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Chapter 305: 305
Yang Chen’s figure slowly got out from the hard land . It couldn’t be helped but said that the second city lord was powerful, and this set of feathers formation could restrain the art of earth escape . The only downside was that it took time to restrict it and Yang Chen’s earth escape was faster and could not be blocked in time .

If Yang Chen had been in the same place, it would have given the advantage to the second city lord, that’s why he was not so sure .

However, it was already too late to say anything at the moment . Since Yang Chen decided and said his exclamation of execution, there was no room for relaxation .

In the face of the unconscious second city master, even though he was a master of the Dacheng realm, Yang Chen still had a way to make his death certain . Of course, Yang Chen would not use a simple sword to cut his head, but a relatively gentle way .

The reason why the body of the second city lord was not destroyed yet was still due to his consideration for his master Gao Yue . A full-fledged Dacheng realm monster core and corpse body, for any cultivator, was a precious priceless material .

Although Gao Yue had a praying mantis around her, Yang Chen did not mind adding one more Dacheng realm puppet . Especially the body of the second city lord was a fast flying goshawk, even Yang Chen’s current shuttle could not match it . Once his Master was in danger, it would serve as a good escape treasure .

It was not known how many people would beat their chest and stamp their feet in desperation, If they knew Yang Chen intended to use the body of the second city lord like an escape treasure for his master Gao Yue . To recklessly waste natural resources like this! It was the body of a master of the Dacheng realm, ah!

Speaking of it, perhaps the second city master was the quietest person to ever die in his hands, no struggle, no pain, no feeling . He lost his life while being in a coma . (now the author is just mocking him)

However, if the second city lord had a choice, he would never choose such a deadly method . Perhaps he had regretted the moment before the coma, maybe not, who knew?

The body of the second city lord was directly loaded into the medicine garden’s bottle . The hundreds of feathers around him lost support of the second city lord’s demon power, becoming ordinary feathers . However, each feather was still tough as steel, but light enough to keep fluttering and maintain the characteristics of a common feather .

Yang Chen didn’t forget to take them as well . The feathers of the second city lord, a monster of the Dacheng realm, seemed to have been refined and could be regarded as rare and precious treasures to further refine formations . His senior sister would definitely like them .

As a city lord in charge of the Immortal’s cave for many years, there were absolutely many good treasures on the second city lord . Yang Chen refused to let the second city lord’s Qiankun bag be his anymore .

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Because of the actions taken by the second city lord, the terrain has changed greatly . Of course, Yang Chen would not stay here for a long time . After removing all traces, he drove the shuttle to quickly leave this place . He then flew towards the snowy and icy north .

He used the inverted sea jasper to shield himself from the exploration of spiritual awareness . After driving the shuttle at high speed for a few days, he opened the second city master’s Qiankun bag to evaluate his harvest .

The first thing he saw were hills of spirit stones, each hill to a specific grade; low, middle and high graded spirit stones, piled up into three hills . After so many years, all the treasures in the Immortal’s Cave had to be purchased and rented with many spirit stones . The net worth of the second city lord had made Yang Chen a little jealous .

Although there were many spirit stones, it still did not let Yang Chen lose his sense of proportion . However, what surprised him most was the dozens of top-grade spirit stones . Each piece of spirit stone had a weight of several Jin, much heavier than the top-grade spirit stones that he obtained from the old land .

At the time of being chased by Luo Yuan, Yang Chen had spent five top grade spirit stones in ten years . After giving his master Gao Yue and sister Gongsun Ling two, only another two were left . Good steel should be used on a good blade . Sometimes excessive expense could be avoided . Yang Chen would even use high grade spirit stones instead of a top-grade spirit stone to power the shuttle in a bid to save top grade spirit stones for times of need .

Now these dozens of top-grade spirit stones could be used to power the shuttle . No longer will he worry about the shuttle’s requirement anymore . Now he could use them sparingly .

Not to mention the top-grade spirit stones, if the other grades of spirit stones obtained were estimated, the value was more than a thousand jin of top-grade spirit stones . According to calculations, the whole Pure Yang Palace added up, had no more than the second city lord .

It could be said that Yang Chen was now one of the few super-rich people in the mortal world . He couldn’t help but think that when the second city lord had such wealth, wouldn’t the first city lord be richer?

Of course, this was just a frivolous thought . Even if the temperaments of the monster race were different, Yang Chen had not yet decided to rob others . There was always something between the heavens and the earth, regarded as treasure, destined only to be his . He would never be guilty for taking such a treasure .

No matter who attained such an amount of spirit stones, their mood would not be too bad . Yang Chen was also the same . The collected spirit stones would one day, buy him some needed materials for practice . Next, Yang Chen began to look at the other treasures .

It couldn’t be helped but said that the city lords who controlled the cultivation of hundreds of thousands of monster race cultivators, were indeed rich to the extreme . All of those cultivators searched for the spirit stones, almost all the good treasures found in the Monster Beast Plains were sent to them .

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A variety of rare materials were piled up like garbage in a corner of the Qiankun Bag, forming a dense hill that was compacted together . These materials collected over a long time had been thrown together randomly, making accounting difficult .

With just a few glances, Yang Chen saw several top refining materials, including fire attributed materials that he needed .

The Bright Ray Sword of Yang Chen could not be left behind . Relatively speaking, the materials used in it were not of particularly advanced nature, resulting in the flying sword’s grade not being too high . With these materials and the high-level flying sword that was previously grabbed from Elder Ming’s hand, the Bright Ray Sword could achieve a level of an earth attributed flying sword .

The materials of other kinds were also available . At least Yang Chen believed that as long as he found the main materials of various attribute flying swords, his own Yin-Yang five elements flying swords would not need to prepare any auxiliary materials at all . These materials had now fulfilled those criterions .

However, these were still not the most surprising to Yang Chen . When he saw the neatly discharged jade slips among the eight large boxes inside the Qiankun Bag, he almost pulled his eyes out of their sockets .

Eight boxes, each with at least one thousand pieces of jade slips . Yang Chen picked them up one by one, and after the exploration with his spiritual awareness, he suddenly found out that in this pieces of jade slip, the monsters of a certain race were recorded from the foundation of their cultivation to the advanced and then to the top cultivation law .

A piece of jade was a cultivation method of the monster race . There were at least 8,000 pieces of it here . Was there a cultivation method for more than 8,000 monster races here? After Yang Chen took a few pieces in each box and saw it, it was discovered that there were six boxes with similar things . In other words, there were at least 6,000 monster race cultivation methods .

Among the other two boxes, one box contains the method of the monster race refining . The refiners of the monster race were different from the human cultivators . The cultivators could refine with the aid of various materials,but for monster cultivators the materials were only auxiliary . What was really needed for the refining was some parts of them .

She Kui and Xie Sha was able to make their own fangs and large tails into Life Source Magic Weapons, while the old tree demon was using his own branch . Different monster race have different refining methods .

Although Yang Chen had contact with many monster cultivators in the Spirit World and Immortal World, he also remembers some advanced refining techniques . However, Yang Chen was definitely not so comprehensive in this method of refining of different monsters . There was no such system of low-to-high step-by-step .

In the remaining box, it was the refining technique of some medicinal pills commonly used by the monster race . The medicinal pill of human cultivators and those which were taken by the monster race were different . In addition to the cherished medicinal ingredients, they could also be used as medicines for all kinds of Monster Core and Demon Qi . Even the Jiedan stage masters of the human cultivators could be used as tonics for the monster race .

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Although this method of refining was deviant to the human cultivators, in the eyes of the monster race, it was as natural as how the human cultivators used monster cores as elixir . The common law was to see which side of the coin they were at and which side to speak from .

As the former Great Principle Golden Immortal, Yang Chen certainly does not think this way was unacceptable . On the contrary, the real alchemist masters could refine the medicinal pills with the use of human cultivators .

Although Yang Chen already has the most advanced alchemy techniques on the top of the Elderly Lord Pill Scripture», the alchemy techniques and pill recipe of these monster cultivators were absolutely excellent references and collections for Yang Chen . Sometimes, maybe Yang Chen could gather two families and refine new medicinal pills .

From this point of view, the masters of alchemy in the memory of Yang Chen’s previous life seem to be only too old, and people have such a realm . Everyone else has its own limitations .

It’s just that these eight boxes of jade slips, plus the insights of Yang Chen’s past life, were enough to make Yang Chen become the expert in the direction of monster cultivators . Don’t mention Xie Sha or even a sly character like the old tree demon and the ruthless Lan Ying . Yang Chen could still give them pointers .

If these things were taken back to the Pure Yang Palace, the Pure Yang Palace could be opened almost immediately to absorb the disciples of the Hall of Eccentrics, and it would become a sacred place for the Monster Race who could fight against the monster cultivators Immortal’s Cave of the Ten-thousand Trees Forest as equals .

Not only that, because of the combination of Yang Chen’s insights and the experience of the cultivators practice, in some respects, the Pure Yang Palace could even surpass the Banyan tree, which has great significance for the development of the Pure Yang Palace .

Even if it was temporarily open to recruit the monster cultivators disciples, it would be unrealistic, but at least the dozen masters of the Hall of Eccentrics in the Pure Yang Palace already have a systematic cultivation method . If then, a dacheng stage monster cultivator could be roped in . If the monster joins the Hall of Eccentrics, the strength of the Pure Yang Palace would more than double out of thin air .

Anyway, now one sect after another has started to set up a Hall of Eccentrics, and even the Greatest Heaven Sect was no exception . At that time, as long as there was a suitable time, the Pure Yang Palace could become the most popular martial art sect of the monster race, and their future development would be unprecedented .

To put it bluntly, these jade slips were the inheritance of the monster race . Yang Chen was not sure whether the second city lord had all it here . Maybe there was still some with the big city lord, but this does not prevent Yang Chen from getting the inheritance of most of the monster race .

After collecting these jade slips, Yang Chen continued to look for a lot of magic weapons in this Qiankun bag . He didn’t know where the second city lord got the magic weapons . It was good that Yang Chen could reserve some for the Pure Yang Palace disciples, the poor ones could be sold and replaced with spirit stones, it always good to make a small amount of money .

However, after cleaning up so many things, Yang Chen did not even see a Spirit Medicine . You must know that no matter whether it was a Monster Cultivator or a Human Cultivator, it was the same regarding the elixir . Since the second city lord had so many advanced materials and spiritual stones, it was obviously not normal to have no elixir .

Even if the second city master was a master of the dacheng stage, it was impossible to eat all the elixir that has been handed over to him . You must know that those jade slips still have the method of alchemy, and the elixir was even better, but after all, it was not better to eat it directly than to make it . The second city lord should know this truth .

The only possibility was that the second city lord has a medicine garden space, and all the elixir were collected in the medicine garden space . Yang Chen’s gaze began to search for something that might be a medicine garden .

There were too many magic weapons here, and Yang Chen had to screen them one by one .

The second city lord was dead, and all his spiritual awareness marks were also disappearing . Yang Chen could easily infiltrate his own spiritual awareness into various magic weapons and explore the use of the magic weapons .

Flying swords, weapons, defensive armor, amulets, all kinds of things . After exploring hundreds of magic weapons, Yang Chen did not find the space of the medicine garden . Fortunately, Yang Chen had patience and enough time to see everything .

Hard work pays off, when Yang Chen explored a transparent crystal ball, he finally found what he was looking for .

As soon as his spiritual awareness touched the crystal ball, it entered a huge space . However, the space seems to have a resistance . Yang Chen could only know that there was a big space inside, but he couldn’t know what was inside .

For the second city lord, this medicine garden was very important, and it definitely had gone through many sacrificial refining . Yang Chen just got the body, but it hasn’t been gathered yet . It was not so easy to control the medicine garden .

Yang Chen’s first reaction was to find a way to collect the space of the medicine garden from the Qiankun bag . But soon Yang Chen gave up looking . The second city lord did not think that he would die, and did not want to ascend to leave the medicine garden to future generations . How could he leave the method of gathering it in his own Qiankun bag?

Now, Yang Chen could only violently refine the space of this medicine garden . ! ! !

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