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A’Zhu and A’Bi stayed quiet like statues for a long while. Even if they were Tool Spirits, even if their main bodies were also Blue Jade Vine and Peach Tree, even if they could mobilize all the spiritual power of the medicine garden to nourish one place at any time, could they still have such weaponry?

The First Wood True Essence couldn’t be quantified as it had been condensed into a spiritual liquid. This drop was enough to make people covet this precious solution which Yang Chen seemed to have poured out without much care. For a time, both women remained in a shocked state without a word.

Only when Yang Chen asked again, did A’Zhu react to some of the questions that her master had asked. She replied quickly, “if this is the case, their spiritual wisdom would be born in at least one year. After which they can start cultivation.”

With this answer, Yang Chen also secretly rejoiced. These Penglai Divine Woods were excellent in appearance, and it conceivably after the opening of their Spiritual wisdom, their aptitude for practice would absolutely not be bad. With these dozens of loyal and devoted subordinates, he could handle a lot more matters.

“Take care!”

Yang Chen urged A’Zhu and A’Bi. Then his body returned to the outside.

A’Zhu and A’Bi these Tool Spirits had already received benefits from Yang Chen. He also promised to sacrificially refine the second layer medicine garden space immediately after he goes out. Thus, they were delighted beyond measure, naturally Yang Chen's words were in their hearts. They could never forget them.

Yang Chen did not forget his original intention for coming this time. The First Wood True Essence had already been successfully obtained, and the First Wood True Secret Art had already been completely cultivated. Next, he would go look for the future monstrous talent Mu Bai.

After discerning it, Yang Chen drove the shuttle to continue his journey.

The medicine garden was taken into his hands to carry out the overall sacrificial refining. Now Yang Chen's cultivation base had risen by a large level, his spiritual awareness had become so powerful that it could not be described with words. It was much easier to sacrificially refine than in the past, and a lot of time could be saved.

Originally, Yang Chen had used the Heavenly Spirit Treasure Refining Secret Art, Second Layer Earth Fiend Sacrificial Formation Secret Art and Fourth Layer sacrificial refining. Now simply together with the Dome Hall in the same place, he carried out one sacrificial refining.

In just half a year, Yang Chen sacrificially refined the medicine garden to the Heavenly Spirit Second Layer and Earthly Fiend Fourth Layer boundary. This time with the First Wood spirit power achieving Jiedan realm, Yang Chen immediately tried to carry out the Heavenly Spirit Third Layer and Earthly Fiend Sixth Layer sacrificial refining.

During the process of the sacrificial refining, the beginning was smooth like flowing water. Of course, Yang Chen also understood that this was to the credit of A’Zhu and A’Bi. The entire medicine garden had no resistance at all, and the sacrificial refining was extremely smooth.

A’Zhu and A’Bi looked at all the garden space, and all the soil became a layer of Fifth Earth, and after being refined by the Seventh Metal True Essence, even the land contained the seventh metal aura with an inborn metal feel to it. The surrounding sea was now more spacious, and the First Wood was even more prosperous.

Compared with the plants of the First Wood, the improvement of the Second Wood plants was not very perceptible. First, Yang Chen did not have the Second Wood True Essence. Secondly, he did not have enough Second Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution to nourish all the medicinal herbs of that type.

“I really want to see what rare elixirs are in the ocean.”

A common thought spread from the medicine garden to Yang Chen’s mind. There was no condition before, but now it had a wide ocean and was completely suitable for planting.

“There is a chance.”

Yang Chen gave A’Zhu and A’Bi a message of thought, and then stopped the sacrificial refining of the medicine garden. Then began to go to a lot of places.

According to Yang Chen's calculation, he had not yet arrived at the forest where Mu Bai was located. However, the surrounding weather had already cooled down for snow to appear.

He remembered that Mu Bai was born in a cypress forest. His spiritual awareness spread widely, and he began to look for cypress woods slowly along the way. Now Yang Chen's spiritual awareness could cover at least a few hundred miles. As long as his speed was a little slower, he would be able to sense trees, movements and sounds, miles ahead of him as naturally as taking a glance.

After going north for a thousand miles, Yang Chen noticed that there were already many cold storms around. Under the storms’ gales, weaker monsters would be directly injured, not to mention the cold that was mixed with them. Enough to freeze them instantaneously.

If It was just the cold or just the storm, the power would not be that great, but everyone knew that a frozen body can be shattered into pieces with little effort. The cold storm had such an effect.

No wonder that Mu Bai had such high achievements in the future, he had grown up in such an environment. From the moment of germination, he grew up in hardships all the time, experienced countless sufferings, and always faced the test of life and death. If such a monster didn't have a bright future, it would be a strange thing indeed.

Yang Chen was in the shuttle and did not have to directly bear the storm. However, after detecting the storm, Yang Chen took up the shuttle and switched to his flying sword. Was there anything better than consolidating his cultivation base with this storm?

The bone-chilling cold storm blew on his body which felt just like having countless knives strike it. Even Yang Chen had to work hard to force the storm to fly around his body.

However, soon, Yang Chen discovered that such an effect was not effective, thus, he simply let go of the resistance. He let the storm blow on his body and began to practice the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, relying solely on the strength of his flesh to withstand the storm.

The storm was mixed with ice and snow, and it kept hitting on Yang Chen’s body. His body was like a steel cast. Whatever hit it would be shattered to pieces.

Under such circumstances, Yang Chen unexpectedly discovered that while resisting the cold and storm, the speed of the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique cultivation had increased. It seemed that this was due to being under pressure.

With such advantages, Yang Chen was not in a hurry to find Mu Bai. In this large area of ​​snow and ice, while practicing the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique, he slowly looked for the rarest cypress forest.

He knew the direction, but he didn’t know the specific location. In this area of ​​millions of miles, it was like finding a needle in a haystack. However, Yang Chen was not in a hurry, as he could refine his body with the Yellow Turban Strongman Body Refining Technique. When he would find Mu Bai would not count for much. Even if he could not be found, Yang Chen would not be annoyed, it could only show that Mu Bai had no karma with him. A person getting chosen as a disciple was also a very fateful matter.

Strangely enough, when Yang Chen slowly moved in this area, he suddenly found a cluster of cypress trees forming a small forest within the range of his spiritual awareness!!!

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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