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From the beginning of her cultivation, Sun Qingxue was a lively little girl, but in the Blue Cloud Sect, she first encountered the conspiracy designs of Wan Qian master and her apprentices. Later, she took Elder Hua as her Master, although the conditions were already unique, the little girl did not have a friend of the same age who she could be open with, except Yang Chen.

In addition to telling her own experiences, this was the first time for Sun Qingxue to talk about the happiness of her own cultivation in the past 100 years in front of others.

This was just like venting, and she couldn’t stop. Taking advantage of the energy produced by the jade dragon wine, Sun Qingxue almost continuously said that there were still a few moments still unfinished.

Yang Chen did not stop Sun Qingxue from venting, but listened quietly, sometimes with a few words, and let her vent out completely. These things were long and boring in her heart, but it was easy to become a heart’s devil. There was certainly not much problem in the Jiedan stage, but once it happens to be the tribulation of forming the Nascent soul, it could be a big problem.

On the contrary, by pouring it out to Yang Chen, the pressure in her heart would be released, and she would be happy; she had found a catharsis outlet. In a fashionable word, this was a vent, and the thoughts were always accessible, it was absolutely great for her cultivation.

After a few hours, Sun Qingxue unwittingly drank a lot of jade dragon wine. Especially at the last moment, Yang Chen felt that the timing was almost the same. Sun Qingxue also vented enough. He directly used a large cup of the four seas mysterious coral liquid to reconcile a drop of wine and let Sun Qingxue drink it, letting Sun Qingxue enter into a dreamlike state.

Holding the dancing snow fairy, her heart-warming body, Yang Chen sent Sun Qingxue back to her boudoir embroidered couch, and then notified the maid who had been supporting Sun Qingxue to take care of her.

Looking at the still fascinating Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen had some envy that at least if the dancing snow fairy had troubles and happiness's she could find himself to talk to, but he could not find a person to talk to.

The secret of rebirth was the biggest secret of Yang Chen in this world. It must not be easy for anyone to know, even if it was his Master. He didn’t want his Master to be afraid of knowing the secret. She might even want to come out to help him deal with the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Although in the future, if the Pure Yang Palace and the Greatest Heaven Sect were on the opposite side, his Master must be duty-bound, but Yang Chen would rather face them alone at this time.

Sun Xiaoxue had this talk, and with the last cup of the four seas mysterious coral liquid he

added some finishing touches, after waking up, her thoughts would be accessible, her body would be free from impurities, and the Penglai divine wood branches sent by Yang Chen would make her cultivation base rock solid.

Coming here to see Sun Qingxue, was to give congratulations on her success. Now that the goal had been exceeded, Yang Chen had no reason to stay there again. After informing a few servants of Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen did not even say goodbye to Elder Hua, and he left the Blue Cloud Sect.

Anyway, Sect Master Lu would come to the Pure Yang Palace and would definitely bring Sun Qingxue for Yang Chen and Sun Qingxue to have a chance to see each other again.

Yang Chen does not care about the time when he gets to be together with her so much. There would be plenty of time for that.

The famous snow dance fairy of the later generation turned out to talk to him like a little girl. If this was said in his previous life, no one would believe it. But in this life, it happened not long ago, so Yang Chen had a feeling of disbelief.

If Dancing Snow Fairy was like this, then what about the Cold Plum Fairy Maiden who was cold all the time? Every day, a pair of frosty faces may have accumulated a lot of complicated feelings. Yang Chen was looking for an opportunity to help Shi Shanshan.

Of course, this was just Yang Chen's own sudden thoughts, and it was not operational at all. Shi Shanshan was not Sun Qingxue, a little girl, who has such a dependence on Yang Chen. However, it was all right to sit with Shi Shanshan, indulging in drinking tea, it would be a wonderful enjoyment.

Depressing these thoughts, Yang Chen drove the shuttle and went straight to the Pure Yang Palace. From the last time he left the sect, he had not been back in the past six years. In the heart of Yang Chen, the faces of his Master and Senior Sister were involuntarily raised. Then he naturally thought of the embarrassing scenes of his Master and Senior Sister and their spiritual awareness double cultivation.

On the road for another month, Yang Chen once again saw the familiar scene of the Pure Yang Palace gate. The first time to return to the Pure Yang Palace, Yang Chen went directly to his Master’s courtyard to meet his Master.

What Yang Chen didn’t expect was that his Master Gao Yue was not there. After inquiring about it from the servant, he realized that his Master and his sister had gone out in the third year of his going out. It was said that they were going to consolidate their cultivation base and then gain experience.

His Master and Senior sister were not there, Yang Chen could only go to see the head of the palace. He had collected Mu Bai as a disciple. This must be reported to the head of the palace and the cypress family had all joined the Pure Yang Palace. This matter was also necessary for the palace master to know, otherwise it would be inexplicably bewildering thing. Pure Yang Palace has more than a hundred people in the Hall of Eccentrics, isn't that a weird thing?

Yang Chen went to the master of the palace and faced no obstacles at all. This was not for anyone who wants to see the master of the palace. Yang Chen could come to him at any time, even when he was in retreat. This was the special command of the head of the palace, of course, Yang Chen would not find a time to visit the palace master when he was in seclusion.

After a big ceremony, Yang Chen was planning to report, but was stopped by the head of the palace. The palace master had already asked people to ask a few elders to be there for Yang Chen’s report, or wait until the elders were all together and then say so later, lest they have to say a second time.

This was from the experience of the palace master after a few times. Every time Yang Chen came back from the outside, there would be big things happening. Except for some secrets that cannot be said to others, it was necessary for the palace master and the elders to discuss with each other. So now that Yang Chen wants to report, naturally it was necessary to wait for the elders to come to in full.

Except for ancestor master Wang Yong, the other elders arrived. Seeing Yang Chen, the elders naturally received greetings from Yang Chen, and they settled down.

“Let’s see, what good things have happened this time?" the palace master waited for everyone to be ready and he said with a smile. This was the face of a smile, but he raised his legs and made preparations for listening.

The other elders also followed the palace master's example, all posing a comfortable posture, waiting for Yang Chen to surprise them again. The last time he was in the Greatest Heaven Sect, everyone had already vaguely guessed something. It was a happy time, and now it was estimated that miracles would appear again.

The elders having made such a posture, Yang Chen couldn't help laughing a little. But he couldn't blame anything, they were all elders, and he couldn't turn his fingertips. He could only respectfully say: “This time, this disciple has gone out and accepted an apprentice. His aptitude is excellent and definitely worth training.”


Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Mike

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