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Now Sun Qingxue was not the little girl who didn’t know precious materials before. Especially after she built her foundation, Yang Chen had also sent her third grade First Wood foundation stage pills, which contained the aura of the Penglai divine wood.

Now, in these three large branches, there was also a First Wood aura with the same aura as Sun Qingxue. Sun Qingxue immediately knew what was in the hands of Yang Chen.

Such a large Penglai divine wood branch could be used to cultivate the seedlings of the

Penglai divine wood. Even if Sun Qingxue was a disciple of the Blue Cloud sect, even if Sun Qingxue was an apprentice of the master of the dacheng stage, watching Yang Chen suddenly come up with such a big gift still shocked her and she couldn’t speak for a long time.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you like it?” The reason why Yang Chen took out the Penglai divine wood branch instead of the first wood true essence spiritual solution was to let Sun Qingxue have a gradual process.

From the ordinary spirit power to the first wood true essence spiritual solution, the need to consolidate and the adaption time was too long, but it was better to deepen the aura of the Penglai divine wood, and then slowly upgrade to the first wood true essence spiritual solution.

Of course, Yang Chen had another consideration, the first wood true essence needs refining, unless it was the Monster Race Penglai divine wood, it would absorb on instinct, just like She Kui and Xie Sha. If the human cultivators want to use the First Wood True Essence, besides the long-term habit absorption, only the First Wood True Secret Art could be used to do it.

Yang Chen didn’t know if there was any First Wood True Secret Art in the Blue Cloud Sect, even if the other party was Sun Qingxue. On the domain of Blue Cloud Sect, Yang Chen could not tell Sun Qingxue about the First Wood True Secret Art.

A Eighth Metal True Secret Art made Sect Master Lu and the two masters of the dacheng stage excited to form that look. If he added the First Wood True Secret Art and First Wood True Essence, they could definitely have the idea of ​silencing witnesses.

Yang Chen, who had lived for two generations, naturally knew that people were sinister. However the Eighth Metal True Secret Art was originally for the Blue Cloud sect, there was no pressure on Yang Chen to return it to them, but the First Wood True Secret Art was really awkward, and Yang Chen was not so generous.

Even if Yang Chen was willing to help Sun Qingxue, he must have Sun Qingxue really become a person of Yang Chen. She would have to swear by her heart and make an oath that she must not tell the people of the Blue Cloud Sect or to teach the First Wood True Secret Art.

Therefore, at this time, these branches of the Penglai divine wood were the best gifts, enough for Sun Qingxue to consolidate her cultivation base.

Of course, Yang Chen also considered such a precious thing. Maybe Sun Qingxue would bring it to the sect to cultivate the Penglai divine wood. However, Yang Chen does not care about such a small branch.

It was not so easy to cultivate the Penglai divine wood. It was far from enough to rely on spiritual power. Survival may be able to do it, but the scale of wanting to grow into the ones in Yang Chen's Medicine garden would take at least 100,000 years to slowly cultivate it. Not everyone has the liquefied First Wood True Essence.

Sun Qingxue,was excited about Yang Chen’s gifts, she immediately sent the branches into her Qiankun bag. Then she did something that Yang Chen couldn’t think of.

“Don’t let Master and Sovereign know that you have these branches of the Penglai divine wood.” Sun Qingxue didn’t even open her mouth, but sent a message through spiritual awareness, which shows how much she valued it.

The little girl’s attitude made the smile on Yang Chen's face more prosperous. Although the master’s sect was as important to her, Sun Qingxue paid more attention to Yang Chen.

Perhaps it was because of the shadows of Yang Chen in several major incidents. The Blue Cloud Sect did not leave any good impressions on Sun Qingxue at first, especially Wan Qian and Zhou Sulan. Although Hua Wanting was also caring for Sun Qingxue, but if you let her choose between the sect and Yang Chen’s life, she was still willing to choose Yang Chen.

It was not that Sun Qingxue does not maintain the interest of the sect, but she would not damage Yang Chen's life for some illegitimate interests of the sect. That was all.

The branches of these the Penglai divine wood were enough to make some people in the sect red with envy. At least Sun Qingxue thought so, so she immediately became a little more careful.

“It’s no big deal, it’s not a big deal.” Yang Chen was happy, and naturally he won’t treat Sun Qingxue unjustly, “If you have time, you should be refining and absorbing these branches to consolidate your current realm.”

Taking out these branches, this was to let Sun Qingxue consolidate her realm. The same spiritual power was a great complement to Sun Qingxue. With these branches, at least half the time for Sun Qingxue to consolidate her realm would be taken out.

With Yang Chen's words and the branches of these Penglai divine wood, Sun Qingxue naturally regarded them as Yang Chen's love for herself. Although there was a little fear, she still accepted it graciously, she had already made up her mind in her heart, even if it was her Master, she would not tell her what Yang Chen sent.

He haven’t seen Sun Qingxue for decades. Now there were no outsiders here. Yang Chen naturally has to look at Sun Qingxue.

He didn't know what Sun Qingxue had been through these years. Yang Chen had seen the shadow of a predecessor snow fairy from Sun Qingxue’s cool and heroic posture.

As if knowing that Yang Chen was watching her, the little girl was very naughty and put on a face that was a thousand miles away from the pesky young outstanding talent who entangled her. This face was simply the iconic expression of the memory of her in Yang Chen’s previous life. For a time, countless memories came to his mind, and Yang Chen seemed to stay in a trance.

Sun Qingxue was very happy that Yang Chen was looking at her in a daze, which fully shows that she has an unusual attraction to Yang Chen. Yang Chen's performance made Sun Qingxue even more happy than his 10,000 words.

For a time, she had condensed her golden Dan, and received a gift from Yang Chen. Together with Yang Chen's current performance, Sun Qingxue felt that she had good luck today and her goal was at the door.

They haven’t seen each other for decades. Sun Qingxue has a lot she wants to talk to Yang

Chen about. With Sun Qingxue, Yang Chen certainly does not drink tea like when with Shi Shanshan, but he took out a large pot of jade dragon wine, plus a large plate of peeled Profound Yang Fruits.

This little girl was born in an official residence, and she had a good wine capacity, quite able to drink. Yang Chen and her, in the small courtyard of Sun Qingxue, the fruit of the millennium Profound Yang Fruit as a side dish of the wine, slowly tasted the wine, do not know how much information was exchanged with the jade dragon wine. While drinking, they talked to each other about these decades of mutual experience.

Sun Qingxue was really happy today, and she was excited to tell Yang Chen what she did after she left Yang Chen to go back into seclusion. From the experience of going out to gain experience and of returning into seclusion, even the small things were also very detailed.

These words, Sun Qingxue has never said to anyone, including her Master Hua. Now facing Yang Chen, she has said these like flowing water, all of them have been said.


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Editor: Mike

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