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When leaving, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling just sent Yang Chen off in Immortal’s Cave and did not follow Yang Chen outside. They knew that Yang Chen couldn't always stay in the Pure Yang Palace as a coward.

Yang Chen did not fly away with the shuttle at the beginning, but first flew to the market of the meiqing mountain with his flying sword. Here, the first thing Yang Chen did was to send news to Shangguan Feng through certain channels and use a pound of high-grade spirit stone to buy Yang Lan's head.

Yang Lan was just a late foundation stage cultivator. A pound of high-grade spirit stone has surpassed the limit of the reward needed for a foundation stage expert. There would be many guys interested in this business.

Although it would be absolutely easy to get Yang Lan's head with a larger reward such as the questioning inner heart pill, that would make him get killed too easily. Only with this kind of price, just beyond the general market prices, would have Yang Lan live in the fear of being killed and spend every day in fear.

When Yang Chen appeared in the market, many people had their eyes in him, but here was still within the scope of the Meiqing Mountain, the site of the Pure Yang Palace, different from the past, no one dares to scatter in the site of the Pure Yang Palace now. The anger of the two dacheng stage masters was by no means acceptable to anyone.

Very contradictory things, no one dares to face the Pure Yang Palace on the bright side, but many people were secretly going out with the idea of ​​the most powerful alchemy master in Pure Yang Palace. This was reality, it was never set on the bright side.

When Yang Chen drove the flying sword away from the Meiqing Mountain, he did not know how many eyes stared at the direction he was threading, until his figure disappeared into the sky, only then did many talents slowly recover their gaze.

Just as Yang Chen intended to adjust his direction and call the shuttle to fly to the direction where the Golden Star of the Sun left behind the seventh metal true essence, the spiritual awareness imprint that was hiding in his sea of consciousness suddenly gave a strange flash.

With Yang Chen's current understanding of his sea of consciousness, the spiritual awareness imprint that was wrapped by his spiritual awareness could flash, this was by no means what ordinary people could do.

This group of spiritual awareness imprint, the last time Yang Chen went to the Dragon Palace treasure house, some people used it to chase after him . At that time, Yang Chen constantly threw some things with the mark of spiritual awareness into the ocean, causing a group of the chasing guys to be attacked by monsters, and finally Yang Chen easily killed them after coming out of the treasure chest.

The only mark of the spiritual awareness that was kept, Yang Chen intended to use it to follow the other side after waiting for his strength to improve, then he would think of a counter attack.

Being able to respond under Yang Chen's early dacheng stage spiritual awareness threads, it was sure that the master of the spiritual awareness imprint has been helped by a master of the dacheng stage.

The imprint of the spiritual awareness left in the past was inexplicably missing, no one could trace it. Yang Chen also dragged on for too long and almost forgot about it. Unexpectedly, the other party actually started to trace this imprint near the Meiqing Mountain.

This was a master of the dacheng stage or an expert who have the spiritual awareness of the dacheng stage. Only the level similar to Yang Chen's spiritual awareness could cause the vibration of the spiritual awareness.

Since the other party was coming to him, Yang Chen would certainly not be polite, he would still entertain them. Because of the existence of the shuttle in the sea, it was almost the home of Yang Chen, Yang Chen immediately changed his direction.

The other party had suffered a big loss in the sea the last time so they must be prepared this time. However, Yang Chen was not afraid at all. The other party seems to be very prepared. However, it was impossible to know his destination by relying on the spiritual awareness imprint. It was only decided by Yang Chen where he wanted to go.

Since the spiritual awareness imprint could vibrate once, the other party has once again traced Yang Chen. Yang Chen was not afraid of the other party, he called out the shuttle and just found a direction, he then flew there at full speed.

Letting the other party know that their destination was arranged in advance was not the style of Yang Chen. It was necessary to use the high speed of the shuttle. It was good to play with these tracking guys before he led them to the final battlefield. There was such an opportunity after coming out from the retreat after his refining. Yang Chen was eager to move his muscles.

Yang Chen also had no specific goals in the direction from his random selection. It was only after two hours that the spiritual awareness imprint had shaken again. The vibration was very slight, but in the sea of consciousness of Yang Chen, it was very clear.

The other party was not close to himself, he was at least a thousand miles behind. Yang Chen didn’t know what the other party was going to do to catch up with him, but it was not within his consideration.

After flying for almost three or five days, Yang Chen changed his direction very casually. It was repeated three times and five times, after half a month, even Yang Chen does not know where the front may lead, let alone the guys who were tracking him.

However, the other party was obviously going to follow the fate of Yang Chen. On the way, the spiritual awareness imprint would vibrate once every half day and the vibration became stronger each time.

Yang Chen didn’t know what it was, was it that the strength of the guy who was tracking himself still improving? He didn’t understand, Yang Chen simply didn’t think much about it, he just gave it a quick thought.

On the way forward, Yang Chen had been in the shuttle and he didn’t neglect his cultivation. The leisurely control of the fire seeds into the profound spirit furnace, the separation of a third-grade fire seed, making the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire fuse with it. A month’s time was enough for Yang Chen to merge and devour a third-grade fire seed, and the Yin-Yang Heaven Burning Fire grew a bit.

After four or five consecutive changes, Yang Chen finally determined a direction and then rushed toward the sea. But this time it was not the direction of the East China Sea, but the direction of the South China Sea.

There was no stop on the way. After this selection, there was no change. After one month, Yang Chen's shuttle rushed to the South Sea. When he arrived at the beach, Yang Chen did not stop at all. The shuttle plunged into the sea and went straight into the sea. He turned slightly westward on the seafloor and swam rapidly toward the depths of the sea.

Less than half an hour after Yang Chen entered the sea, there was a ship-shaped magic weapon that appeared on the beach. This magic weapon was very big. It looked like a pointed-headed sailboat. It didn’t stop falling on the surface of the sea. The wind and power were generally chased down in the direction of Yang Chen.

Even on the sea, the sailboat has maintained an amazing speed. If Yang Chen saw it, he would be surprised. The speed of this sailing boat was not slower than that of Yang Chen’s shuttle, and it could almost go hand in hand.

In the cabin of the sailboat, a few figures were sitting on a plate, motionless. The brave man in the center, looking at a compass in front of him, the pointer of the compass referred to the direction of Yang Chen.

“He thought that only he had a flying magic weapon, hey, this time let him die without a place to bury!” After reading the compass, the brave man suddenly snorted, on his hands a stroke pair of crystal clear wings suddenly appeared, It became bigger and flew outside the cabin and fixed on the ship’s side.

The wings suddenly flickered, the speed of the sailing boat almost doubled, and chased Yang Chen.



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