to want to determine what even he himself did not know how he would ask this question .

“Reporting to the sect master, it was at the same time . ” The disciples had a little recall and gave the answer . In fact, there were still some differences, but the time difference was too short, making it easy for people to misunderstand that it was at the same time .

“Check it out and see what happened!?” The sect master calmed down and shouted loudly . The disciple who just came to report, hurriedly saluted and ran out quickly .

“You go to the Blue Cloud Sect to inquire about when Yang Chen was chased by Luo Yuan, what happened in the end? How could the foundation stage younger generation junior come back but the master of the late dacheng stage disappeared?” The calmer the sect master became the more meticulous his mind was getting .

“What kind of magic weapon can kill six Yuanying stage ancestors at the same time?” The sect master even sent the two people out, but he began to talk to himself “was there any master with him?”

When Yang Chen was chased by the master of the dacheng stage, it was not obvious what happened during the period . Perhaps knowing this would help to determine what Liu Feng’s group has encountered in the end .

There must be secrets that everyone does not know in the ocean, otherwise Yang Chen would not run there anytime there was something wrong . This point was missed when the people of the Greatest Heaven Sect set the plan . They thought that as long as they could trap Yang Chen, it would be easy to eliminate him . Now it seems that it was not so simple .

If the loss of six Yuanying stage ancestors was placed in any sect, it would be a great event . Soon, the elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect were informed and came to discuss about it . Elder Zhang quickly rushed to the Blue Cloud Sect, trying to find out what happened to Yang Chen when he went to the sea .

At present, it was not a question of not killing Yang Chen, but to immediately understand the cause of death of the six Yuanying stage ancestors . Of course, the inscription of the secret key that Elder Zhang said, since Yang Chen was not dead for a while, they should let him look at it anyway .

Yang Chen would not know that there were many things happening in the Greatest Heaven Sect . He was now standing on the sailboat and trying to control this magic weapon .

The former strong man has been cut off by Yang Chen with a sword, and his body was thrown to the blood demon vine to recover its strength . As for the Qiankun bag, of course, he will keep it and examine it slowly .

Now Yang Chen was also starting to learn, after getting a Qiankun bag, he would throw it to Xiao Tian, let it swallow all the things one by one . If there was something like the spiritual awareness imprint on them, it would be digested by Xiao Tian, leaving no traces . It would not be so easy to trace Yang Chen in a similar way again .

This winged sailboat made Yang Chen very surprised . In the memory of his previous life, there was no such thing . Or, in the past life, he did not have the opportunity to see such a powerful thing, so it was normal to have no memory about it .

The quality of the sailboat was very high and it was not something that an ordinary Yuanying stage master could refine . Yang Chen discovered this after the first contact with it . It seems that this sailing boat was a magic weapon for the sect to use for their transportation . Therefore, after the refining, the refiner himself did not use his spiritual awareness to sacrificially refine it, he turned it into a public magic weapon .

This was like the flying shuttle that Yang Chen got from the treasure house of the Dragon Palace . The master has not been recognized, as long as he marked it with his spiritual awareness, he could use it at any time . The original spiritual awareness imprint of the strong man disappeared with the death of the strong man and Yang Chen was naturally having it easy .

The sailboat could also fly, but the speed was slower than the shuttle . In the water, although it couldn’t enter the water raft like the shuttle, it could become a high-speed sailboat floating on the water .

Most importantly, the sailing boat’s protective ability was very good . If it was not that the strong man fainted and could not control it, Yang Chen would have to spend a lot of time trying to board the sailboat .

This kind of natural protection plus the flying magic weapon, Yang Chen directly arranged the attribution . His Senior apprentice sister Gongsun Ling does not have a good transportation device, he would just give it to her as a little tribute .

Until this time that Yang Chen discovered that the sailing boat and the wings were actually two different magic weapons . The wings were strong, and there was no spiritual awareness imprint on it . It was easy for Yang Chen to keep it .

After learning about the use of water-dividing wings, Yang Chen could not help but become surprised . Although the water-dividing wings had great limitations and were not available in the air, they could double the speed of the shuttle or sailboat in the water . Just this was enough to make Yang Chen happy to the extreme .

How fast would the speed of the shuttle be if it doubled in the water? Even if the second city master turned into his real form and flapped his wings furiously, it would be impossible to catch up with Yang Chen in the water .

Yang Chen’s shuttle with water-spraying dividing wings means that Yang Chen has directly given himself an insurance in the water, and no one could catch up with him . Even if there was a flying magic weapon that was faster than Yang Chen’s shuttle, it was impossible to have such a powerful speed in the water .

He directly marked the water dividing wing first with his spiritual awareness, after simply recognizing him as the master, Yang Chen picked up the compass of the strong man on the deck of the sailboat .

With the input of his spiritual power, the compass’s pointer immediately moved . Immediately, Yang Chen noticed that the spiritual awareness imprint in his own sea of consciousness trembled . This compass was the magic weapon used to track Yang Chen .

It was just that Yang Chen’s doubt was who the master of this spiritual awareness seal was? How could he still control this in his own sea of consciousness? Curious, Yang Chen was not even willing to drive out the spiritual awareness imprint . He wanted to know who this guy was .

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