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Chapter 336: 336
Yang Chen being at the bottom of the sea did not expect it at all that the other party still had such a trick . For so many years, Yang Chen relied on the shuttle he got from the Dragon Palace treasure house to move around unhindered, Guan Yueying and Luo Yuan had been taught a lesson because of the shuttle, Luo Yuan even lost his life because he could not catch up with Yang Chen .

When he drove the shuttle, nobody was able to catch up with Yang Chen . Yang Chen only met such an event once, that was the second city lord whose main body was a Goshawk . The second city lord had a dacheng stage cultivation base and was by itself a flying monster, so his speed was very fast, but catching up to him was very difficult for him .

All of these made Yang Chen and the pure Yang Palace people have an unusual confidence in Yang Chen’s shuttle . It seems that as long as Yang Chen has the shuttle in hand, it would be impossible for others to catch up with him .

Everyone thought that it was impossible for others to catch up with Yang Chen in the shuttle and Yang Chen seems to have forgotten that although the shuttle was taken from the Dragon Palace and it’s grade was very high, the shuttle has not yet reached its limit . It was closely related to Yang Chen’s cultivation . The Jiedan stage cultivation base was only able to bring out part of the speed of the shuttle, not all .

Yang Chen, who was speeding along on the bottom of the sea, did not notice that a winged sailboat on the sea was turbulent and that it was catching up with himself at a speed that was nearly double that of the shuttle .

He let the other party follow him in circles for more than a month, just to make the other party unable to determine his destination so that he could set a trap in advance . When they came to the sea, it was basically Yang Chen who had the final say .

“If it wasn’t for the old man in the sky, the water dividing wings couldn’t be blessed on the ship and we wouldn’t have caught up with this little animal . ” On the sailboat, watching the pointer on the compass swing faster and faster, the owner of the wing sneered again and again “You really thought the sea was your world?”

The several people sitting next to each other also slowly stood up and began to prepare for the next battle . Their goal this time was very clear . They must seize Yang Chen or kill him . They couldn’t let Yang Chen return to the Pure Yang Palace .

A few months ago, the Greatest Heaven Sect received some secret news that the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect successively made deals with the Pure Yang Palace, they would provide enormous benefits to the Pure Yang Palace in exchange for dozens of Questioning Inner Heart Pills .

This news shocked the high ranking members of the Greatest Heaven Sect . Under the circumstances that the Greatest Heaven Sect was bombed and their vitality was severely injured, the Green Jade Immortal Island and the Blue Cloud Sect got dozens of Questioning Inner Heart Pills, what could this mean . It was really scary to think about it .

If they let this situation develop, it would take less than a few years, and the name of the number one sect of the Dao Sects would be changed .

For a moment, these high-ranking members in the Greatest Heaven Sect were eager to get a senior alchemist master like Yang Chen . If the fellow who was responsible for picking up the disciples did not throw Yang Chen out of the gate, how good would it be? It was a pity that everything was late now . The news that Yang Lan brought back, Yang Chen was not only unappreciative but he was also scornful of the Greatest Heaven Sect .

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It was obviously impossible to let Yang Chen take the initiative to come to them, so the rest was either to capture Yang Chen alive to force him to be their sects alchemist or to kill him, and never suffer from it, but regardless of that, there was a premise . It was for them to do their possible best to get a certain secret manual or alchemy recipes from Yang Chen .

A guy who could refine the Heaven Seizing Pill in the foundation stage could never be born naturally . The only explanation was that Yang Chen had an adventure and got a strong alchemy secret manual, otherwise they could not explain his enchanting performance .

This secret manual was definitely found in the countless miscellaneous books he read, the Greatest Heaven Sect was convinced of this . Yang Chen’s habit of reading miscellaneous books has long been known to all . There must be such a book for Yang Chen to have such a level of alchemy talent .

The Greatest Heaven Sect sent a strong lineup this time . Last time, they just randomly dispatched a few of their members in the rogue cultivator’s alliance but nothing was left by Yang Chen . This time, the Greatest Heaven Sect attached great importance to it, so all the people they sent were at the Yuanying stage .

For Yang Chen’s combat effectiveness, to tell the truth, the Greatest Heaven Sect did not care much about it . Yang Chen was even more powerful . Even if Li Qichen could be killed in the early stage of the foundation realm, it would be just a small fight . Maybe he might use a certain powerful medicinal pill .

A person was even more powerful, but after all it was limited, but Yang Chen’s medicinal pills were worthy of dozens of masters . This was the thing that made the Greatest Heaven Sect jealous .

Six Yuanying stage masters to deal with Yang Chen, in the view of the Greatest Heaven Sect elders, was more than enough . Not only that, but there were also two magic weapons that were refined by dacheng stage masters . One was the tracking compass to specifically track the spiritual awareness imprint of a certain person . The other was the sailing boat that everyone was riding .

This was a small and famous magic weapon of the Greatest Heaven Sect, but the reputation was only spread in the sect of the Greatest Heaven Sect and it has not been circulated . Sailboats were just a bit faster and there were no other advantages to it so others would not pay too much attention to it .

However, if the sailboat was coupled with the water dividing wings of the robust man, it would be able to more than double the speed of the sailboat in the sea . This was the trump card of the Greatest Heaven Sect this time .

Initiating the vibration of the spiritual awareness imprint, it was also the fact that these guys knocked on the mountain and took the initiative to let Yang Chen discover that they were tracking him . They had analyzed Yang Chen’s several actions . Whether it was killing others or being chased by Luo Yuan, Yang Chen liked to run to the sea . So they knew that Yang Chen would definitely return to the sea .

It was estimated that Yang Chen’s plans were not enough . The enemy has already thoroughly studied his behavior, and even his final destination has been counted . Anyway, as long as they got to the sea, Yang Chen’s speed that he was proud of could no longer be relied on .

Water subdue fire, Yang Chen’s spirit root which was fire could be subdued by the water attribute spiritual roots . With the five Yuanying stage masters, it was estimated that there would be no residue left behind by Yang Chen .

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At the beginning, Yang Chen just rushed to the road and planned to find some powerful monsters to use, but he did not think that the enemy’s speed would be so fast . As soon as the sailboat entered Yang Chen’s detective range, Yang Chen noticed the existence of the sailboat, but could not know how many people were inside the sailboat . This sailing boat was effectively shielded against the exploration of the spiritual awareness .

At this time, Yang Chen was already on the bottom of the sea thousands of miles away . No matter how he fled, it was already too late .

The speed of the other side was far more than the shuttle, the die has been cast . Yang Chen had no possibility of running away .

In less than an hour, the sailboat has already reached the top of Yang Chen . Looking at Yang Chen’s futile efforts to escape in all directions, the leading brawny gave a scornful laugh .

“When you get to the sea, nobody can help you . ” After saying this, the strong man waved his hand and directed at the other five masters

“Set up the formation!” .

The five Yuanying stage ancestors were almost like one person with the same movement, they took a flag each and instantly threw it into the sea . With five people simultaneously providing the input of spiritual power, the five-faced flag, in the moment of contact with the sea surface, instantaneously, along a circumference of a hundred miles, was directly surrounded by a dense fog . The original sea with ​​some waves, suddenly became calm and there was no wave tumbling .

Yang Chen, who was looking around for a chance to escape, suddenly felt his speed slow down and his heart became slightly surprised . His spiritual awareness immediately discovered that the surrounding sea water suddenly turned into ice and the entire shuttle was frozen .

Although the shuttle could still maintain a certain speed in the ice, it could no longer reach half of its initial speed . At this point, Yang Chen had no possibility of running away .

Although this method was not very damaging, even if Yang Chen used the sea jasper, it would be impossible to escape from the formation . In order to trap Yang Chen, the Greatest Heaven Sect painstakingly prepared this time around and they even refined this set of sea sealing flag array .

The sudden change made Yang Chen startled, the shuttle was put away and people had already appeared in the middle of the sea . The flame of the yin-yang heaven burning fire instantly wrapped around his whole body and he quickly flew towards the sea level .

Although the current yin-yang heaven burning fire was still very weak, this level of freezing could not compete with the yin-yang heaven burning fire . The other party just cut off the possibility of his escape . The real trump was still the five Yuanying stage ancestors with water attribute spiritual roots .

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From the sailboat, Yang Chen discovered the figures of the five Yuanying stage ancestors . The reason why he flew to the surface of the sea was that in the sea, unless he used the long river of blood, he was not an opponent to the five water attribute Yuanying stage ancestors . In the air, maybe there would still be a chance for him in the fight .

Regarding Yang Chen’s plan, the Yuanying stage ancestors who pursued did not care . In their opinion, for six of them to deal with one person was already a big advantage for them . It was not that they were looking down on Yang Chen but to deal with a little guy who has just been condensed for twenty or thirty years, there was no possibility of failure .

This time, their calculations were comprehensive . For Yang Chen’s combat power and possession of magic weapons, the Greatest Heaven Sect had calculated everything . The shuttle was now abolished . Yang Chen originally had a wood attribute flying sword, which he used to kill the old devil Lin Changhe, but it was not in line with his own attributes so the power would not be too great when used .

Gao Yue also refined a bright ray sword for Yang Chen . This was Yang Chen’s best flying sword now but compared to their three life source magic weapons, his weapon was nothing at all .

The reason why there were only three pieces of the magic weapon was that the three of them were lost in the vicinity of the Pure Yang Palace last time and have not yet recovered it . Of course, this account should also be counted on Yang Chen’s head .

Apart from this, Yang Chen had no other magic weapon to use, or at least the Greatest Heaven Sect’s Yuanying stage ancestors thought so . In other words, Yang Chen’s now sturdy and unspoken body was estimated to be caused by some kind of lame refining . What kind of refining technique could make the body change so much?

It’s no wonder that Yang Chen’s feeling have never been easy . It was necessary to kill people with his hands . Therefore, those who truly understood how powerful an enemy Yang Chen was have already lost their lives . Those who rely on the exact news to judge Yang Chen’s magic weapon were destined to make mistakes .

Yang Chen’s figure soon reached the surface of the sea . On the sea, the five Yuanying stage ancestors each occupied a direction, surrounding Yang Chen in a group, but they were not in a hurry .

The role of the sea sealing flag array was not just to freeze the ocean . Instead, within the scope of the flag array, the speed of Yang Chen would also be frozen . The clothes of the five Yuanying stage ancestors had countless symbols that could offset the shackles of the flag array . Yang Chen did not have such clothes, so he could only be bound by the formation .

“Yang Chen, I will give you a chance . My sect will give you the chance to join us, as long as you don’t put up a fight, we will not kill you . ” The strong man who was flying in the air on the sailboat watched Yang Chen appear in the encirclement among them and coldly said .

“Speak less nonsense!” Yang Chen screamed, his eyes fixed on the five people around him . It seemed as if he was afraid that they would suddenly start to attack him .

“If you don’t accept our good will, then go to hell!” The face of the strong man had not changed . It seemed that he had expected Yang Chen to say something like this in general and he was just making a routine persuasion . He simply did not intend to let Yang Chen live .

The five Yuanying stage ancestors on the sea seemed to have received their orders and their five flying swords were sent and attacked towards Yang Chen in the middle .

Yang Chen did not dare to take the attack head on, his mind moved and the golden bell came out immediately, it condensed outside his body and Yang Chen was strictly guarded in it .

In just a blink of an eye, the five flying swords had already reached the golden bell . Buzz, a heavy bell sound, revealed from the golden bell rang around Yang Chen .

What Yang Chen expected in that situation was that several of the siege men would be shocked and injured by the golden bell did not happen . The five-faced flag trembled at the moment when the bell rang and an invisible barrier directly surrounded the five Yuanying stage ancestors .

The frozen sea at the foot of Yang Chen suddenly turned into ice powder, the thick layer was directly shattered by the bell sound . However, the tremor of the flag was not stopped and the five Yuanying stage ancestors had not been hurt at all, as if all the bell attacks had been redirected to the ice by the flag .

The shuttle and the golden bell, the two magic weapons were all having problems today . It must be said that the other party’s preparations were comprehensive and Yang Chen was very surprised .

However, those who were even more surprised was the enemy of Yang Chen . The sealing sea flag array was so powerful that they knew better than anyone else . The array of five Yuanying stage ancestors was almost collapsed unexpectedly by the sound of Yang Chen’s bell . If not for everyone immediately stabilizing their positions, they might have been beaten by Yang Chen .

Even the brawny man who have been staying on the sailboat was also surprised . The sailboat itself had the power of protection, but just after the bell rang, he almost couldn’t control the sailboat .

What was this golden bell, why was it so powerful? The flying swords of the five Yuanying stage ancestors could not hurt Yang Chen . The brawny mans’ eyes showed a greedy glint . Such a magic weapon, if it was his own magic weapon, how good would it be?

This method was really annoying, several times in a row,it let Yang Chen be very dissatisfied with this sealing sea flag array . Immediately without hesitation, it was stimulated by his spirit, and the bell rang again and spread toward the four sides . Yang Chen did not believe that the opponent’s formation could be more powerful, that it could resist the attack of several bells?

It was not expected that Yang Chen would have such a powerful attacking means, and the five Yuanying stage ancestors would not be able to attack Yang Chen at all times, while also fully mobilizing their defense .

Although Yang Chen’s bell attack was fierce, it consumed spiritual power, with five people working together, even if they were tired, Yang Chen would also be tired .

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