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Yang Chen drove the shuttle and kept going down, only at a thousand feet deep did he stopped. This depth, even if it was the Monster Soul mark of the second city master, it would still be useless.

Only if the second city lord would also go underground that there was any chance to chase him further. However, under the ground, the second city lord could not guarantee that his speed could keep up with Yang Chen and could only watch him at the edge of his spiritual awareness' reach.

“The second city master, once again sent me away, this younger generation junior is very grateful.”

Yang Chen’s voice chimed in the mind of the second city master, it passed through his own monster soul mark, clear and incomparable.

“You want to go? Wishful thinking!”

The second city master heard Yang Chen’s voice, and noticed that he had turned his own monster soul mark into a communication bridge with him. Suddenly his waist straightened.

If there was such a monster soul mark, even if Yang Chen was able to escape thousands of miles away, the second city lord could also perceive his direction. Unless Yang Chen had been staying underground and becoming a mouse, as long as he comes out, he would have to face the pursuit of the second city lord.

“This predecessor, this younger generation junior and the original owner of the Immortal’s cave have quite a relationship and can’t bear to not bring down his inheritance.”

The voice of Yang Chen in the mind of the second city suddenly became fierce, “I only ask you to follow three of my instructions; senior, you turn around now, this younger generation junior takes it that this did not happen.”

“Ignorant junior, such big words!”

The second city lord was furious. Yang Chen's words were clearly threatening to make him turn back. However, with the cultivation base of the second city master, in addition to the big city lord in the Immortal’s Cave, it was impossible for him to agree.

After so many years, how could the second city lord accept Yang Chen's attitude. Now the second city lord wanted to catch him and directly crush his corpse to relieve his own bad breath.


A shuddering aura came through his own monster soul mark, the momentum it carried was simply unheard of in the eyes of the second city master. Even the second city master of the Dacheng realm trembled when he felt it.

This was the aura of the master at the peak Dacheng realm, and it was also the aura of a monster race predecessor. The first reaction of the second city lord was this, but soon realized that he was wrong.

This was not the master of the peak Dacheng stage. It was clearly the aura of the monster race predecessor who had already passed the Wind Tribulation and would soon ascend. This was definitely the Monster Strength’s Crystallization that the predecessor had left behind.

Yang Chen, a young Jiedan realm junior, could not have such an imposing aura. Moreover, if Yang Chen was a master who had already overcome the wind tribulation, he should have already ascended, how could he have stayed in the mortal world. This was definitely the Monster Strength’s Crystallization of Yang Chen's predecessor which he had gotten from somewhere.

The second city master had reached the peak of the initial stage, and with only one step he could enter the realm of the middle Dacheng stage. If he has this monster power crystal in his hands, then the second city lord was entirely likely to slowly refine this power crystal. At that time, don’t talk about the middle Dacheng stage, even if it was the peak of the Dacheng stage, it was still easy as pie.

In an instant, the heart of the second city lord burned again. He thought that was expected of Yang Chen. He said that he had a relationship with the original owner of the Immortal’s Cave. Maybe he was the descendant of the original owner of the Immortal’s cave. If Yang Chen was killed, wouldn’t the things that he passed down in his hands all become his own?

Originally, Yang Chen's original intention was to use this demon power to make the second city master retreat but did not expect that it directly provoked his greed.

“Hand over the monster power crystal, hand over the gourd that you used to gather the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution, and I will spare your life!”

The threat of the second city master was directly transmitted to the consciousness of Yang Chen through the monster soul mark, “don’t dare to be stubborn, or you will die!”

Yang Chen was silent this time. The second city lord could not detect any movements of Yang Chen for a long time. However, the monster soul mark showed that Yang Chen was still in the same place but did not know what he was doing there.

The second city lord had patience and he was ready. Originally chasing Yang Chen was about saving his own face, but now it was the naked interest. Nothing else, even if it was only for the monster power crystal, the second city lord must use all his power to reign it in.

IF he couldn’t catch up with Yang Chen’s Earth Escape, couldn't the second city lord still use other tricks? The second city lord trembled all over his body, he sent flying hundreds of feathers on his bodies and which fluttered around in the surrounding.

It was only a moment of effort, the feathers fell on the ground, and the feather handle was inserted into the ground without exception. Each piece of fallen feathers had a corresponding position. When the second city lord other feathers landed, his monster power was stimulated. In a short time, those feathers formed a large array and surrounded  hundreds of squares of land.


The second city lord mouth shouted loudly, his large monster power landed on  the feathers and surrounded the place where the array was covered. Within the scope of the array, all the land had become stronger than steel. Not to mention the Earth Escape, it was already lucky to be able to survive in it.

A pair of claws stretched out in the air and caught on the ground. Bang, like a big hand that opened the mountain, the ground that was dozens of feet deep, was directly caught by a grab, and there were now many openings. The second city lord had already dug down hundreds of feet. A few more times, Yang Chen would be dug up by the second city master.

“There’s a road to Heaven yet you don't walk it, hell is without a door, yet you charged into it!”

The movement of the second city lord completely enraged Yang Chen. Originally, he still felt that he had collected the First Wood True Essence Spiritual Solution from others, but he still had to pass on the inheritance. However, the greed of the second city lord made him think otherwise.

“There’s someone responsible for every grievance, for every debt there is a debtor. You and I have no past grudges. No recent hatred. This predecessor had tried to take the life of this younger generation junior. This younger generation can only fulfil you.” Yang Chen's voice once again rang in the mind of the second city master.

The words to the second city master from Yang Chen were simply turned to a deaf ear. When you look at it, he was striving to get a crystal of monster power from an ascended expert, why would he care for such words. The two claws instead sped up and excavated towards Yang Chen faster.

Just when he felt that he was less than twenty feet away from Yang Chen, the second city master suddenly realized that his monster soul mark seemed to be taken by something and put into another place.

Suddenly, an extremely crazy killing intent directly rushed into his mind. It carried supreme majesty and terror. It instantly broke through the sea of consciousness of the second city lord.

The second city master was looking forward to the glory of getting the crystallized Monster Strength, instead he ate this killing intent. Suddenly his sea of consciousness shook severely, his brain was in chaos. In his boundless fear, the second city lord fell into a deep crater, he fainted directly.

Translator: DonStagy

Editor: Skizlock

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