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He had the heart to plant flowers, but he had no intention of inserting willows into the shade. Perhaps this was the case. When Yang Chen noticed this, he smiled slightly. It seemed that this cypress may have a karma with him.

He slowly flew over; Yang Chen's spiritual awareness began to explore unscrupulously in the cypress forest.

It was not surprising that such a cypress forest appeared in the north, but in this extreme weather, it was somewhat rare.

This cypress forest had been a hundred miles away. Almost no one in this ice sheet would get involved, so there was no trace of smoke or life.

After a powerful scan of his spiritual awareness, Yang Chen soon discovered that there was a spiritual pulse vein under the cypress forest. No wonder there would be so many cypress trees growing there, and how there would be that monstrous talent Mu Bai also growing there.

When the spiritual awareness of the Dacheng realm explored the cypress forest, movements in the forest were all almost seen at a glance. After a while, Yang Chen discovered at least a hundred cypress trees. Their cultivation base was from the qi refining to the peak of the Jiedan realm.

Yang Chen couldn't determine which one was the cypress he was looking for, so he could only look for it according to his aptitude. Speaking of it, these cypress trees could become monster cultivators with outstanding talents in this cypress forest, otherwise it would be impossible to stand out among almost hundreds of thousands of cypress trees.

However, the cypress that Yang Chen was looking for was a genius. His qualifications for cultivation were absolutely unmatched. Therefore, Yang Chen only needed to find the best one. Of course, the qualifications were not absolute. The acquired character and chances could also change the conditions of a person’s life. People were like this, and the monsters were the same.

Under the pressure of the Dacheng realm spiritual awareness, even the cypress monster that had already reached the peak of Jiedan realm couldn’t help but shiver slightly. Although these cypresses were not transformed, they all looked like enormous trees. It seemed that only the trunk treetops were shaking with the storm, but Yang Chen understood that they were afraid.

A cultivator of the peak Jiedan realm was unscrupulously frightened by a master in the Jiedan realm with Dacheng realm spiritual awareness. Of course, abnormal people like Yang Chen were exceptions.

This group of cypress monsters were in such a state that they all thought that they have been stared at by a master of the Dacheng realm. Thus, they were all stunned, and did not dare to have a trace of any extra movements.

Yang Chen carefully explored each cypress. Soon he knew about their situations. Eventually he concentrated on two particular cypresses.

One naturally was the one cypress with highest cultivation base of the peak Jiedan realm, the other one, was still a little cypress.

As the one with the highest cultivation base, Yang Chen would certainly pay attention to it. However, he found its aptitude being not the best. The reason was that the one with the highest cultivation base was the oldest. It had only reached the present stage under the nourishment of the spiritual veins for many years.

Other was still young but with the best aptitude. Its body held a crown in the middle of a piece of ordinary cypress wood. There was no trace of marks on its long trunk either. The trunk was straight and held no scar or other markings. The roots were very solid and developed, almost several times larger than the surrounding cypresses.

In addition to this, there was another point. This little cypress monster had a kind of spiritual power that was more mellow than other people. Even in the same realm, it was stronger than the surrounding ones.

After confirming these two features, Yang Chen used the Beast Controlling Secret Art to convey his thoughts. Soon he knew the thoughts of ​​the cypress monster of the peak Jiedan realm.

“I don’t know which high-ranking person has come, so, please forgive me!”

As one of the oldest and most privileged cypresses, the old tree of the peak Jiedan realm had naturally become the patriarch of this cypress family. With the oppression of Yang Chen's Dacheng realm spiritual awareness, the old tree quickly asked for forgiveness.

“We have not offended him! Why we must ask him to forgive our sins?”

One of the thoughts from the cypresses next to it was clearly passed sent to Yang Chen. He couldn’t help but laugh at the expression of dissatisfaction. It was the little cypress that he fancied.


Yang Chen did not speak or get angry, instead he directed the suppression of his spiritual awareness of the Dacheng stage to directly land on the head of the little cypress.

In a short time, the little Mu Bai felt squashed by a large mountain. Yang Chen's figure seemed to suddenly become the most powerful god. He could crush Mu Bai into pieces at anytime and anywhere.

Under such pressure, the small cypress Mu Bai suddenly burst out and his body suddenly showed a verdant green. The snowflake on the canopy fell, and it went against the pressure of Yang Chen's spiritual awareness. At first glance, he was like a stubborn kid.


Yang Chen sneered. The sneering made the other cypresses shudder.

“Predecessor please appease your anger! Children are not sensible, I also ask the predecessor to forgive!"

The Old cypress saw the situation, and a cold sweat came over his body due to fear. He was just cypress, so he could not sweat. However, he still expressed similarly to show his intention to ask Yang Chen to calm his anger.

This little cypress monster was one of his descendants. Meaning his descendant has offended even his predecessor, how would he not be scared. It would not be a big deal now, if Yang Chen was angered enough to extinguish their entire family. Looking at the level of his spiritual awareness, it would not be a difficult matter either.

Unafraid of the strong pressure, and in the face of the Dacheng realm spiritual awareness, he still dared to express his opinions. He had shown tough willpower for all to see. Yang Chen had confirmed that this little guy was the future generation monstrous talent Mu Bai whom he was looking for.

“If you want to appease my anger, you can.”

Yang Chen directly sent a message to the old tree of the peak Jiedan realm, “this little cypress is very interesting. I intend to accept him as a disciple. What do you think?”

To lift the oppression of the spiritual awareness, he made it necessary for Mu Bai to accept his apprenticeship. This conversion made the old tree feel puzzled for a while. Looking at Yang Chen in a daze, he didn’t know what he wanted to do.

“I see that his qualifications are good, and I intend to accept him as a disciple. What do you think?”

Seeing the old tree in a daze, Yang Chen asked again.

The old tree reacted and hurriedly conveyed his thoughts, “this predecessor can cultivate my grandson, that is his blessing! How he could ask for more?”

“I don’t want to be his apprentice!”

The old tree here expressed the willingness to agree, and the little cypress on the other side said something that they were not expecting. When this was said, the old tree, was anxious enough to cover his mouth.

“You don’t want to?”

Yang Chen had some setbacks. If monster race could find a way to cultivate faster, almost all of them would ask for it. Was this little guy actually unwilling?

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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