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“This time, the quality of these Questioning Inner Heart Pills are…” Anyway, before Yang Chen planned to go out and practice, many things had to be arranged. At least the pill which he refined for the Blue Cloud Sect must be handed over. Zhu Chentao, the master of the medicinal hall, took over these pills and soon discovered the abnormality of the medicinal pills.

“Why, is there a problem?” The lord of the palace was shocked. If the medicinal pills of the Blue Cloud Sect were ruined, it would be difficult to explain. It was said that Yang Chen would not make such a mistake. Was it a miss?

“No.” Zhu Chentao shook his head and took a careful look at a questioning inner heart pill. This time, Yang Chen's alchemy confused him. Zhu Chentao did not know what happened during the refining process. Therefore, he observed it very carefully and replied casually: “It is a bit too good.”

“Is it a second-grade pill?” The master of the palace was relieved, and the worry in his heart was finally laid down. But he immediately frowned, if it was a second-grade pill, then it could not be easily handed over to the Blue Cloud Sect.

“No, it is still a first-grade medicinal pill, but the quality is much better than that of the Green Jade Immortal Island’s.” After Zhu Chentao was promoted to the Yuanying stage, the ability of his spiritual awareness to explore the quality of pills was more skillful and his judgment was much more accurate. After a long time of observation, he has already confirmed the quality of this batch of Questioning Inner Heart Pills.

Listening to Zhu Chentao’s judgment, the eyes of the head of the palace were transferred to Yang Chen, Zhu Chentao also looked over and seemed to be waiting for Yang Chen to give a reasonable explanation.

“Sorry, I didn’t control it for a while.” Yang Chen faced the two big eyes and he only gave a little helpless explanation, but his look seemed to be innocent.

Yang Chen's expressions and words directly made the palace master and Zhu Chentao silent. This level of medicinal pill, it could also be said that the quality was excellent, but he did not control it. Would this news not make many alchemy masters feel embarrassed? If someone else doesn’t control it, it would be the destruction of the pills, but Yang Chen’s pills were actually more than ordinary. What was the meaning of this?

They became speechless, but both the master and Zhu Chentao could understand what these pills mean. If it works properly, the Pure Yang Palace would definitely get more benefits. The head of the palace was even anticipating the expression of the people of the Blue Cloud Sect when they got these pills.

As for how to explain to the Green Jade Immortal Island, it was very easy, the more the refining was, the better the skills would become, naturally if there was better quality, it was nothing strange. If the Green Jade Immortal Island wanted to continue cooperation, the Pure Yang Palace would never refuse.

Handing over the pills to the head of the palace, Yang Chen had already completed one task. At least the transaction with the Blue Cloud Sect was considered to be preliminary done, and they would only be waiting for the income for the Pure Yang Palace in the next few decades.

Next, Yang Chen would consider going out to collect the seventh metal true essence and tenth water true essence. This was the key to Yang Chen's great yin and yang five elements secret art golden core.

According to the normal practice, with the experience and sentiment of Yang Chen Great Principle Golden Immortal memory, plus many elixirs, Yang Chen was able to let his remaining spirit power condense.

However, if he used this method, Yang Chen would only have a kind of spiritual power golden core. Each estimate requires Yang Chen to spend about ten years. In this way, it would take 70 years to fully condense the golden core. This was what Yang Chen was not willing to wait for.

The Great Yin and Yang Five Elements secret art also payed attention to balance. In the 70 years, the fire attribute of the first condensed Dan must have reached the middle Jiedan stage, and the last condensed Dan would only be at the early Jiedan stage. The difference in the Jiedan stage was not as small as the foundation stage. If the cultivation base had decades of difference, it would inevitably disrupt the balance of Yang Chen’s Yin-Yang Five Elements.

The emergence of Yang Xi let Yang Chen understand that the Greatest Heaven Sect’s high-level has made up their mind to eliminate himself. This was not only a pressure for Yang Chen, but also a driving force.

Fortunately In this life, he was not like in his previous life, the Pure Yang Palace was getting stronger and stronger, even if the Greatest Heaven Sect wanted to deal with him, it would not be possible for them to be brazen, they could only go about it secretly.

This was the same as Yang Chen's need to deal with the Greatest Heaven Sect. For the time being, it cannot be made public. However, if the other party wanted to remove himself in secret, then they must bear the loss of the manpower, but they couldn’t get the upper hand. Even if he openly kills the other person, they could only bite their teeth and swallow.

Gao Yue and Gong Sunling practiced very hard. After Yang Chen saw Yang Xi the last time, he finally said Yang Lan's intention. The behemoth of the Greatest Heaven Sect had a murderous heart for Yang Chen, the two women suddenly felt a terrible pressure. It seems that they intended to share some pressure with Yang Chen and for the sake of themselves not becoming the burden of Yang Chen, they almost went on a crazy cultivation spree. In this regard, Yang Chen persuaded them many times, but the speed was not let up, the two women could not easily let themselves relax, Yang Chen could only let the two women go crazy. This time when Yang Chen went out for a trip, he must be ready to give the two women their life source flying swords.

From the rare materials obtained from the banyan cave house, Yang Chen gave them to his master. She was a master of refining, and with these things, she could definitely improve her level quickly.

Before leaving, Yang Chen did not forget to go to the ancestor Wang Yong. On one hand, it was to let the ancestor pay more attention to the safety of Gao Yue, on the other hand, it was to find the ancestor to ask him to promise to refine the second city lord’s body for Gao Yue.

The corpse of the second city master was reflected in the fact that it has been refined into a flying eagle, but the final step was still to be completed. After Wang Yong's promotion to the dacheng stage, he did not do anything else and he was fully committed to refining this flying eagle. He also knew that this was the last card that Yang Chen prepared for Gao Yue so he was very careful.

In fact, Wang Yong knew that after Yang Chen was able to refine the second Inner Sensing Pill, he knew that his own grand disciple who had such a great talent in the Dao of alchemy would definitely cause many people’s worries and dissatisfaction. Wang Yong, who was already a master of the dacheng stage knew the cruelty of the cultivation world more than anyone else, so he was also trying to get Yang Chen out of trouble.

“There are always many challenges in cultivation, go!” Wang Yong's attitude toward Yang Chen was far freer and easier than Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling. Without tempering, he would never become extraordinary. The path of cultivation was not smooth.

For Yang Chen's safety, Wang Yong was almost never worried. The speed of the shuttle has been personally seen by Wang Yong, he could always escape, and even the powerful second city lord had died in Yang Chen’s hands. He believed that others could not pose much danger to Yang Chen.

“The Greatest Heaven Sect people have always been arrogant, and if you meet them on any occasions, don’t hold back.” Since Wang Yong passed the yin fire tribulation, his temperament changed greatly, not only the incomparable self-confidence in cultivation, but also the threat of treatment ” No matter what, you just have to remember that the sect is always behind you. Remember, we are not afraid of anyone, including the Greatest Heaven Sect!”


Translator: Don Stagy

Editor:  Mike

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