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Chapter 310

“You are just a cultivator in the early Jiedan realm . Why do you want to be my master?” This time, the little cypress revealed Yang Chen’s real cultivation base, and even recognized that he was not a monster but a human cultivator .

Yang Chen was startled . He had used his spiritual awareness to suppress all the cypresses here . It was to give them an illusion that he was a master of the Dacheng realm, suppressing them so they dare not resist . Even the old tree at the peak Jiedan realm was suppressed by him, but he was seen through by this little tree monster .

After being in a daze, Yang Chen couldn’t help but admire him in his heart . This time he had picked up a treasure . No matter whether this little tree monster was indeed the monstrous talent Mu Bai, with such an eyesight, even under spiritual awareness suppression, it was imperative that it would be among the future monster race experts .

“You are just at the Jiedan realm?”

Listening to the little tree monster, the old tree in the peak Jiedan realm began to tremble . He was very clear about his eyes and his grandchild’s eyesight . Even he couldn’t hide it . Yang Chen turned out to be just an early Jiedan realm master, while he had already respectfully called him a predecessor, countless times .

Yang Chen’s spiritual awareness was too powerful . When he put it out to suppress these cypresses, they almost dared not doubt . There was also no tree monster that raised any doubts .

“I am at the early Jiedan realm, but I can be your master . ”

Yang Chen’s figure landed on the ground and stood in front of the little tree monster .

“I’ll talk about it after you defeat me first!”

The little tree monster was very confident, Yang Chen was very sure about that . This showed that it was not the first time for it to do such kind of thing . That was to say, the little tree monster had at least fought with his other companions here . With the strength of his early Jiedan realm cultivation base, he dared to challenge Yang Chen as if it had won more than once in a similar situation . Maybe the old cypress was not his opponent .

In the early Jiedan realm, he could cope with the peak Jiedan realm . This kind of powerful performance could almost be compared with the current Yang Chen . He was now even more more interested in the performance of this little tree monster . He was almost certain that this little guy was the monstrous talent Mu Bai of the future .

Standing in the same place, Yang Chen did not move, directly using his body to confront the attack of the little tree monster .


The little tree monster’s thick branches struck Yang Chen’s body . His body that had been tempered by the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique actually felt a bit pained . If he had not already prepared, he would have prepared the Golden bell, this blow could make Yang Chen bruised and lacerated .

“Not strong enough! You also only possess a single means of attack . ”

Yang Chen shook his head in front of the little tree monster, and still didn’t start his attack .


The roots of the big canopy emerged from the foot of the little tree monster, directly entangling Yang Chen . This was a common method used by tree monsters . Once entangled by the roots, one would be bound, then they would become tighter and tighter . In the end, the victim would only die .

But Yang Chen casually pulled one of his arms to pull away one of the thickest roots . Then seemingly he casually pulled it a few times, but the little tree monster obviously felt a much stronger pull . The power pulled its limbs apart, making it no longer able to entangle Yang Chen .

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He then stuck with his trunk, while striking some of the surrounding cypresses as well .

Yang Chen still did not evade and let the attack fall on himself .


A series of sounds made the group of cypresses think as if the attack fell on metal . The strike even made them feel pain .


The sound of a high-speed object flying across space was heard . An emerald green light with a shadow cut through space, directly towards the throat of Yang Chen . A slamming sound was heard, and the green shadow stopped, revealing itself to be a wooden flying sword . At first glance, it appeared to be refining from its own body . At this moment, it had stopped in front of Yang Chen’s throat seemingly not being able to find a way to cut it .

“Your flying sword is good, but it has not been refined much, the material quality is also not very good, and no other material supplement has been added as well . No matter whether it is sharp or texture, it is somewhat lacking . ”

Yang Chen turned his head and looked at the owner of the flying sword, the old cypress tree at the peak Jiedan realm . Here only he could sacrificially refine a flying sword, other cypresses had not reached such a level .

This was the sorrow of the ordinary monster cultivators . For a long time, in the absence of inheritance, they could only practice according to their own instincts . In refining and alchemy, they were very weak, even if they were as strong as the old tree monster Gui Shanyou, they still were inferior . It was not until Yang Chen had met him that he gradually improved .

“You have all made your move, should I make mine now?”

Yang Chen smiled at the old cypress wood .

This smile, in the eyes of the old cypress, suddenly had a bad feeling . Old cypress wood rushed to pass a hint of thought, “predecessor, please show mercy!”

As soon as this thought arrived, Yang Chen’s figure appeared on his side . He couldn’t even see how Yang Chen attacked . Yang Chen reaching out and hugged the old cypress wood’s body . Then shouted as he pulled with his arms .

“Get up!”

Yang Chen’s arms started to uproot the huge body of the old cypress tree out of the ground .

Yang Chen did not give the old cypress tree any opportunity, his hands kept changing positions, and in an instant, the body of the old cypress tree had been completely pulled out from the ground . He then threw the old cypress tree by its main root, not even utilizing his spiritual power .

The huge cypress was directly thrown into the air by Yang Chen . It then fell far off on the ground . A bang was heard with its fall . Although the old cypress wood was already at the peak of the Jiedan realm, his body had never left the ground which made him panic .

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Yang Chen’s figure swayed and he came in front of the little tree monster . He served him with the same treatment . Regardless of how the little tree monster struggled, he could not resist the tremendous power of Yang Chen’s hands .

After a while, the body of the little tree monster was uprooted . Then Yang Chen followed the law of throwing it just like the old cypress tree .

As the old patriarch and the future star were uprooted by Yang Chen, the other cypresses around him almost went crazy . Countless branches and stones, like raindrops, flew towards Yang Chen’s head .


Yang Chen’s voice suddenly commanded . Then, a sound was heard on his body, like how striking a giant bell would have sounded . Then similar smaller sounds quickly rang out .

Everything that struck Yang Chen had turned into a powder in an instant . When the bell sound rang, the cypress monsters who launched the attack suffered a heavy blow . All stopped their attacks and their branches relaxed softly . At first glance, it looked like as if they had fallen into a coma .

Translator: DonStagy

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What was unexpected, was that the old cypress and the little tree monster were still awake . Looking at Yang Chen now, was like seeing a monster . He was full of surprises .

“It is really is easy to ruin you . ”

Yang Chen said as he walked over to the old and the young cypress .

The two tree monsters were in the process of rooting themselves back into the soil . Seeing Yang Chen coming over, the little tree monster still shown a desire to fight . Yang Chen’s body suddenly rushed out to the two like a fire dragon, and quickly engulfed them .

A purple and a green fire dragon, appeared to fly around the two cypress monsters, even rubbing their bark as they flew . The blazing flames exuded intense heat, and there was no doubt that Yang Chen could turn both into charcoal at any time, if he willed it .

“What are you going to do to them?”

The little tree monster was indeed a strong character . Currently, he did not care about himself and the old cypress, but he was worried about the other cypresses very much .

“They just temporarily lost consciousness . ”

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Yang Chen replied with a smile . He thought it interesting for the little cypress to show concern about his companions in this situation .

In order to show that he did not lie, his spiritual power urged, and the golden bell in his body buzzed and then went silent . This time, unlike earlier, other cypresses awakened .

Soon all the cypresses in forest woke up . Everyone saw the two fire dragons beside the old cypress and the little tree monster, making all of them shocked . But at this moment, everyone knew that the lives of two people were hanging in the hands of Yang Chen, so no one dared to act rashly .

In fact, when the previous blow hit, all the cypress monsters knew that even united, they were not Yang Chen’s opponent . Now that the patriarch’s life was hanging on the line, no one dared to anger Yang Chen further . The life and death of the old patriarch and the little tree monster now was really at the mercy of Yang Chen .

“Your flying sword is still a little worse, do you want to see my flying sword?”

Yang Chen stretched his hand and the First Wood flying sword appeared Even if he was not controlling the sword to fly or attack, the appearance of the First Wood flying sword had already let the cypress tree monsters stare widely with both their eyes .

After taking a few steps forward, Yang Chen stood in front of both the old cypress and the small tree monster . He then let go of the First Wood flying sword, screaming it drew a big circle, in front of the cypress monsters . Then the sharp blade made two whispers . Immediately, the old cypress and the little tree monster’s trunks presented a hole .

Yang Chen’s First Wood flying sword had reached the point where it could restrain spirit power . With the level of these cypresses, it was impossible to detect the first wood spirit power of this sword .

Instead, the old cypress tree and the small tree monster who broke the bark were scratching their bodies on the flying sword . They felt the pure first wood spirit power contained in it . They wiped their eyes to confirm and soon their eyes shined brightly .

Until the First Wood flying sword disappeared in Yang Chen’s body, the gazes of the old cypress and the little tree monster felt reluctant to leave the green residual shadow . The old cypress wood had already compared his own one that could almost be regarded as a broken flying sword . It was full of enthusiasm in its eyes .

“Do I have the qualification to accept you as a disciple now?”

Yang Chen’s gaze swept the little tree monster very casually .

In fact, the little tree monster was also very impressed . However, his stubborn temper still made him a vindictive child . Seeing Yang Chen’s gaze, he turned his head and did not speak .

“Predecessor looked at him, it is his blessing!”

The old cypress tree really saw the wind and the rudder . He had just found out that Yang Chen’s cultivation base was at the initial Jiedan realm and wanted to get back his lost face but as tables turned, he also changed his attitude with the wind . He understood that a powerful Jiedan realm cultivator willing to accept the little tree monster as a disciple, was indeed a blessing of eight generations .

“Your aptitudes are good, but there is no good cultivation method for you here, no teacher is pointing out the way for you, and even if you can get ahead, your achievements will be limited . ”

In the face of the little tree monster, Yang Chen with a straight face continued, “I can point out for you and can give you the best cultivation method around . I can also give you the best magic weapon and the most suitable medicine . Letting you become a famous figure in this world . You can think about it, I will not force you to accept . ”

The old tree monster listened to Yang Chen’s words, and almost drooled . The best cultivation method, the best magic weapon, the most suitable medicinal pills, even they were of the monster race, they still desired them . These benefits that Yang Chen spoke of were unimaginable for the cypresses here .

“Do you have a cultivation method? Can you also teach me and the tribe?”

The little tree monster finally turned his head and hesitated for a long while, then asked .


Yang Chen shook his head and said, “even if it is your tribe, l couldn’t pass it lightly unless they join my sect . Otherwise, if I do distribute it here, my sect will recover it . I think you understand what I mean by it . The meaning of recovery . ”

It was not that Yang Chen’s self-respect for these cultivation methods was really something . If something was not hard to get, it was not cherished either . And for the fairness of reward and punishment, it was not necessarily a good thing .

This argument by Yang Chen seemed to be expected by the little tree monster, but when it was actually heard, he still regretted . He originally wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to get some benefits for the tribe but did not expect Yang Chen would be so steadfast .

However, Yang Chen did not completely reject it . If they joined his sect, they could learn these cultivation methods . To put it bluntly, it was still a problem of standing in the queue, but it was very easy to resolve . At present, no one had come here to win over them, and among their group of cypresses, the highest cultivation base was just peak Jiedan realm, it really could not attract the attention and care of others .

“This old man is willing to lead the whole family to join the sect of the predecessor!”

The old cypress tree hurriedly said to Yang Chen, only realizing the discrepancy later . He still did not know Yang Chen nor the sect he belonged to . He could only embarrassingly ask afterwards, “predecessor, I haven’t asked who you are yet?”

“Pure Yang Palace Yang Chen!”

Yang Chen did not evade his identity, and directly revealed it . Nor did he conceal the strength of the Pure Yang Palace, “for the time being, my sect can only be regarded as a second-rate sect . It cannot be counted as first-class, I don’t want to disappoint you . ”

“I am willing, we all are!”

The old cypress tree hurriedly stated his position . The second-rate sects were not the same as those of theirs . Just experiencing Yang Chen, a Jiedan realm master and his capability to sweep them had convinced him . Yang Chen still let them make their moves before he counter attacked . Such a character, surely his sect must be on the way to become something great in the future?

“Are you not going to pay your respect to your master?”

The old cypress tree saw the little tree monster still hesitating, and hurriedly reminded him .

This time, the little tree monster did not seem reluctant, and directly slammed its trunk before Yang Chen, “disciple Mu Bai, pays respect to the Master!”

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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