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Chapter 319: 319
“Oh? You actually received a disciple?” when Yang Chen’s words were exported, suddenly the interest of the elders sprouted up, and they asked questions, especially Zhu Chentao, almost like he wanted a confession “Quickly tell us, where is your disciple? What’s his background, what’s the surname, what is his attribute, what is his aptitude, don’t be relaxed like that!”

The apprentice who could make Yang Chen accept him must be absolutely good . When Yang Chen was a disciple in the Ye Xiu Manor, he was known for his unique vision, and the people who he pointed out had nothing wrong to say . The disciples that Yang Chen received would naturally make everyone curious .

“The disciple who received this disciple acceptance is named Mu Bai, he is a cypress tree which has become a monster cultivator . ” Yang Chen didn’t conceal it, there was nothing to hide . The origins of Mu Bai could be seen at the time of seeing it . There was no need to hide it at all “It was found in the northern part of the monster plain and is absolutely good, maybe even equal to the snow dance fairy . ”

The Cypress was a monster cultivator, naturally it was a wood attribute . This was not a question for everyone . Yang Chen does not have to answer at all .

“Tree monster?” Everyone was stunned, they did not think that Yang Chen’s first disciple was not a cultivator, but a tree demon .

Everyone was just a little surprised, but there was no means of rejection . Now the first dacheng stage master of the Pure Yang Palace, Gui Shanyou of the Hall of Eccentrics, was a laurel tree turned into a monster cultivator . Everyone knew that the trees were powerful, and Yang Chen chose a cypress demon as an apprentice, which was not an unacceptable thing .

“He has the same qualifications as the snow fairy?” This sentence made everyone a bit surprised . Snow fairy Sun Qingxue in recent years had become a big name, she has been faintly catching up with the cold plum fairy Shi Shanshan, if it was not because of the limitations of her cultivation base, which has not yet reached the Jiedan stage, she was definitely a person who can keep pace with Shi Shanshan .

This cypress has such a good qualification . Now everyone in the Pure Yang Palace has accepted the existence of the Hall of Eccentrics, and it was more acceptable to live in the same sect with these monster cultivators . If the cypress really has such excellence, it would definitely be a joyous event of the Pure Yang Palace .

“Maybe it is not!” Yang Chen smiled and said, “he is actually a first wood that has turned into a demon, so the attribute is pure, and the natural wood body, specializing in the First Wood cultivation method is not necessarily worse than the snow fairy . ”

“Your vision can’t be wrong, but where is the person, let me and the others see him!” Gao Shiyan asked with a smile . Such a genius disciple, everyone was interested in him .

“That, this disciple has not brought him back to the sect for the time being . ” Yang Chen hurriedly replied: “In addition, the family of the cypress, of more than a hundred cypresses, the strongest of which is at the peak Jiedan stage, have all made promises to join my sect Hall of Eccentrics and have already issued a monster soul vow . This disciple agreed with them that I would take them back to the sect 30 years later, and they would like to report to the elders . ”

“A hundred or more cypress demon?” Everyone’s eyes had become bright, everyone was clear about the strength of tree demons . More than a hundred cypresses, if they really grew up well, it was not a small force .

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“Unfortunately, my Pure Yang Palace is not particularly suitable for the cultivation of the tree demon . Otherwise, they would be carefully cultivated, and later it would be a force of my sect . ” The elder of the Sect Hidden Pavilion Elder Geng Hong seemed to think it was pity, he couldn’t help but sigh .

The cultivation methods of the monster race, in addition to a Transformation Secret Art, there was none here . Everyone knew this well, so the sigh of Elder Geng Hong was exactly what everyone felt that is was regrettable .

“This disciple is not talented . This time I went to the plains of the beast . In the Immortal’s Cave of the monster race, I bought a few cultivation methods suitable for the cultivation of the tree demon, from the low-level foundation laying cultivation methods to the advanced cultivation methods . And there was a cultivation method to increase their spiritual awareness . ” Listening to the sighs of the elders, Yang Chen licked his mouth and said this . “Oh?” The words came out, and suddenly the eyes of Elder Geng Hong were brightened: “Really?”

It was unbelievable because the elders had never heard of such systematic cultivation methods among the monster races . Yang Chen actually got a set of cultivation methods from low level to high level .

“Before leaving, this disciple has already taught Mu Bai and his people to cultivate it . ” Yang Chen did not answer directly, but he gave a positive answer with this answer .

“There is a good thing for the Hall Master Gui . ” The elders were relieved .

Everyone knew that there were no special cultivation methods . If there was a high-level cultivation method that Yang Chen said, does it not mean that the strength of the Pure Yang Palace would become more powerful?

“What is the story of the Immortal’s cave of the monster race that you said?” The Palace Master was more concerned about the affairs of the banyan tree cave . When did the monster race have their own Immortal’s Cave and inheritance? This was a big event . It was a matter of all the cultivators . It is inadvertent to the Palace Master . Of course, he had to ask .

Next, Yang Chen naturally said the matter of the banyan tree cave in the Ten-thousand Trees forest . Of course, it was limited to the part on the ground . The first wood true essence spiritual liquid matter was of great importance . Yang Chen did not mention much of it .

Hearing that for the monster race, there was actually an Immortal’s Cave that was suitable for their cultivation, and it has also been organized by the monster race of the dacheng stage with systematic cultivation methods, everyone was even more stunned .

“Since there are such cultivation methods, why didn’t you buy more than a few, and bring back the cultivation methods of the few for the Yuanying stage and others?” After Geng Hong listened, he immediately asked . With such an opportunity, how could Yang Chen not catch it? It would not be so easy to go to the banyan tree cave in the future .

“I did buy more!” Yang Chen replied with a smile: “I bought some for Xie Sha . As for the others, this disciples also promises that he has a cultivation method for them . ”

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“Well, then that’s very good . ” Elder Geng finally nodded with satisfaction and finally praised . Yang Chen, this disciple, always manages every situation accordingly .

However, as the elder of the Hidden Pavilion, Elder Geng still habitually came up with the following sentence “If you can take back the Monster Race Inherited cultivation methods in the banyan tree cave, that would have been good . ”

“In this way, my Pure Yang Palace would the first sect that the monster race would want to enter . It’s a pity!” .

Listening to the words of Elder Geng, the other Elders, including the head of the palace, were shaking their heads for a while . There were so many easy things, and it was impossible to say whether this was a matter of fact . If you really wanted to take a copy, it was estimated that the Pure Yang Palace could become the focus of the Dao Sect and be placed on the fire .

However, the more the palace master looked, the more he thought that Yang Chen was laughing with his mouth . was it a pity, what that the elders just said? He couldn’t help but ask with a frown: “Yang Chen, what is your expression?”

“This… this…” Yang Chen said two of this . He looked up, a little afraid of sticking his head out, and looked at the head of the palace . He laughed and said: “The complete cultivation methods were passed down, and this disciple accidentally got it . “!!

Boom, Yang Chen’s words directly ignited the entire high-level members of the Pure Yang

Palace . The master of the palace was shocked . Even if he was in the lobby of the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave, the palace master still felt that they were not safe enough . He waved his hand and put up a restriction . He added a few layers of insurance to the already isolated voice . He was shocked and asked, “What are you talking about?”

“This disciple is careful, and he has gotten back the inheritance of the monster race!” Yang Chen did not have any kind of guilty conscience . He was originally going to tell the elders . This was not him purposefully withholding it, but that the elders asked about it before he had a chance to reveal it .

“How is it possible?” the calm palace master, couldn’t help but widen his eyes and ask this . The other elders were even more stunned, they looked at Yang Chen, as if looking at a monster .

Bang, Yang Chen no longer explained in detail, and directly brought out the eight boxes that were obtained from the hands of the second city master from the Achievement Ring and placed them in front of the elders .

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The box was open, it was full of jade slips . Everyone did not hold back and pressed forward, each grabbed a handful of jade slips from the box, and their Spiritual Awareness directly explored the contents and then they showed a surprised expression on their face . Everyone took a few pieces of jade slip in the box and explored them in detail piece by piece . It’s not that everyone didn’t believe in Yang Chen’s words . It was really that Yang Chen’s words were too astonishing . He’s actually moved the inheritance of the monster race cultivators directly . This was really unbelievable .

Eventually, everyone finally confirmed that these jade slips were indeed the various cultivation methods of the monster race cultivation, in addition to the techniques of alchemy refining and so on . With these eight boxes, it could be said that ninety-nine percent of the world’s monster race could find a suitable cultivation method here .

“Fast, go and tell the disciples in the Immortal’s Cave, not to kill the monsters in the Immortal’s Cave again!” Elder Geng was the first to react, and hurriedly yelled at the head of the palace .

With his words, everyone has come to understand it . Since there was a full set of cultivation methods, the monsters that were kept in the Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s Cave could be the most convenient object to supplement the power of the Pure Yang Palace . It would be a pity to kill them all .

The palace master couldn’t wait for the others and his body disappeared on the spot . The Blue Vault Mountain Immortal’s was now for the palace master to govern . At this time, even the younger reporters of Yang Chen were not allowed to go, and he would first order the disciples in the Immortal’s Cave .

After a while, the body shape of the head of the palace reappeared in the same place, but the joy of the face could no longer be concealed . No one knew more about the number of monsters in the Immortal’s Cave than the actual controller of the Immortal’s cave . He knew, these were all future Pure Yang Palace disciples . How can such a number of disciples not let the palace master smile from ear to ear?

“Tell us about it, how did you get these things?” When the head of the palace returned, he directly asked a question that everyone was curious about .

Everyone was wondering, even if he could buy a cultivation method in the banyan tree cave, the price was too high, Yang Chen could not buy all these cultivation methods . How Yang Chen got these cultivation methods was the thing that most of his elders wanted to figure out .

“This is a long story . ” Yang Chen was very unscrupulous with a cliché with his opening remarks, and after the staring of the head of the palace, said there was a conflict with the second city lord .

Of course, the real reason for the conflict was naturally replaced by Yang Chen, and it was replaced by the magic weapon, that the second city master coveted Yang Chen’s magic weapon, so he moved his mind and wanted to kill and rob . However, there was nothing wrong with these claims, but the number of the magic weapons is somewhat different .

As soon as they heard that Yang Chen was stared at by a master of the dacheng stage, everyone’s eyes were stunned . Was it possible that Yang Chen and the master of the dacheng stage had a grudge? How could he be noticed by the master of the dacheng stage otherwise?

“Later, what happened!” Yang Chen talked about when he was surrounded by the Yuanying stage masters and stopped, he was immediately urged by the curious elders .

Yang Chen could only slightly change the plot, the second city master had been stunned by the bloody river because of the spiritual awareness . He did not change the ending so no one would question it .

“A master of the dacheng stage was put in a coma by you?” Elder Zhu Chentao was left speechless by Yang Chen’s words and felt a little unbelievable . Everyone else had the same feeling, that was a master of the dacheng stage, saying that he is dizzy, how could he kill him?

One can’t do any​thing about it, Yang Chen could only put the complete body of the second city master out . When the body of hundreds of feet came out, it occupied more than half of the space in the hall .

Looking at this mustard hawk corpse that exudes a strong aura, the palace master and the elders couldn’t believe their eyes .

This was the body of the mammoth monster of the dacheng stage . How many times have they seen the masters of the dacheng stage in their lifetime? There was a body of a master of the dacheng stage, and it was still killed by a Jiedan stage master of their own sect . Even if they were looking at the body, everyone had a very unreal feeling .

This little guy in the early Jiedan stage, killing the master of the dacheng stage? Regardless of who they tell this to, others would think that they were mentally ill and had abnormal brains . If there was a reaction, it would be a very serious sentence: “Young people, don’t even think about it, is that possible?”

But now, this “maybe” must be changed to “certain” . No one could believe it, but the complete body was in front of them, even the demon was incomparably complete, could there be a more convincing thing than this?

“What did you think at the time? From the very beginning, you were going to take these inheritance materials from him?” The head of the palace made a sigh of relief, which seemed to spit out a series of shocks in his heart, directly directed it at Yang Chen and asked .

“He was going to kill me at the time . I also tried to kill him . I didn’t know that he had such good things . ” Yang Chen spoke in confidence on this matter “In addition, although Master also has a praying mantis puppet, after all, the speed is a bit slow . This dacheng stage corpse if made into a puppet, can help Master fly faster . ”

Yang Chen’s words once again gave everyone a blank eye . In order to let his master fly faster, Yang Chen actually played with the idea of ​a master of the dacheng stage . This could not be said, it was an unusually crazy move .

“That is fine, are you afraid that we will rob you of the benefits of your master? This kid!” The Palace Master was really attentive, he said to Yang Chen after careful thinking .

“I don’t mean to refer to the elders that they would make a move, but to help me to refine it!” Yang Chen smiled and played rogue, anyway, his generation is the smallest, there was this qualification!

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